ID-100280428I’m learning so much every day.  I am thankful to all who have guided me along this journey, my earth angels and heavenly angels, master teachers, God/Goddess, and any other sources that I’m not even aware of.  I have been reading books and watching clips and going to class, and everything is lining up.  I am thankful for these synchronicities.  They help me to understand, and they build my faith.

I have been seeing a lot of “2”s lately.  This is new for me.  I continue to see my “1’s and 4’s” combinations, that bring me comfort in knowing that my angels are near. But the 2’s are new.  And they are frequent enough now that they’ve grabbed my attention, and I want to share the message with you.

From Angel Numbers Joanne Sacred Scribes, my favorite source:

“The message of repeating Angel Number 222 is that everything will turn out for the best in the long-term.  Do not put your energies into negativity – be aware that all is being working out by spirit for the highest good of all involved.  Angel Number 222 is also reminding you to keep up the good work you are doing, as the evidence of your manifestations are coming to fruition.

Angel Number 222 is a message of faith and trust from your angels.  Know that all is being worked out for the highest good of all involved.  Remember that nothing happens by chance and everything happens for a reason.  Maintain a positive attitude and you will find that everything will have positive results and you will receive abundant blessings in Divine right timing.”

My message for the week has been positivity.  I started the week (Monday evening) with an experience of intense anger.  It felt like a dark cloud, completely permeating my aura, and I could actually feel it filling the room.  Last night my classmates confirmed that they could feel it as well.  I have understood anger as misunderstanding and an opportunity for learning — but I have not fully understood the effects of my anger on others.

I have been told many times that I am powerful.  I have the capacity for wonderful, amazing things.  I have seen this.  But what sticks out for me more is the power of my negativity.  I recently had a friend come do a cleansing on my house, and she intuitively explored the negativity as she cleansed my house.  My house was dark, and I knew it was from me.  The evidence culminated in her visit to the bedroom when she commented on the extreme darkness coming from one side of the bed.  “Who sleeps on this side of the bed?” she asked.  “Me,” I admitted.

With great power comes great responsibility.  I have fixated on this superhero quote a lot in the last few weeks.  And we are all superheroes.  Some of us aware, and some of us not yet aware of our powers.  Nonetheless, all of us have the choice to spread love or to spread darkness.

In every moment we have a choice.  Our minds are the power source.  Even in times of darkness, we have the will power to choose light.  We are powerful.  We can be the heroes or the villains.

I choose light.  I am no longer in denial of my capacity to affect others.  I choose to vibrate at a higher vibration.  I choose to improve my own life — and through this — the lives of others.

What do you choose today?  I give thanks for you and for all of the wonderful beings of light here and in all of creation.  Have a blessed day. <3

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What is the ego? What is my ego? I’m not entirely sure. I know that I am not the ego. I’ve been thinking about my past lives a lot. I’ve gotten two past life readings and one crossing, and my personality seems to be different in each lifetime. At least – my life paths are different. I wonder – how can all of those people from all those lives be the same person, be the same soul? So, I’d imagine that my ego changes. If I do not take my ego with me, my ego must be that difference. My ego changes from lifetime to lifetime. So, again, I am not the ego.

Then, everything that is not the I Am, everything that is not the soul is the ego. Anything that is left is the conscious mind and the ego. The conscious mind and the ego work together. So, anything that is related to my conscious level existence is related to the ego. My identity in this lifetime is connected to the ego, all of my forms of outer expression. All of the layers that I have added to myself. All of my conscious mind motivations are the ego. Much of the physical life is connected to the ego.

The ego is motivation. The ego requires direction. The stronger the will, the more one can work in harmony with the ego. As my teacher has explained, the ego can be like a well-trained pit bull — intimidating in its strength and size but always obedient to the master (the mind). A wayward ego is untrained, prone to drama and chaos. It runs with an undirected imagination and can either play it safe or run amuck, like a crazy puppy, leaving destruction and chaos in its wake.

How can I work with the ego? I train the ego to surrender.   I train the ego to release attachments. The ego must accept its mortality and internalize the concept of sacrifice. If I am to live for the good of all concerned, the ego must come with me (and stay just behind me).


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Do you have trouble remembering your day?  Does it all blend together?  Or do you feel a little drained, a little exhausted?  If so, ask yourself: “Did I let my heart sing today?”  A friend told me recently that she had begun prioritizing her time by separating her life into activities that make her heart sing — and those that don’t. (And giving the former the priority!)  What a way to live!

How have you made your choices today?  Have you chosen activities/events that bring you joy?  If you do so, not only do you live your own vibration, but you lift everyone around you.

If you’re feeling a little drained, take a look at what you did to nourish your inner self, to feed those inner desires.  If you’re like I’ve been lately, you may be saying: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  But I’m beginning to see that I don’t have time NOT to.  The results of “no fun Teri” are burnout, resentment, restlessness, and an excessive desire for sleep.

So, I’m starting to listen to my inner desires, and I’m starting to nurture myself.  I’m slowly building a yoga habit.  I’m listening and singing to music more.  I let myself watch little clips (penchant for movie trailers).  I’m getting back on track with my disciplines.  I’ve done more Zumba.  I’m visiting with more people.  I’m attending events and participating in things that I’m emotionally drawn to.  And it’s wonderful.

Today I spent a little time at the IONS Conference dream booth with the School of Metaphysics; had a great lesson with one of my students; took a different route to my destination and ended up driving next to a fellow DreamCatchers buddy; stopped by a Metaphysics Fair in Tinley Park and did some yoga. listened to a chakra mini-lecture, bonded with a friend, and got a tarot reading; tasted a yummy creation by Brian and my family from the Healthy Luncheon; met some of my new neighbors who helped Brian install a new car battery; guest participated in my first improv show; and saw Lucy in and outdoor viewing with friends from the Bolingbrook School of Metaphysics.  A wonderful, wonderful day.

And now here I am, listening to the “25 Most Inspiration Songs, drinking some energy tea, and feeling fantastic.

Have you taken a few minutes for yourself today?  Don’t forget to let your soul sing!

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A Little Duality

ID-100286034I felt a little dip in energy last week, and I dipped again today.  I can recognize some factors, and I think the strongest one is my struggle with the duality of my present state of mind.  There is a discrepancy between what I know I can be and what I have been.  Change comes from a shift in perspective, and the whole of me has to catch up!  We are habitual beings with habitual ways of thinking and doing.  Awareness is just the first step — Though an important one! —  in our evolution.

So, today I find myself struggling the old struggles and frustrated with the whys.  The lesson in this?  To keep my eyes on the prize — my ideal.  And yet have patience with myself.  I can see clearly now.  It is my responsibility to act.  However, I must love myself through it.  Though, life is filled with peaks and valleys, the path leads steadily upward into the beyond.

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ID-100294264I experienced a great high this past weekend after attending the Genius Code Spiritual Focus Session.  I felt I finally could acknowledge that I was a creator, and a good one.  It gave me so much light, hope, and confidence.

5 days later I have not yet given myself rest.   I have more purpose, but I’ve lost my spark.  I haven’t meditated in days, and my concentration exercises have been sparse.  This is what I need — to experience what it is like without them.  It feels like how I used to be — insecure, disconnected, and scattered.

I start anew. And then I go to sleep!

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Abundance Mentality

ID-100150963A friend recently told me that money is an illusion.  It struck me funny.  What does that really mean? But I knew there was truth to it, and so I held onto it; I saved it for further contemplation.

I have discovered that the more I try to tightly control my finances, the more I get smacked by crazy expenses out of left field!  It is SO completely “coincidentally” connected sometimes, that I’m deciding to do something about it.  I’m going to release my attachment to control of money.  I’m going to trust in the Law of Abundance.

I am not going to suddenly entirely stop caring about money.  I’m going to continue to expect to be paid what I’m worth (and I still have much recognition to go!) And I do have “Pay the Bills” on my 10 Most Wanted list.  I’m going to live in the world, and I’m not going to become careless/lazy.  But I’m realizing — that’s all I really want and need with money — to pay the bills,  to continue to function, to meet my needs.  Anything else I desire at any time can be added to my 10 Most Wanted List as it arises.  I don’t need to have a certain amount of money in my checking or savings.  I need to know that I can continue to function and go on with my work in this world.  And the universe keeps affirming this OVER and OVER.  Angel number sightings and card readings repeatedly tell me: “Chill out!  You have everything you need. And we’ll help you.  We love you.  No worrying.  Keep following your plan. Keep doing the work.”

So, that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to keep doing the work.  I’m going to keep working on the connection with my inner Self, keep my physical self happy and healthy, embrace creation and the development of my passions, and serve for the good of all concerned.

May the universe continue to encourage and guide me and all of you! <3

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ID-100294499“Then, why did we get a dog?”

My eyes burn angry holes into Brian’s back as he stomps up the stairs to take a shower.  He had told me to keep an eye on Leia.  I had just retorted that I wasn’t going to just sit around and watch her every move.

So, why was I so upset?  Because the question had struck me a little raw.  Why did we get a dog?  I didn’t know.

Was this a part of my desire for chaos?  A misdirected need for movement and creation in my life?  Or had I been drawn to this new phase of our lives?  Had I been drawn to this dog in particular?

Our new addition to the family is not what I had expected.  When we first introduced her to Bowser back at the shelter, she had been a cowering little 3-year-old Chihuahua mix.  “Where was the Chihuahua part?” we wondered.  Even when we took her home, I didn’t hear her make a peep.  We began to wonder if she even had a voice box!  2 weeks later, after getting accustomed to her new home and recovering from vaccines and a respiratory illness, the TRUE Leia began to shine through — including a hearty bark and the energetic temperament of a puppy!

Everything’s going to be fine, of course.  This all just feels like another thing that’s turning my comfortable world upside-down without my permission.  (I will change on  terms, darn-nit!)

I believe Leia is another piece to my lesson on tolerance.  I continue to be frustrated with circumstances outside of my control, and I need to accept what is. This has been a big lesson for me, so this may be the theme of the week!  Or the month!  (Universe, help me!)

Have a wonderful, beautiful day, everyone!  May it be filled with much tolerance, understanding, and love. <3

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