Teri Karl Logo CMYK

Teri Karl loves learning, healing, and adventure, and she loves sharing that joy with others.

After teaching in public and private schools for 10 years, Teri took education in a different direction in 2012, studying and teaching in the School of Metaphysics for 3 years and becoming a certified DreamBuilder Coach and Lifemastery Consultant through the Life Mastery Institute.

Teri calls herself the “Joyedian” and LOVES when others follow their dreams and re-connect with what their joy.  She has presented workshops to a variety of groups and organizations, such as the Crisis Center for South Suburbia, MENSA, the Kirk Center for Healthy Living, Joliet Junior College, the FranCenter, the Kids International Club, the Oak Lawn and Romeoville Rotaries, and the Plainfield Library. Teri makes sure she is following her own joy by continuing her study of personal development, meditation, and metaphysics, and feeding her travel bug through trips like the 500-mile walk along the Camino in Spain.


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