Gentle Lessons

“I always pray for gentle lessons.” – My wonderful sis

With all the turmoil in the world right now (particularly the US), it’s hard not to go to the dark side: frustration, anger, hate, etc. It can be hard not to get depressed and simply give up.

Thank goodness somehow I’m able to keep a little connection to Source. Maybe my ancestors are advocating for me hard. I do have a lot of people on the other side now.

Just in the past week I’ve gotten some VERY generous tips from DoorDash customers, right at times I really needed the boost. It never ceases to amaze me how kind people can be. And I thank the God(s)/Goddess/Beings of Light that the lessons I need are tending to come in gently these days.

Just this week night we had an awkward situation with our next door neighbors. They were up late celebrating, and our RVs are VERY close together. This wasn’t the first time, but it was the longest and the loudest. We were able to get some sleep, but it was a little harder than usual. I felt a little helpless — since my usual confrontation comfort level is “0.” We were contemplating checking with the office to see if we could get another spot.

But the following morning our neighbors were sitting up early and asked us if they were too loud the night before, apologizing and inviting us to let them know when they’re being too loud. They invited us to come over and join them the next time they’re out, too.

A gentle opportunity to be honest and resolve a conflict directly. Baby steps. I am grateful!

My sister always prays for gentle lessons. And I’ve kinda started doing it, too. The lesson will come. (That’s why we’re here.) But they don’t always have to be so hard. If we can keep our ears and hearts open, sometimes they come gently.

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