New Beginnings

Yesterday was 1111 (18!).  If you haven't started already, it's time to thinking about your next start!  What have been itching to create?  What have you been longing for? The energies of the universe are both entering a space of creation/ manifestation (Jupiter's influence)  and a period of going within and dealing with stuff (Mercury... Continue Reading →


Would You Help Me?

I stopped blogging every day.  I lost motivation.  I wasn't sure what my purpose was anymore.  I want to write something that interests others, that helps others. Will you help me find it? What have I written about that gives the most value? Angels? Trips and Travel? Akashic-Record-Inspired Content? Life Experiences? Poetry and Stories? Inspiration?... Continue Reading →

Starting Home, Haunted Home, Perfect Little Home

This is my home, my starting home. This is the home, the home to be my . . . next home? . . . the HAUNTED home? The home-I-decided-against home. (What's that in the corner??) This is the home; the smiles-at-me home; the carpet-less, sun-porched, fenced-yarded, fire-placed, tree-in-the-backyard, full-of-character, lovely (future?) home. Much love and... Continue Reading →

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