I‘m really not sure what to

Do here.  Seth said to just write as you talk

Or something, but I do

Not feel I have something worth

Talking about here, so I do not

Know what to do.  I suppose I can just keep writing,

Not stop.  And see what becomes

Of it.

Writing can be such a challenge sometimes.

Words can be a challenge.

Here I am. 11pm

At night.  I had some ideas earlier, but I don’t have much left in me

Tonight. I’m

Tired.  I keep doing this.  Perhaps I can get

One or two posts done tomorrow so that the

Work will be done ahead of time. No need to

Really worry about

It any more.




Today I Let Myself

Today I let myself

fall asleep in front of the TV

watch I Feel Pretty again

cuddle with the cat

and the dog

and another cat!

eat ice cream for dinner again

just watch the beginning of my Zumba class routine

enjoy my day at work

enjoy my life

end this blog post

Livin’ Like a Single Gal


It’s good to mix things up a little once in a while!  Hubby’s at a conference.  I’ve got the place to myself.  Tonight I ate ice cream for dinner (a burger patty for dessert) and laughed and cried to I Feel Pretty while snuggling with one of my fur babies.  Perfect “Girl Night In”. ❤

Life’s Little Schoolroom


I had a lot going on today, and the lessons didn’t disappoint!

I experienced some tension/discomfort today, and I checked in with myself to see if I was the root of it.  Upon some reflection I concluded:

a) I had indeed stuck to my intentions, as planned. (It was good for me to remind myself of what my intentions were and to reaffirm them),

b) It was likely the discomfort was coming more from whatever was occurring within the other person, but it was still very useful to observe my reaction to it.

c) Further reflection could be useful, as long as I again reaffirmed my intention for the situation, compared to how things had actually played out.

I had a huge breakthrough today again on releasing control.  Earlier today (which started last week), I began to recognize how things are bigger than me and to let that happen.  I can be the faucet that the water pours through.

And as I’m typing this blog, I am aware of another lesson of letting go: releasing the need to “fix” things.  Up until now it drove me crazy when I’d thought I’d “fixed” something, and it became “broken” again or else a new “problem” emerged in its place.  Hmm. . . I will need to reflect more on this.

One of the many lessons in life’s little schoolroom!  What are you learning today?

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Date Night Tanka


Cookie dough ice cream

Comedian Dimitri

Loved the beginning

But sleeping by the ending

Quick end to our date!



I had quite a weekend this past weekend!  I caught up with some family and old friends, napped and slowed down a bit, participated in wedding and birthday celebrations, re-vamped my classic Vision Workshop into a kid’s version, spent my Artist’s Date exploring the Dollar Store (dangerous!), did a little organizing and knocked some items off of my “to do” list, helped co-create a new nutrition book club, watched a fantastic movie, and had a great lesson and wonderful coaching session.

Through all of those experiences, what struck me the most was the potential beauty of quick release.  (TMI warning!)

It started with not feeling quite right Saturday evening.  I’ve been eating/drinking pretty well for my body the past week or two —  and though I was a little more disciplined than I normally am at parties (sometimes nearly no discipline at all) — I still went overboard and felt nauseas going to bed.  I woke up in the middle of the night feeling gassy and made my way to the bathroom.  After about 5-10 minutes I was completely cleared out!  I couldn’t believe it. All at once?  No more abdominal discomfort, no nausea, no nothing.  It was as if I’d been given a clean slate.  I went to bed marveling about it and woke up still thinking about it.  It grabbed my attention so keenly, that I knew there was a lesson nugget hidden in there for me.

I connected it to my recently re-discovered communication struggles.  In the above case of the post-party nausea — I was ready to beat myself up.  I was ready to offer verbal apologies and make extreme, un-keepable promises to never be undisciplined again.  But I realized I didn’t need to.  I could let it go.  I could just grateful release it and move on.

Sometimes in communication with others I also like to waste thoughts, words, and time on potential protective measures that are often completely unnecessary.  Therefore, I miss the beauty of the quick release.  For example, I needed to communicate with someone today.  The reminder thought actually had been lingering for MONTHS.  Today I wasted another 30 minutes of my day (besides the countless hours of thinking/talking about it before today), trying to figure out how to word my message and protect myself from a possible unpleasant response. I even put the overdue interaction on my to do list, with the intention of looking into it more and finally getting it done.

I later REALIZED I was being ridiculous.  The best course of action was to simply communicate the message and be done with it.  It was not helpful to sit on it — any longer than I already had sat on it, especially — and I realized that the very worst that could happen in this case would be that the person would point out that I was incorrect, and we could confirm that, and be done with it. (But actually I was pretty sure I was correct, anyway, and in reality, “worse” would have been not addressing it at all!)

So, I completed the communication tonight, crossed it off my to do list, and simply now may need a quick followup.

Quick release.  No hassle.  No drama.  Direct communication.

Lots of room for growth here.  But every bit helps.   How goes your communication?

Much love and many blessings. ❤

A Reminder


Just received this gift today.  Indeed. Well said.

Much love and many blessings. ❤

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