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My Atlantean Intuitive Report last summer was all about my need to create.  I was a dabbling explorer that experienced and measured my own creations.  Today I do the same.  I need to use my intuitive mind to create new things and then explore my creations.  Basically I’m going to need to play! So, every day I want to be conscious of at least one creation.  And I want to write about it more here for a while — my creations and my shared creations.

Here are my Top 6 so far this week:

1. This week in tutoring one of my students came up with a great idea for a compilation project.  We were thinking about poetry, and he thought about creating a book that is written by him and me.  We both create poems and also there is a teacher student dialog between us.  Genius.

2. Today I had another great student inspiration.  One of my students wrote “sincelery” instead of sincerely.  I said, “New word!  Genius!” What could this word mean?  Something with celery?  She had some great ideas; I should have written them down!

3. Today I turned a “whoops!” into a potential future art project!  I was making a copy of some documents for a one-on-one meeting, and I realized I had accidentally left a photograph on the copy machine from one of my collage projects.  My business document now had a photograph laying across the page.  Looked so wonderful and artsy.  I thought: Maybe I could do this on purpose!  Make some statement!  What do you think?  How could you have fun with this?

4. I am starting to gather some of my female friends together of all ages who have very similar interests that I would like to connect.  This, too, I realize is a creation, the joining of like minds.

5. We had a huge response to our latest DreamCatchers event tonight, more than we’ve ever had before.  15 people!  And 10 from the community!  I know DreamCatchers is a shared vision, and I know I was definitely part of it  I also saw myself a little more clearly.  I recognized again that I like people to feel welcome and comfortable.  I want them to be able to fully participate and to be heard.

6. Yesterday I created a bit more of a new “me.”  My teacher invited me to express myself (something that can be very hard for me to do!), and I felt a huge load lifted.  I became light again — even lighter!  I was hoping it would show up in my dreams, and I believe it did.  I had this huge space in this unfamiliar place.  I knew it belonged to me, and the room was bigger than any normal room.  My mind is expanding!

Please share your own creations below.  And what are you seeing in yourself, learning about yourself?

Here I Am Today

ID-100137008I don’t really know what to write today.  I just really want to write.  I’m a bit tired.  Subbing is a good stretch for me.  If you want to challenge a Virgo, put her in a completely new environment.  If you really want to challenge her, don’t give her sub plans.  Or change the sub plans midway through.  Or give her old sub plans that the kids tell her don’t apply anymore. Or give the plans to a leprechaun who hides the sub plans behind his back, does a little Irish jig, and then runs from you as you chase him about the room.

Today I really appreciated the quiet.  Sometimes I don’t like the quiet — but today I really appreciated it.  I desire to be in a state of happiness, calmness as much as possible.   I felt a little out of sorts today in the busy environment today, and  I realized how important it is to establish internal quiet.

I wish you all a wonderful St. Patty’s Day. May it be as calm — or rambunctious  –as you wish!

Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Last week my tutoring students inspired me to write.  The perfectionist in me kept me from doing anything about it for a while.  The part that says “I am enough” is now getting this down “on paper.”

It all started with one of my students accidentally reading “snailboat” for “sailboat.”  Genius!

I quickly came up with this:

“Why ride in a sailboat

When you could ride a snailboat!”

Fun with inventive compound words! Such potential!

Another student began some work with fiction writing.  He’s creating a fantasy/sci-fi/historical fiction work.  It already sounds great.  I found an article on super young authors, which we both found inspiring, though he was only impressed with the bestselling ones!

Finally, a new student told me the entire synopsis of a fantasy piece that she has already started writing.   She plans on finishing it in high school.  (She’s in elementary school now.)  I told her about the young authors article.  But she still insists it will be best that way. . .

I had a couple of other thoughts, but I have a cat on my foot, and I’m about to turn into a sweet potato, anyway, and so I remind myself “I am enough.  It is enough.”  And I bid you all good night. :-)

Exploring my Emotions

ID-100134250I’m learning about my ego and the many aspects of my self. I thought I was just going to have a journey into letting myself experience my emotions and speaking my truth, being transparent. But I’ve gotten more than what I asked for (not a happy surprise – but great for growth!)

I’m learning about myself through other people, not just through self-exploration. I thought that I was just going to explore strong emotions. I was going to let myself feel the fear/anxiety and be present and feel reactions from other people. This has happened. I’ve realized that sometimes I don’t do things because of the physical reactions I have to fear and to rejection. It’s the physical (bodily) feelings that I am most anxious about. They are uncomfortable and I don’t know what to do with them once I have them.

But I also discovered (surprise, surprise) that some of what I was afraid of from other people was actually a projection of myself. For example, I had an interaction with a person that resulted in a huge angry reaction. It was good for me to be in the moment and to experience this emotion. I continue to feel the aftereffects of my fear in regards to this situation and what may occur in the future. (I need to remember to stay in the present moment.)

However, what I consider as the bigger epiphany came from talking with my partner. When I shared about my experience with the angry person and how I learned to be present and feel and how I learned to both accept and allow my feelings and also learned to allow the other person to feel what she was feeling – he told me to now flip that circumstance around. And then I would understand what happens when I get angry around him. This felt like a kick to the stomach. I had no idea how I might be affecting him. I was just so used to my anger and the patterns that I have developed. I now began to reflect on how I joke about how my partner takes the brunt of my emotions. I asked him if he could feel my emotions inside his body, and I was surprised to learn that he does. The anger that I’m afraid of from other people . . . is also an anger that I hold within myself. I began to reflect on the duality of my existence. Everyone thinks I’m “sweet” because I am Jekyll to most people. And my partner gets my other extreme – the built up, pent up “Hyde”.

So, this is how I want to apply this to my life. What I applied and was the most effective was 1. Being in the moment. When I began to fear possibly events in the future — particularly happenings involving other people — I realized that I was having imaginings without having any idea of the place the other person was in. The best thing to do is stay present in what I’m doing and stay present in the event that I’m anticipating. 2. Surrender. I imagined having my heart and actually my whole self fully open. Like lying back with my arms out and my torso completely open. Like, “Hey, world, this is me! Take me as I am!” 3. Recognize judgments as they surface. Recognize them and identify them as unproductive. Accept and allow my experience, accept and allow the experience of others. And not presume that I know what’s going on with other people. 4. Receive first. Receive from the other person. Know where they are coming from, what they need. Relate.

That is all for now.

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To Know Myself


I made it a point to focus on my true Self

And now I desire to know my WHOLE Self –

True Self AND all of the many aspects of me.

I wanted to avoid their existence.

I wanted to pretend some of them weren’t there.

And then I finally got it.

I finally understood why we have to love ourselves first,

to withdraw judgement and have compassion for yourself first –

How can I possibly unconditionally love others

when I do not unconditionally love my whole self?

How can I seek to meet you exactly as you are

when I refuse to do the same for myself,

the one I spend 24 hours with?

I am resolved to know myself.

All of myself.

I am resolved to face my emotions.

And to let myself FEEL them.  In my body.

(“Yep!  There it is!”)

I also want to know my thoughts.

I want to know which ones come from conscious me

and which ones come from you

and which ones come from somewhere deeper

or somewhere higher.

I am learning to understand.

And I am learning to give up control.

And to feel.

And it hurts.

Both in mind, heart, and body.

And I love myself all the more for it.

I love my body for taking the pain to help me better understand myself.

I love my heart for being ever ready to feel and ever ready to open.

I love my body, heart, mind and spirit for the magnificence that they are.

I am ready.

It hurts.

But I want to face it all.

The joy and the pain.

Both the anger and the kindness & compassion.

Both the hate and the love.

I am.

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Looking for Ideas!

Image courtesy of hin255 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of hin255 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Calling all parents!

My next lifehack article will be entitled “What Babies Would Say If They Had Twitter Accounts.” I do not have any children myself, but I think this topic is so much fun — so, I’m looking for input from all of you!  Please respond below with your responses, including hashtags, abbreviations, (and the 140 character limit!) If you are OK with me giving you credit, please let me know! (Otherwise your contribution will be anonymous in the article.) I’m not sure how many I will use yet, but I need at least 20!

You are loved! ~ <3 ~


Soul Song?

Listen to this song. . .


. . . and then listen to the refrain of this one. . .



Do you hear the similarity?  What do you feel?  Does it touch your soul the way it touches mine?

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