Broken Window, Flat Tire & Life Goes On

flat tire
Image by donations welcome (stux) from Pixabay

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. Or course, there’s plenty of wackiness going on politically — which has also thrown me off – but now add to that a broken window and a flat tire!

Last week I went to open the bedside window to let in some fresh air, and it just shattered. Completely shattered!

I swear I didn’t even open it that hard!

Thankfully the window is pretty small, and it shouldn’t be too hard to replace. But I’m not touching that window again…

A few days after that we got our first flat in years. (Check out my previous post on flat tires from 2016 when we had 3 back-to-back flats!)

We were shopping for a nice water bottle for Brian, some wider dinner bowls, and an Apple car charger. (We only walked away with a few bowls.) On the way in to the parking lot Brian (Earl) hit a bump that he thinks may have caused the flat – because on the way out he noticed the car was majorly pulling right, and he quickly realized it was a flat.

Not so fortunately, it was raining. But everything else was pretty best-case scenario for us. The angels were looking out for us again.

First: Brian was actually with me during this flat, unlike the previous one in SLEET conditions, late at night after work, 15 miles from home. This time around I actually watched him change the flat and even helped! I’m now at the point where I think I may actually be able to take care of the flat myself (as I should)!

Second: we got the flat near a huge, empty parking lot, so we were able to change it safely.

Third: we wen’t far from an auto place. And when I called, they said they were completely open for us, with only one car in the shop for an oil change.

So, I was able to get in and out fairly quickly and even get back on the road for work!

These experiences have provided another opportunity to let go and roll with the punches. I don’t know what the future brings, but I’m grateful for the continued support, and I’ll continue to take on each day as it comes.

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