Be the Change


Everything I’m doing is for me.  This is a challenging concept for myself.  It makes me feel “selfish.”  It makes me feel separate.  But it’s anything but.  It’s not that at all.  Because I am a part of the whole.  When I improve, the whole improves.  The world improves. Will you join me?

Just over a year ago I was lost.  I knew I was in a bad place in my thoughts (and therefore in my outward manifestations), and I was desperate for change.  That’s when the universe introduced my sister (and then me!) to Mary Morrissey and the Life Mastery Institute.  I knew I’d found something.  I still remember thinking:  “I need this.  And I think I can give this to others, too.”

I needed it.  And I still do.  I needed to know how to dream again.  Fast forward, and now it’s a year later.  A year of dreaming.  And I’m still getting clearer on who I am and what I desire.  But one dream has always been consistent from the very first time I did the dream exercise: I love traveling.

So, now I’m putting it first.  Ahead of everything. I’m walking el Camino this summer. And I’ve experienced what my clients experience — that first rush of excitement when I made the decision this past Saturday.  And also ALL of the paradigms that rushed in afterwards, starting in a slow trickle on Saturday and rushing in a  SCREAMING stream on Sunday and Monday. . .  But I’m a DreamBuilder.  I know this is all part of the process!

I’m following my heart and the guidance I’ve received.  I’m an example for those dreamers who will follow.  How can I tell others to live into their dreams — if I am not stepping into my own?   So, I’m walking el Camino.  Now.  This July.   Ever since I saw Walking the Camino: 6 Ways to Santiago, I knew I wanted to go.  And I’m grateful for the intuitive support to back it up:

  • I need to know myself and my authority
  • I connect to God/spirit best through nature
  • Nature and exercise together are the best for me
  • I connect best through internal stillness.
  • I love travel, and travel is a part of my future.

And this finally sparked the flame:

We see this one is considering taking some time of journey. We see it would be important for this one to do this, as there is much available — in terms of —  in the field of this one’s vibration, there is much moving in this one’s vibration, and this journey will assist this one to tap into that and then draw these desires into physical form, as this one’s vibration will change in this journey.

I desire this so much!

I’m stepping out again.  Last year I made a huge leap when I signed up to be a DreamBuilder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant, and with the help of my angels (both in the ethers and on Earth), I accomplished that dream.  Now, it’s time for my next dream.  I’m on to the next stage of my evolution.

I encourage you to do the same.

Last week during my mastermind I was asked: “What would you regret if you died tomorrow? What would you wish you had done?”

“Travel” immediately popped in my head.  And so it is.

Now ,I turn it to you, fellow dreamers. What would you do if anything were possible?   If you knew you were going to die in the next few days, what would you regret?  What is at the top of your bucket list?  Why wait?  What’s the next step you can take into your dream?

I’m changing the world.  Are you with me?

Much love, many blessings. ❤


Here’s my full title: Flat, Narrow Feet; Sloping Shoulders; Long Torso and Short Legs; Far-Sighted and Astigmatism — And I’m “Perfect!”  (And those are just things that I was born with!)

I picked up Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing again by Barbara Ann Brennan, and it’s fascinating.  I love how she separates us into 3 selves: the Mask Self, the Lower Self, and the Higher Self.  The Mask Self is the facade we create to fit into society, the Lower Self is the part of us that focuses on separation and has lost sight of who we are and where we came from.  And the Higher Self is the part of us that is “clear and loving without any struggle” and “connected to our individual divinity within.”

What I picked up from Brennan today is both the value of awareness and acceptance.  Ultimate pain and sickness is not created by who we are but by what we repress.  We come into this life trying to protect ourselves, afraid of pain.  Pain that we bury within ourselves becomes a part of ourselves that is either later triggered into expression or buried deeper and deeper, becoming a wound that never heals and eats away at us.  We heal ourselves by going back into the pain, by bringing light to what we’ve kept in darkness.

I have a few things I’m practicing this week:

  1. Use the reframe: Ask myself: How can I see the light in this situation?  How can I use it for my own good and for the good of others?
  2. Recognize and accept: What am I feeling in this moment?  What am I afraid or ashamed of and wanting to repress?  And then fill myself with loving light and accept myself for what I am experiencing in that moment, remembering again who I really am.

Much love and many blessings. 


There is more, isn’t there?


Will the 2nd one be better?  Most likely.  I know, I know what you’ll say.  There is no “better.”  (deep breath)  I think that’s what I need to reach a deeper level of awareness.  A complete release of judgement. You told me through something I read that judgement is the absence of love.  Maybe Mary Morrissey said it?  Such a conundrum.  Judgement helps us evaluate, helps us survive on this planet, and yet it is the “absence of love.”  Hard to wrap my head around.

I try to wrap my head around many things.  I realize my mind is super big.  Out of control, it feels.  But I guess I’m focusing on the conscious mind, the ego.  It wants to know everything, control everything.  I guess I can just decide not to let it anymore.  Which part of me is deciding that?

It’s good to be alive.  It’s good to be here another day.  Sometimes I lose sight of that. I lose sight of how precious life really is.  I don’t want to. I won’t lose that.  That is why I am placing myself in circumstances that will help me remember.  I will be a healing presence, I will grow, and I will also remember.

I feel that is enough.

So be it.


It’s early.  I write for me, I write for you.  I write.  What do I write today?  What do we need to hear?

We are with you.  We are one.  Be kind to each other.  Be with each other, stay together.  You can make a heaven on Earth.  You can bring joy wherever you go to whatever you see.  Do not be afraid.  We are with you.  We are all one.  I know you.  I know where you are and what you do.  I can see you.  I love you.  

Keep typing.  It will come.  

Why did I have that dream about the falling building?  (from the sky?)

It is you.  You are falling from the sky.  You are buried under your own weight. But notice it didn’t kill you.

What does that mean?

You are not changed.

For better or worse?

As you see it.

I accomplished a lot yesterday!

Yes, you did.

I am proud.

As you should be.

But I feel like I’m not celebrating as much as I could be.

You can change that. You know exactly what you want to say, Teri, that you realize now that all of the “drama” that you experience comes straight from you.  You choose in every day and in every moment.  You can choose to transmute it in any moment.  You are attached to certain structures and certain emotions.  You can choose not to be at any time.  It is neither here nor there, neither right nor wrong, but a choice.  

Choose wisely according to your desires, according to your vision, according to your purpose.

Ok.  I’d really like to understand my dreams better.  I know you said that it will come and that I should just share them.  I’ve been sharing them sometimes.  It’s so annoying to me that I am receiving this information that’s likely important, and I don’t believe I know what it means.

But you do.

I do?

Yes, you do.  You can choose to know what it means immediately.


Decide you know what it means.  What could your dreams mean to you?

Well . . .  from the sky.  Structures feel like they are coming from up above and could crush me, but they don’t.  The surround me.  I see them coming, but there is some fear.  That may be the movement that is happening in my life’s work, in the area of my career.  It’s a little frightening sometimes, the unknown.

Very good.

And yesterday, the hair?  The long hair?  I know hair is thoughts.  My thoughts are getting very long.  (OOoo I feel a tingling in my head!)  I feel like I would like to consult the Dream Dictionary on this one.  Might be upstairs, though.  Looking in a mirror, looking at it with Brian commenting. . .  not sure if the thoughts are good or  bad when they’re long. . .

What do you think?

I don’t feel like my thoughts have been all that different lately.  I am becoming more aware of my thoughts, I guess is the thing.  Perhaps that is the mirror.  I am more aware of all of the thoughts that have gone through, and I’ve been trying to be more still over the last few weeks.  That could be it.

Any affirmation from you?

Do you need it?

You know, I’m still not sure sometimes whether you are my inner self or my ego. (or angels)

Does it matter?



::Sigh::  Well, fine then.  I’ll just keep at it.  I get it.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Remember Love and Peace


I write for me; I write for you.  The Law of Self Interest — everything I do for you, I also do for me.  When I seek to share, I end up sharing with my self.  When I seek to give, I give also to myself.  I have messages to share.  I do not know all of them.  I hope to understand. I do not know what’s coming.  But I give to you.

You are loved out there, you are crazy, crazy loved.  There are messages for you, and they’re itching to come out.  I don’t understand this, but things are coming.  Great things.  And they’re coming for you. Stay open.  Remember to love.  Focus on peace.  The world is changing, and you’re a beautiful part of it.

Much love, many blessings. ❤


It’s been a week of 1’s and 8’s.  It started with my wonderful car hitting the 180,000 mile mark.  (Come on, baby!  Let’s go 5 more years!)  And then popped up on the clock, the mini-odometer, a school bus, etc.

Out pops the Angel Numbers 101 book by Doreen Virtue, my handy dandy little translator.  Here are some of the messages:

18– Your thoughts are the valve that opens and shuts your financial flow.  As you stay positive, all the material resources you need come to you easily.  However, worry can stop the flow, so ask your angel to help you stay upbeat, especially where it concerns money.

118– Your positive thoughts about money have opened the doors to increased financial flow.  Stay optimistic, because it’s working!

108– Your positive thoughts and prayerful connection with God’s infinite love have yielded an unending flow of abundance for you.

It all matches perfectly with my “Prosperity and Abundance” intuitive report.  I enjoy experiencing how everything, EVERYTHING is connected.

Much love and many blessings. ❤


Seeing It Come Together


At the beginning of the month I talked about structures.  Those pieces have gone well, and I’m also beginning to shift a bit.   I’m morphing, and my vision is becoming clearer. My actual message still needs some focus.  I feel like I don’t know my full story yet, but I do know some of it, and that’s where I’ll start.  I encourage you to take a look back at this month as well.

As I’m looking at my life and where it is now, I’m seeing how it’s fitting together.  I’m waking up about when I want to and going to bed about when I want to also.  I’m putting even more importance on cutting off technology by 9pm in the evening and have seen the benefits of keeping it off in the morning until 8am.  My morning routine is not always happening in the morning, but the activities are getting sprinkled throughout the day at least.  I’ve been doing some journaling, much more reading, and have had at least some exercise each day.  I’m really experiencing the healing effects of meditation when I use it and have begun to incorporate it as a transition exercise when moving from one person or activity to the next.

My eating patterns are slowly improving.  I’ve begun to make some food myself and am trying to figure out how I can ease myself into using the slowcooker.  I’ve been taking my vitamins more regularly and continue to drink water throughout the day.  I’ve become more aware of the negative effects of certain foods on my body and have focused more on better options.

I’m really happy in my work.  The tutoring work I have continued is finally steady, and I love the variety of students and the progress they are experiencing!  I presently have students of all ages: K, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and adult.  I teach math, reading, writing, phonics, spelling, study skills, clarinet, English as a Second Language, and Spanish.  I have continued coaching, coaching individuals through DreamBuilder, Life Mastery, and individual programs I’ve tried like the Vision Deep Dive.  I have continued speaking/presenting and now present Vision Workshop I, Vision Workshop II, and On A Mission of Joy: 10 Ways to a Wonderful Day.  I look forward to the new creation! I am extending my communication with organizations and strengthening Strategic partnerships.  I’m also receiving a lot of structured support.  I have an accountability partner, a Mastermind partner, a coach, and a Mastermind group.

I’ve made a shift this month from networking to more volunteering.  I am part of the Financial Freedom Niche group as part of the Coop and also help organize Bizworks, a biweekly educational speaking hour that spotlights local speakers and businesses.  I connected with Joliet Hospice and plan to start volunteering as soon as my training is complete at the end of April.  I reached out today to the Joliet Junior Women’s Club.

Travel is on my mind.  I recently talked with a strategic partner who may be able to help my world travel dreams become a reality, and I’m ready to begin planning the trip up the Mississippi, the el Camino trip, and my wedding.

My car is doing well, my health is good, the house is good, the fiancee is good, the pets are good, and I just made my 6-month thrift shop hopping trip with my favorite shopping buddy.  I am fortunate in all ways.

Where are you on your journey?

Much love, many blessings. ❤


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