My improv group leader, Alison Henderson, got the brilliant idea to take improv into our businesses.  Check out these goofy ads that we created — on the spot! (More to come next week!)

In need of some coaching?
(Teri Karl, Life Mastery Consultant)

Sales techniques needing some help?

(Alison Henderson, Moving Image Consulting)

Looking for that special gift?

(Passion Stones by Starla)

Much love, many blessings.❤

I finally finished my Tall Tales Story (Tall Tales tale?)  in time for the mock contest last week.  It’s the one I started a few weeks ago about the obnoxious rabbit.  I’m not going to repeat the story here, but I’ll let you know that I’ve named him “Harry” and that I’m looking for the following props to borrow:

  • fence boards
  • a shovel
  • a toy chain saw
  • a drone (or toy plane)
  • stuffed animal skunks (up to 3)
  • fake booby traps/animal traps
  • a coyote

If you can help me out in any of those, it would be much appreciated. . .  I’ll let you know how it goes Saturday for the area contest!

Much love, many blessings.❤

I saw this clip at an ESL workshop once.  I’ve never forgotten it!  I love to show it to students to demonstrate how ridiculous the English language is.  I just showed it to one of my adult ESL students last week!  Enjoy.❤

thewayHow do you spend your day?  Are you aware of where your time goes?  It can be helpful to keep a log from day-to-day.

Are you on target with your purpose?  Do you know your purpose? If you know where you’re headed and know the why for your life, you can make better decisions about how you spend your day.  With the unlimited resources and opportunities we have available to us now, this is really important!

If you haven’t yet, take stock now.  What is important to you?  What do you love? How do you like to serve?   What are you here to do?  Turn that into an affirmation for yourself and use it as a tester.  If you’ve kept a log, reflect back on the activities you’ve taken throughout the day.

When you’re on target, you feel more fulfillment, and that leads to a happier, healthier you!

Much love, many blessings.❤

I’m sorry I missed a day!  I had a wacko Tuesday evening, felt all off-kilter and was also trying to knock out some due (and overdue) projects.  My posts are going to be REALLY short and sweet for the rest of this week because I’m working on a new development.  More to come later.

Here’s a mini-Truth Tuesday:

I’ve been seeing lots of 1’s and 8’s lately.  When I got back in the car this evening, I saw 818.  Doreen’s Angel Book says:

“Your positive affirmations about your career and finances are working, so keep going.”

And here’s a mini-Wellness Wednesday:

Follow your dreams. They are the source of your joy.  Live joyfully in the moment to live a healthy, miraculous life!

Angelique has such an amazing story!  I was inspired by her when I met her, and her interview blew me away!  Listen for how she took a vision all the way to product.  I hope it inspires you to manifest your own creations!

Angelique Warner   (708) 772-3641

And if you’re expecting, know someone else how is, or have a little one already, check out the demo to see how the Nurse N’ Go works!

There was a girl who planned to share her re-writes but had just agreed to be in bed by 9pm so she could be up by 5am, and it was now 10:03pm.  So, she went to bed.  The end.

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