ID-10059174From my dream journal yesterday:

I am living in a house that my family has just moved into.  I can’t seem to get the front door shut, and the place is clearly haunted or something.  Every time I lock the door it ends up opening, like the lock won’t hold.  At one point there is a very tall apparition, a man with the attire of the 19th century (like Pride and Prejudice clothing), and suddenly he vanishes and becomes a wolf.  And the wolf runs around through the yard.  I’m like: “Great.  A werewolf.”  Rudy and Emily pulled up earlier (in cars).  Emily has been balancing on a parking stop strip.  Rudy is amused.  Dad is there.  Rudy wants to go somewhere with me.  (I guess we have plans?)  But I keep trying to go back and make sure the door is locked and closed.  Dad and Rudy are trying to distract the werewolf because they think it is what is keeping me from coming out with them.  But it is the door that is the issue.  I run at the wolf with confidence, and it is scared away.  But I tell them about the house.  Then, I hear a low, demonic sound coming from inside. And it turns out there is this large tree (Muppet-looking) that fills up the whole room.  And there are people sitting in chairs listening to it.  And some (I don’t’ remember who) are like basically “This is a all hooey.”  And don’t even believes this demon guys and his plans/words.

What sticks out most for me is that most of my attention in this dream is one the door.  I’m so concerned about keeping things out, but it seems like the problems are already within the mind.  (Just as our environment is not the source of our issues.  Our thoughts are the source of our issues.)  There are inner parts of me that haunt me, old inner parts (the apparition), and some of it is clearly just my imagination (the tree), and I recognize this.  I also identify a habitual part of myself (the wolf) that is really no threat.  My inner authority has a plan for me, wants me to move forward (my school director and my father) and not be distracted.  I am definitely conscious of some of the ridiculousness of what is going on in my mind.

I’ve been struggling lately with faith.   I’ve felt a little disconnected from Source and from my angels.  It doesn’t mean that they aren’t trying to connect, though!  While at my referral group meeting Thursday, I noted that my “Thank You for Closed Business” amount was $2,222.  Within 10-15 minutes another 222 number popped up.  And it was rapidly followed by 111 and 1111 in some other form.  Those angel messages are all about faith and starting fresh. ID-100280151

Here is what Joanne Sacred Scribes says for Angel Number 2222:

“The number sequence 2222 indicates that newly planted ideas are beginning to take form and grow into reality for you.  Your manifestation will soon be evident, so maintain a positive attitude and continue with your good work.  Keep holding positive thoughts, continue positively affirming and keep visualizing.  The reaping of rewards is just ahead of you.”

I may not see it yet, but good things are coming!  Hold the image.  Keep the faith.  Live in gratitude and positivity.

Wishing you all lots of 2’s in your life! <3

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Joy is My Ideal


This weekend one of the classes of the Bolingbrook School of Metaphysics put on a fundraiser with the theme of Gratitude.  We were asked to write what we were grateful for, and I put “Joy.” (It was a wonderful experience.  It opened up my heart quite a bit <3.)  Again, at our Spiritual Ethics gathering, when we were asked to write an ideal, I wrote one word: “Joy.”  It vibrates pretty high up on the David Hawkins scale.  I was shocked to discover he had put it higher than “love.”  So, I was immediately hooked.  Why not shoot for joy and get both? :-)

This week we are to think about how we will reach our ideal.  Something I read recently reminded me of “the pursuit of happiness”.  Ultimately we all want to be happy, right?  So, what really makes us happy?  How will I achieve joy this week?

Love and joy to all of you. :-)

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I had a thought the other day.  Another word for the scales of justice: balance.  My dharma is all about the Law of Duality and how I need to transcend it.  The answer is in the same image.  Just stay in the middle.  Stay in humility.  Stay centered in the midst of experiencing the extremes.


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Hello, everyone!  I’m writing because it’s been a long time.  And I miss it.  I miss you.  So, it’s late, and I still have to do the litterbox and most of my metaphysics exercises, but I just want to quickly look back on this week.


  1. The “Understanding Your Dreams” Lecture at the Oak Forest Rotary was fabulous.  I realized how confident I am on this topic and how much I enjoy sharing with others.  I would like to make this my Plan B lecture, since I’ve already given it many times.   I plan to lecture monthly and to write new lectures, but I can give this one to anyone who wants to hear it!
  2. I had a wonderful DreamCatchers tonight.  It was one of those events that seemed like it could be too much after a long day, but I had a wonderful experience with a lot of new faces and lots of questions and sharing.  I’m definitely glad I went (and they want us back!)
  3. My office is now fabulously clean and organized, thanks to my student and the company she works for.  It is a pleasure to be in now — and I can find things!  This is a long-needed manifestation that I am incredibly grateful for.
  4. I am putting my attention on concentration and mindfulness.  Redundant?  Ah well. :-)  I am tired of leaving things behind.  I am tired of feeling so spacey!  I’ve gotta get grounded, and now.   I am getting better at concentrating. I’m starting exercising again.  I’m going to dance around the house. (Great for grounding!) I’m going to make sure I take my vitamins.  Any other suggestions for grounding?
  5. I’ve been seeing 1’s and 2’s everywhere.  It’s actually become a comfort, much as 1’s and 4’s once was.  Apparently I’ve got lots of seed ideas ready to sprout.  And I can see some things finally manifesting for me.  My networking group is growing.  My business/jobs are beginning to increase.   My office is organized.  My identity is changing inside and out. . . I have many more things on my 10 Most Wanted list, so  let’s go manifesting!  Let’s manifest them all! <3
  6. I’ve been focusing a lot on money.  I’ve been listening to Carol Tuttle’s audio series “Manifesting More Money.”  I realize a lot of my blockages with money and abundance in general are mental.  I’ve known this for some time, and I’m working on shifting my consciousness so that I can be more receptive.  I’ve also been finding that as I stretch myself and give more, I open space to receive more.  (Gotta love that Law of Prosperity!) :-)

Joy and love to you all. (High vibrational frequencies!) :-)

Choose Joy


This was the card I picked for myself yesterday.  It was so perfect and immediately resonated.  I think it may be my favorite card so far.  And then this morning I found an e-mail from Carol Tuttle with the subject “Remember to Choose Joy.”  It reads:

“In every moment, during every day of your life, you have choices. The choice to create more struggle or the choice to create more freedom and joy.  Choose thoughts that support you in feeling good more and more each day.”

And then on Facebook I got this from Louise Hay:

“I joyously let go of all the things that no longer serve me.”

I needed these badly.  Thank you, universe!  I have been struggling immensely with my judgements and my perfectionism:  my belief that things must be a certain way.  Today during Spiritual Ethics class a student said said “Don’t sweat it” is what his grandma used to say.  It felt great just hearing those words!  Yes!  Don’t sweat it.  Release anger.  Release worry.  Choose gratitude.  Choose joy!

Joy to all of you! <3

Passing Judgement

I’ve been thinking about my most recent intuitive profiles.  They talk about my judgements and expectations of how things should be.  Now that I have become awakened to this, I am aware of it ALL THE TIME.   I’m noticing judgements that pop into my head, points I feel I have to get across, and times when I freak out a little or want to shut down because things aren’t going the way I expected them to.

Awareness is good . . . and exhausting!

I wish you all warmth, joy, and an expanded awareness! <3


I feel I’m following a path of 1’s and 2’s this month. (And the day of this post is 11-2!)  I’m experiencing an unprecedented level of synchronicity/connectedness, and it is amazing.  At this moment I am listening to the introduction of Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation (21!), and the total time of the audio 21:22.  I feel like Alice . . .  I’m sliding down (up?) the 2s and 1s rabbit hole!  Here’s the link to the 21-day meditation.  The focus is gratitude and grace.  If you choose to participate in this experience, please share about your experience in the comments below.

Here is the inspirational message from the angels for 1’s and 2’s from Joanne Sacred Scribes:

“The combination of 2’s and 1’s indicate that your thoughts are like seeds  about to sprout and are a sign that things will be going in your desired direction.  There may be some new directions or opportunities to take which will lead to fulfillment and personal happiness.  The message is to keep the faith, knowing that the Universe and your angels are behind you all the way.”

I am grateful for the love and connection I share with all of you. <3

Yours in spirit,

Teri K. <3

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