I continue to seek a deeper connection with my inner self and what lies beyond.

Angel Numbers

Days are starting to blend together now, but the angel numbers are consistent.  The most prominent one has been 222:

“Trust that everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to, with Divine blessings for everyone involved.  Let go and have faith.

I’ve seen it almost every day this week.  Besides 222, I’ve continued to see combinations of 3’s and 1’s and 3’s, as well as 7’s, and occasionally 8 combinations.

I’ve received a great sense of peace from reading the book My View from Heaven by Sarina Baptista.  It confirmed that I am indeed receiving messages, and technology is very much a likely conduit for me!

I continue to seek a clearer connection and a clearer vision for my future.  I know I have a mission, but it still feels fuzzy!  When reconnecting with an old friend, she told me about a wonderful psychic/medium who she knows and whose “every breath is from spirit.”  I immediately gave the woman a call, and I can’t wait to meet her!


Maddeningly, it still seems easier for me to help others in deciphering their dreams than it is for me to understand my own.  Maybe dreams are meant to be shared?  I’ve had some interesting ones.  In some I am in a foreign place.  Many of them have involved animals lately, particularly cats.  Last night in particular I remember that I was renting an apartment, and my two cats were staying with me.  I was worried that it wasn’t enough space for them and also that they might have a new life style of partly living outside.

Animal Sightings

I just remembered that the sightings have been up lately.  I’ve had some interesting new ones in the past week: a skunk walking on the sidewalk outside a couple’s shower, a raccoon in the garbage bins at work, a katydid hanging out right in front of our door. (I’ve never seen one before!)  I’ve also continued to see my favorite birds flying overhead: egrets and blue herons.


Sometimes my hands tingle.  I’ve noticed now that sometimes my feet do as well.  I know there are chakras on our hands and feet.  It does feels like energy is moving through them.  Sometimes it feels like healing energy moving out to those who need it.  Sometimes it feels like I’m releasing something I don’t need anymore.


I’ve been eating better but not exercising as much.  Starting today I will restart at least making sure I get a daily one mile walk in again.  At my night job if I don’t have something packed to snack on or “dinner” on, I have some of the peppermints/hershey kisses.  My body was really unhappy with me after last week.  That’s what happens when you start clearing out your body from eating better — it becomes more sensitive and less likely to accept garbage!

Spiritual Practice

I have not kept up a consistent spiritual practice.  This may be why I’m struggling for clarity.  I’ve used the Crystal Healing Bed twice in the last month, and that’s the best meditation I’ve had.  Beyond that I’ve had a few minutes here and there, and I’ve felt the benefit.  I’ve started working with my coach again, but I’m feeling restless and a little lost.


I love that I work with some people who are as wacky as I am. ❤  We’ve been sharing some of our experiences and observations, and it has carried into my dreams a bit.  I’m ready for more messages!  Now I would just like to have a deeper understanding of what they mean. . .

That’s all for now.  Much love and many blessings. ❤


Communications Log Entry 3

Mostly dreams today.  I had two unusual dreams this morning.


In the first I was standing at the entryway to a gated area.  There were 3 deer on the other side.  I decided that if I stayed really still, they might walk right past me.  And they did, they brushed right past me.  As long as there are no deer with antlers, I thought.  Then I saw more deer, and some did have antlers.  They past me as well, and I think at one point one with antlers was facing me after it got to the other side.

I had another dream that I was in a Pirates of the Caribbean-type setting.  In the first part it was murky, and we were walking along the ocean floor.  There were mini-zombie like creatures along the bottom, and I had to watch where I stepped.  At one point I saw a mailbox set of boxes, like ours, like you’d see in an apartment complex or business complex.  Our mailbox slot was open, and all 4 keys were in there, our personal sets and the two keys to open the bigger boxes for bigger packages delivered.

Later in this sequence I was standing near a large ship (ours?) on land, and Barbosa’s ship pulled up.  I was nearly the only one around except for a woman with a young child who was rushing to bring him to safety.  I suddenly thought: “Wait.  This isn’t real.” And knew I could change things. Instantly the scene changed to more of a dress rehearsal.  It was lighter out, and we were all wearing normal clothes like actors not in dress yet.  Some of us walked by each other and greeted each other.

Thoughts on Dreams

What sticks out to me about these dreams are two things:

  1. They near to real-life elements.  Saturday I saw the 3 deer blocking in me in the road.  In this dream, I saw 3 deer again facing me.  Yesterday we had an incident where discovered a delivered package had been stolen.  And I found a mailbox set in my dream with my personal mailbox wide open with keys on display!
  2. The imaginative and almost-lucid nature of the second dream.  As a terrifying and impending doom scenario approaches, I find a way to shut it off entirely and make it harmless. In the past, I may have woken myself up from such a dream.  In this one I either wasn’t fully lucid or decided to stick with it.

In Other News

My fiancee either very unconsciously closed Leia in her crate for the night.  Or someone else did it for us.

I’m still seeing 222, 1’s and 3’s, and 1’s and 7’s.

Have a joyful, blessed day. ❤

Communications Log Entry 2

My second log!  These are already becoming quite long, so feel free to skim, peruse, go to your favorite sections. . .  whatever calls to you.  I hope you find something in here that adds to your life path.  (I’ve gained so much from it already!)


These are a smattering of dreams in the days since my last communication log, mostly in order.

In my last blog I shared a dream about my boss cleaning up water on the bathroom floor.  That same morning, I found myself cleaning up water on my own bathroom floor.

A friend.  I’m pulling a truck into a parking lot.  It looks close.  It looks like I may not be able to do it. There are huge holes in the pavement.  I almost fall into one of them.  Some kind of party but no fun.  Someone goes home early.  Some ladies arrive in the parking lot, one may be one of my friends.  One has just received an award for creating something. Large semi on the side of the road.  I’m standing by it.  Alone.

I dreamt I was at a school for black women.  I was entering with another woman who was black.  I was going into the office to talk with the principal.

I dreamt I was in a room with 2 other people and a figure of authority.  The authority figure asked what other languages we speak.  The other 2 were shaking their heads (no other languages), and I kept repeating: “Yo hablo espanol.  Yo hablo espanol.”

I dreamt that Leia (our dog) got out of her bed, and I noticed kittens.  LOTS of kittens in our closet.  There was also an adult cat, and when Brian told me that we were taking them in, I got really upset, especially when I learned the adult male wasn’t neutered.  There was also an older guy coming out of the bathroom, naked from the waist down.

There’s dancing and alcohol offered.  I declined.  I love celebrating, and I think there are little dolls that come alive, including a dancing girl.

There are pictures on display on the computer or something that I’m trying to show, but they’re all swimsuit or partially naked pictures, including a maybe topless friend of mine.  I’m not sure where I got them from, and I think I close the laptop or shut down the computer.


Now that I have my full attention on angel numbers, I have been seeing angel numbers like crazy, all kind of combinations.  But the ones I have seen the most are combinations of 1’s and 3’s, multiple 7’s, 222 (a very comforting number to “let go and trust”), 555, 1’s and 9’s, and combinations of 1’s and 7’s.

Yesterday I got quite a few 7’s and even got a 777!  This is a very auspicious number and affirms that you are on the right track on your life path. Some hours after seeing this number, I purchased the Hay House World Psychic Summit (mentioned again below), which was $77.

My absolute favorite number experience this week so far has been with 1’s and 3’s.  One night last week I was driving home late and was talking with my fiancee on the phone.  It was pitch black out, and I remembered having to stop for an ambulance, thinking it was odd that this was the 2nd night in a row that there had been an ambulance in about the same spot.  I commented this to my fiancee, saying: “I can’t believe this is the 2nd ambulance in a row at (looking down at the clock). . . at 3:13pm . . . at night. . .” 

Quick Back Story:

My car radio has been quirky for probably 6-8 years now. (My car is 13 years old!)  The car radio would sometimes go out, the CD player would randomly stop working, and the digital time would sometimes go haywire.  I mentioned it to the dealership once when I brought it in, and when he told me it would be best to get a whole new setup . . . I decided I would just deal with the quirkiness!

Most of the time everything functions fine, but occasionally it will go crazy on me again.  I used to just pass it off as part of the ups and downs of technology.  But now I know more about angel communication and also that I actually personally affect technology (a story for another time).  So. . .  I pay more attention to these “coincidences” now.

I told him about the weird clock glitch, and when I hung up and looked back down at the clock again it said 9:18 pm — back to normal.  The next night I was closing up the crystal bed at work, my first time, and I happened to look down at the radio clock (playing soft music for those in the healing sessions).  Apparently this clock has issues, too.  It was fluctuating between an odd assortment of lines, and. . .  Can you guess?  . . .  3:13. Apparently that is my message for the week, so here’s what it means (From Doreen Virtue’s angel numbers book):

“Lean upon the positive and love of the energies of the Ascended Masters who surround you right now, as they are lifting your thoughts to higher levels of happy living.”


I’ve added this category since last time because I’ve had quite a few new animal sightings since I’ve been paying more attention to my surroundings!

  • Saw an egret and blue heron in two different locations flying overhead within an hour or two of each other.  (These are my special birds.)
  • Saw what looked like a stork! It was standing in a farm field that was filled with bales of hay.
  • Found an oddly beautifully bright green shiny, beetle-like bug on my blouse — in the house!
  • Turned the wrong way down a road, and as GPS corrected me and redirected my course, I turned onto a road with 3 deer standing in the middle of the road!
  • Saw a skunk.


QUESTION: “How can I learn to read the akasha myself?”/”I’d really like to develop my psychic abilities!”

ANSWER 1: Starting this communications log.

Source: My coach and my intuition

ANSWER 2: Potential teacher.  A woman at a workshop where I presented gave her 45-second elevator pitch and also gave a glowing review of her teacher, a metaphysical woman who has been popping in and out of my mind and life for a few years.

Source: participant at mini-Vision Workshop

ANSWER 3: Theosofest (Which turned into a seminar on silence and stillness and a Numerology Reading)

Source: My boss at work suggested it!

ANSWER 4: The Hay House World Psychic Summit   I purchased the recordings as a birthday present to myself.  It can also be listened to free for a limited time.

Source: Facebook Ad

The beauty of these answers is that the 2nd two came the same day or day after asking the question out loud!


I was feeling pretty good about my health until today.  I was eating pretty well (mostly home-cooked food) and had pretty much been walking at least once daily, with a new occasional practices of weight-lifting (guided by my fiancee, a health coach and personal trainer).

However, I have noticed that I can fall apart a bit at functions with friends and family. Last night I was at a great party and had foods and drink that I don’t have too often and even purposely avoid.  If the food becomes available to me, it can become an obsession for me.  I feel I have to have it!  Today I am paying for it.  I was woken in the middle of the night, and then pains in my stomach kept me from falling back asleep.

I don’t have a clear solution for this yet, but I think I may start limiting what I choose to eat when I’m out, and I may also start eating at home before events so that I don’t come in really hungry.


I’ve been thinking a lot about religion and have recently felt that I must have some purpose in healing the wounds that have been created through mankind’s search to understand spirituality (and also sometimes through outright abuse of power and authority!)

Some time ago I was looking at my collection of spiritual texts and regretted that one text was clearing missing.  I had the Bible (which also includes the Torah in the Old Testament), the Tao te Ching (Wayne Dyer translation), the I Ching, the Dhammapada (Buddhist text), the Bhagavad Gita (part of the Upanishads and a Hindu text), and various spiritual texts from the School of Metaphysics.  The text I was missing was the Koran (Muslim text), and I didn’t believe I would get it because I had heard that it is not translated into English.  (And please let me know if there are other texts that you think I might add to my collection!)  Lo and behold, today at Theosofest, a young man was handing out free copies of an English version of the Koran! I was so grateful!  I don’t remember when I first expressed this wish to the universe, but I have received my answer.


I’ve been reading a bit more of My View from Heaven: A Boy’s Story of His Journey to Heaven and the Purpose of Life on Earth. By Sarina Baptista.  I have found a new sense of comfort from the boy’s story.  He has been confirming the value of the work I am doing with this Communications Log project by sharing what he and other spirit guides and angels do to get our attention! (Confirmation from the other side!)

“A Note: when you receive messages over and over, it is us, your loved ones and your guides trying to direct you or move you.  We want you to be successful and do what you came to Earth to do.  Listen more and follow our instructions. Let us guide you because we really can see so much more than you. . . .  Be open to receive signs and messages from us and you will see how we are guiding you.  Many times it is the simple things like my mother experienced — names coming up on a Google search. . . We also use bumper stickers, songs, animals, the clouds, birds, coins, and especially other people to bring messages to you.  We want you to know how close we are and how much we love you.  As you are reading this, tune in to the energy around you because I can guarantee your guides and loved ones are with you right now as you read this.  Maybe it’s time to stop and say, “Hi!”


  • I’ve had the thought of “Bringing Heaven to Earth.”  It has popped up in my head a few times.  I’ve briefly considered it as a mission statement but brushed it off.  Then today in the numerology session for a family member, Phillip Clark used those words: “You are to bring heaven to Earth.”  I knew that message was for me as well!
  • I was driving in the car to work this morning and thinking about how many of the angel numbers I’ve seen in the past few months have been telling me “not to worry, everything is going to work out, keep positive, etc.”  Just as I finished thinking this, I looked up and saw a roadside ad for State Farm that said “No worries.”
  • I’ve had two people honk at me recently for no conceivable reason.  (I’ve also had a person or two honk at me for good reason!)  One pulled up next to me and smiled at me.  He looked to be about 18.  This has never happened to me before.
  • Saw a lighthouse on the back of a truck.  (One of my symbols as the “illuminator.”)
  • Mishaps with technology and such happening around me.  Trouble with a flyer and unexpected absences as the workshop.
  • I saw an ambulance 3 days in a row.  The first 2 were at night at around the same time and in the same area.
  • I found my favorite parking place open at one of my work places.
  • I found myself in a tense situation at work and focused on my healing presence, bringing myself to a peaceful state and putting myself in the other person’s shoes.  I felt a difference in my surroundings and also later with that person.
  • My sister can sometimes either read my mind or has really good hearing.  I think it’s both.  And also my fiancee, too.

If you start your own communications log, please share in the comments below.  I would love to share in your journey of discovery, too! 

Much love and many blessings. ❤

Communications Log Entry 1

In the health center where I work they keep a communications log so that the owner, therapists, and office staff can all communicate quickly with each other and have an easy record of the responses.  I’ve decided to create my own log.  

Yesterday I had a session with my coach, relaying my frustration that I didn’t feel as connected to my intuition, angels, and other guides as I knew I had the ability to do.  (I’d done it in past lives!)  Part of me felt that maybe the timing wasn’t right.  But part of me also felt that I wasn’t giving it the attention it required.  If I really wanted this badly . . . didn’t it need a little more love and focus?

She asked me to implement 3 things.  For multiple days, but at least for one day.  I’m going to shoot for 60.  This will be a combination of many things: a log of dreams, intuitive happenings, animal symbols, and angel numbers.  It will be a record of questions I’ve asked and answers I’ve received.  

So, here we go, starting with yesterday/this morning:


This morning I dreamt I was running from someone.  I believe he was Asian, and perhaps a martial artist.  In one of the first sections of the dream I was hiding in a side room with my sister.  My parents were in the other room, perhaps as a gatekeeper.  I didn’t see it, but I understood that my parents were later killed.  Again, I was running from this man, and perhaps a gang of people.  I quickly ducked into a restaurant (not sure if my sister was with me) and the owner hid me in the back, possibly among some very large pots/cauldrons.  I think they came in looking, but I can’t remember.  At the end I was in a room with a friend, probably her house.  We were standing at the counter and there was a telephone.  When we picked up the phone we got a strange voice.  At first it sounded like it was the Asian man talking with us, but then it seemed like it was a recorded message. I had the feeling we were now trapped in this place.

I also had a dream that I was in a bathroom with my current employer, and she was cleaning up some water on the floor, saying that it had come from the place of my fiancees previous employer.

Finally, I remember a dream sequence where I was rolling around laughing on the floor twice.  Once was after I’d been shown a picture of something, I think of someone, on someone’s phone.

Yesterday I dreamt something about improv.  I remember doing quite a bit of it.  At one point I believe I was making swimming motions.  I remember people being attracted to me, coming toward me.  (I must have been good at it!)


The gas pump stopped early for some reason.  I didn’t realize until I was back driving again that the car was only 3/4 full.  I looked at the price and total gallons and then decided to look up these numbers in Doreen Virtue’s angel number book:


Your manifestation practices are working.  Keep visualizing and affirming abundance.


Your positive affirmations about your career and finances are working, so keep going.


Your life purpose is the answer to your prayers about money.  Devote yourself to service that involves your natural talents and interests, and you’ll be fully supported in return.

Other angel numbers that popped up, to see if they repeat: 45, 111, 77.


Question: I wonder how I can better connect with myself and my guides?

Answer: Reach out to them, experiment, and log your experiences.

Source: Intuitive nudges, and coach

Question: My friend/colleague is reaching out, and I don’t feel I can support her in the way she is asking.  How else can I help?

Answer: Ask her how else you can help.

Source: Intuition


  • I had some computer challenges yesterday.  The computer froze up at the office at least twice. (Was it me?)
  • I noticed a repeat of some of the names on the scheduler.  (Twice there were back-to-back clients who shared the same name.)
  • Quite a bit of head buzzing (overhead and forehead, where the 3rd eye is.)
  • This morning I could have sworn the dishrack was full. I planned to ask Brian to clear it.  But when I was on the phone this morning talking with him about other things, I looked over, and it was clear.  He had cleared it the night before.
  • Driving home, late at night, for the first half of the drive I hit mostly red lights.  (For the 2nd half I decided to stop paying attention to it.)
  • A tutoring student who I hadn’t heard from in a while reconnected with me yesterday evening.  I had been thinking about him that morning.
  • It is currently 8:18 as I’m typing this.
  • I had the inclination I needed to stay in the right lane.  That turned out to be the best move.


  • I have read up to chapter 3 of Crossing Over by John Edward.
  • I recently purchased My View from Heaven: A Boy’s Story of His Journey to Heaven and the Purpose of Life on Earth. By Sarina Baptista


  • I recently became an official volunteer for Joliet Hospice.  I have now completed two visits to a nearby senior living community.
  • I have found my attention being drawn to graveyards for the past year.  This past week I had a lovely birthday breakfast with my dad, and as we are walking, we decided to stop in the local one and discovered some very old, very fascinating grave markers that dated back to Civil War times!

This feels like a study!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I already am!  Feel free to join in the fun!

Much love and many blessings. ❤


I’m back! Writing again!  It’s Teri, Joyedian (entertainer, healer, teacher).  As you know, I just walked 500 miles in 31 days though northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago.  It was an amazing experience, and I’m definitely doing it again!

I’d like to share with you the two most important things I learned:

1) Everyone has his/her own “Camino.”  Some prefer to walk alone; some go in groups.  Some preferred to stay in albergues (hostels), while others stayed in hotels.  Some got blisters, some had none.  Some carried small backpacks, and some carried the world on their backs!  It is the same in life.  Every person’s journey is unique.  We come into this world with gifts to give and lessons to learn.  We come to shine our light for the world.

2) My life’s mission became clearer.  I inspire individuals to change themselves so that they can change the world!

What is your “Camino” (Journey)?  Would you like to share part of this wild ride called life with me? 

I’m starting up the monthly “Your Joyful Life” newsletter again.

It includes inspirational, motivational content, including:

  • my favorite blog post of the month
  • my favorite video of the month
  • workshops and classes coming up
  • the Special! of the month
  • your monthly FREE gift  (September’s is the transcript from my Toastmasters speech “10 Things I Never Expected to Never Forget on the Camino”)

Are you in? Here’s what I need from you:

1)  Click here for terikarl.com to my access my contact form and tell me  “Yes, thank you!” or “Yes” or “I’m in!”  etc,  if you’d like to receive “It’s a Joyful Life”


2) Do nothing and just keep enjoying “A Moment in Life.”

Much love and many blessings. I look forward to hearing from you.




These yellow bags were handed out at a few of the albergues (hostels) along the Camino in Spain.  They were part of a promotion to clean up the walkways of the Camino.  I wondered what success they could possibly have with this initiative.  Would this bag really used by pilgrims for recycling along the Camino?

However, the initiative planted a seed in me, one that I wasn’t even fully aware was there.  When I returned to the U.S., I resumed my new walking routine.  I walked the paths near my home.  Two days ago, I paused while walking, distracted by a piece of broken glass on the sidewalk.  I picked it up and walked with it until I got to the nearest garbage bin.  On the way back, I noticed more pieces of glass.  I picked those up and disposed of them as well.  Yesterday I was prepared — plastic bag and paper towel in hand — and gathered glass, wrappers, cups, bags, and other debris along the path.  I decided this could give me extra purpose to my walk and that I would often bring bags to stick in my mini-backpack just in case.

Will this help the Camino?  Maybe!  Maybe someone will notice what I’m doing someday, and will start picking up around them.  And they will inspire someone else.  And so on, and so on.   You never know what you might learn.  And you never know how you might inspire a difference.  Every bit changes the world.

Love, light, and many blessings. ❤




I had a huge breakthrough today on the lesson of “Perspective.”  Years ago I received my Dharma Report.  It told me that I had spent many lifetimes exacting what I saw as “justice”.  Justice is my dharma, or life’s purpose.  However, it went on to say that it was now time to evolve this dharma through an understanding of the Law of Karma (of Cause and Effect).  I didn’t understand this report AT ALL when I first received it.  I was thoroughly disappointed, even.  I had a dharma that wasn’t even a good dharma?  I had to evolve it? What??  At the time I couldn’t even fathom it.  I’m to be an observer?  I’m to let people make mistakes?  I just. . .  watch them. . .  Isn’t that too passive?

But today I pieced things together.  On my morning walk I was contemplating this and other intuitive reports I’d received. I’d heard things like ” energetic constriction of the heart” and “a great love for her  ideas.”  A great attachment, it sounded like.  Suddenly, this morning it suddenly clicked: I have a very strong attachment to my perspective.   Perspective is often tied to judgment.  Judgement is what colors what is.  A situation has no meaning until we give it meaning.  We are the ones who label what’s “good” or “bad.”

Have you noticed that many people talk about their greatest challenges as some of the most influential parts of their lives?  They sure struggled, but they also came out a different person at the other end.  They learned things in a way that no book or class could ever teach them.  They were wiser, stronger.  Would it have been fair to rob them of those experiences?  Do you know the story of the child who cut open the cocoon of the struggling, new butterfly? In the end, the prematurely freed butterfly was not strong enough to fly.

And sometimes we’re just plain wrong.  I was blown away by how many times I was “wrong” on the Camino.  I sometimes misread the map (argued over it, too!), or misjudged a person’s actions, misunderstood a person’s words, or dismissed the effectiveness of certain treatments.

“What am I supposed to learn here?” I wondered afterward, “Is the lesson that I’m not to trust myself?”

It was actually teaching me to let go of my perspective.  It was teaching me openness, flexibility, and letting go.

So, what do we do then?  Trust the process.  Observe.   Listen and receive carefully and completely before we dismiss. Do the best we can.  Offer our perspective when asked or called to share.  Do what we can with what he have.  Experiment, learn, grow.  And then, release.  Let it go, let life flow.

Love, light, and many blessings. ❤

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