We’re Still Here. . . Halfway through Our Illinois RV Stay

Pic I sent to a friend about how my hair is growing out!

I keep planning to share more regularly, thinking about what I will write. Finally, I sit, open the laptop, begin to type…

It’s been 3 months now that we’ve stayed at our Illinois RV park. This is the longest we’ve stayed in any park so far (with Tucson, Arizona in 2nd place at 2 months).

It really does feel like we live here, which is weird. When we first started this journey, we were traveling every 1-2 weeks. But we’ve discovered wonderful monthly rates, and since changing jobs it’s been better for us to stay put for longer periods of time.

Winter is creeping closer, and we’re working out our plans for our next move. We originally planned to head straight to Florida before the snow, but now we’re considering Arizona, where we are already comfortable with the campground and know the delivery market is good. We’re currently in limbo, waiting to hear back on park availability and hoping we’re not too late to get a winter spot.

Doing deliveries has been going well, but we’re treading water, not saving as much as I’d hoped. We’re a little nervous about leaving the area and going back down to one delivery vehicle.

Lately I’ve been feeling burnt out. I may have completely lost it today if I hadn’t squeezed in 2 quickie naps between lessons. Tutoring has not abated over the summer, as I thought it would. (This is GREAT but also exhausting, as I’m squeezing full-time delivering around my tutoring hours.) I recently started with my first small group session in a while. They’re WONDERFUL. But they’re also overseas, so I’ve been waking at 5:30am three times a week for the last few weeks, and it’s brutal. I also recently signed on to a side educational consulting-type project. It seems to have potential, but it’s still pretty new, so I’m trying to keep calm about it.

Really needing to employ the Law of Proper Perspective here or “First Things First” with all that’s going on now. Trying to visualize and plan out my days better and not get sucked into time sappers.

I’m also doing a lot of emotional processing. Seems a little late to be figuring myself out at 40, but better late than never, right? I’ve been talking aloud in the car sometimes on deliveries and processing with Brian as we take our morning walks. I’d like to journal more and talk with angels more, but it’s a struggle. I do see angel numbers quite frequently, though, usually encouraging me to think positively and keep my head up. My dreams have been encouraging, too, even with a few about the Camino and one about how I knew I could fly.

I keep planning to share more regularly here, so I hope to see you all again soon. Have a wonderful rest of your day. 🙂

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