Do you pay attention to your dreams? Or are they just part of the sleeping experience?  Just another fixture in your day-to-day existence?

What if your dreams actually have messages for you?  Imagine a pile of love letters left unopened.  What might you be missing?

For over 40 years teachers and students at the School of Metaphysics have been studying dreams. We connect dreams to the previous 24 to 48 hours of our life experiences before the dream and dig for the messages that our own dreams are trying to tell us.   We are like detectives peering into our own souls.  After we decipher the dream’s message, we apply the learning to help ourselves, so that we can grow. We believe that life is our schoolroom, and we are here to become the best versions of ourselves.

Your dreams are about you. Every part of the dream – every person, place, and thing in your dream is a part of you. And the messages from your dreams come from you. They come from the inner you, the inner teacher, your inner soul mate.  And that inner teacher is always trying to help you, to mentor you, to give you understandings and truth – if you will listen.

Anyone can interpret his/her own dreams. There’s actually a science to it. And you are your best teacher. You are your best interpreter because your messages come from you!

Would you like to start opening those messages?  You can start at any time.  Get a journal or a notebook and start recording what you remember each morning.  Then start to look for patterns for the symbolism behind it.  Join a dreams Meetup group.  Read books or look on-line.  Take on-line courses through dreamschool.org or in-person through psychology classes or the nearest branch of the School of Metaphysics (www.som.org).  Do you have questions?  You’ve got answers!

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IMG_0032     IMG_0031

The students have been working on creating poems about themselves, and some of them expressed an interest in shape/concrete poems.  They were so proud!  I borrowed the design method from my dad who creates beautiful shape/concrete poem sonnets.  He fills in the shape with a single letter and then works in the actual design.  For example, for a triangle or side of a  tree:





And then:



emerald work.

A heavenly creation!

Have some fun with your own shape poems!

Still working on the name.  Brain vomit? Brain Barf?  Hmm. . . 

If a student (or you) is stuck on getting started on a paper, she needs to get those ideas out.  (They’re in there!)  One way is to loosen them up and set them free is to set the time for 5 minutes, focus on the topic, and get her to spill everything out of her head onto a piece of paper.  Tell her it’s ok to write “I don’t know what to write.”  “And this is silly.”  Whatever helps!  But she has to write continuously for 5 minutes.

If she struggles with the mechanics of writing and/or is a particularly good talker, you may want to switch to a sound recorder, like the one I use on my iPod.  (It’s possible her writing is too slow for her mind!)  Or if she’s faster at typing, have her spill it all out on the keyboard.

Final tip:  Do it with her!  Take the same topic or something similar and work along side her.  It’s a great motivator and model for her to see that it can be done — and it means you’re not just staring at her for those 5 minutes as she writes.

I’ve got a busy mind today.  Time to do some brain spillage/vomit/barfing myself to empty out all of those thoughts!

I wish I could find the picture of the mini mobile fold-up home that I learned about years ago.  Here’s a link to a sample earthship.  (So many awesome designs, seriously. Check out the interiors.) Last night Brian and I went over our 10 Most Wanted Lists and we both had something related to homes on there.  This is something I’ve been tossing around in my head lately.  I’m a Virgo as my sun sign and a Gemini as my moon.  I believe this is why part of me wants an earthship and part of me wants the mini-foldup-mobile-house.  Part of me wants to be rooted in the Earth in a self-sustaining home.  Part of me wants to be free and on the move!  Can you guess which wants which?


I wonder — is there some way to have both?  ;-)



A New World

I had a regular sub job today, and I felt really good about it, even excited going into it.  It was a teacher’s assistant job, and I spent the day in a couple rooms.  The actual job wasn’t particularly extraordinary and was thankfully low-key.  The teachers were super nice, the school was beautiful, the students were fairly responsive to direction.

However, I decided to take more advantage of my experiences and opportunities today, and THAT made the difference.  Usually I notice all of the neat things in a classroom, and I make a mental note.  Today I wrote them down.  Sometimes I feel like I should an urge to make a connection with someone, and today I did — two!

And I followed the day with great conversation with a friend and with some mind mapping, blog listening, and a Society for Intuitive Research Meeting!

Here are my Marvelous (Top) 12s today for creativity —  and today, mostly inspired!

1. I saw a girl with two braids, one running across the side of her head, and one a regular drop from below.  Such creativity!

2. A great fact family game with white boards and dice!

3. Even/Odd poster visuals.  Ev  en     Od d   Genius!  And side-by-side columns with numbers and construction paper squares to represent the difference!

4. P.I.E.  in an actual pie chart standing for persuade, inform, and entertain!

5. A thermometer with color bands along the edge.  Tell what “color” the day is by matching the temperature number with the color!

6. Egg final product design.  It was used for locations, starting with town, then state, then country, etc.  Progressively larger eggs, all pinned together at the top.  When you rotate the eggs out from each other, it makes a beautiful flower-like design!

7. Storyboard flip strip.  I’ve seen this before and need to use it!  Fold a piece of construction paper in half, split the top half evenly into 4, and cut those.  Creates a great flip up strip for any subject!

8. Created a mind map on a white poster board with “Ideal Life” as the seed idea.  Still a work in progress . . . more on this later.

9. Spoke with a teacher about swapping business.  We may possibly team up and do small group reading groups together, too!

10. Learned a little about clearing up your space with herbs — my living space could definitely use a spiritual uplifting! :-)

11. Maybe I’ve found a possible passion — interviewing marvelous people and writing their stories!  I met a marvelous social worker who seems to be a creative and borrowing genius! I knew I had to tell her so!  A couple of her many claims to fame are her sound wand for getting attention and her mini stars for positive reinforcement.  When I saw that she liked Have You Filled A Bucket Today?, that sealed the deal!  I stopped by her office when the day was over and had a lovely chat, swapping information, talking about changing times, and mourning societal changes from preventative to reactionary.  I love getting to know people and creating connections!

12.Participated in a long dialog with others at our SIR meeting about personal acceptance and expressing who we really are.  This has been on my mind a lot lately.  Do you also ever wonder: if people knew all of me, would they really love me?

Hiya! What have you created lately?

Daily Creativity

My Atlantean Intuitive Report last summer was all about my need to create.  I was a dabbling explorer that experienced and measured my own creations.  Today I do the same.  I need to use my intuitive mind to create new things and then explore my creations.  Basically I’m going to need to play! So, every day I want to be conscious of at least one creation.  And I want to write about it more here for a while — my creations and my shared creations.

Here are my Top 6 so far this week:

1. This week in tutoring one of my students came up with a great idea for a compilation project.  We were thinking about poetry, and he thought about creating a book that is written by him and me.  We both create poems and also there is a teacher student dialog between us.  Genius.

2. Today I had another great student inspiration.  One of my students wrote “sincelery” instead of sincerely.  I said, “New word!  Genius!” What could this word mean?  Something with celery?  She had some great ideas; I should have written them down!

3. Today I turned a “whoops!” into a potential future art project!  I was making a copy of some documents for a one-on-one meeting, and I realized I had accidentally left a photograph on the copy machine from one of my collage projects.  My business document now had a photograph laying across the page.  Looked so wonderful and artsy.  I thought: Maybe I could do this on purpose!  Make some statement!  What do you think?  How could you have fun with this?

4. I am starting to gather some of my female friends together of all ages who have very similar interests that I would like to connect.  This, too, I realize is a creation, the joining of like minds.

5. We had a huge response to our latest DreamCatchers event tonight, more than we’ve ever had before.  15 people!  And 10 from the community!  I know DreamCatchers is a shared vision, and I know I was definitely part of it  I also saw myself a little more clearly.  I recognized again that I like people to feel welcome and comfortable.  I want them to be able to fully participate and to be heard.

6. Yesterday I created a bit more of a new “me.”  My teacher invited me to express myself (something that can be very hard for me to do!), and I felt a huge load lifted.  I became light again — even lighter!  I was hoping it would show up in my dreams, and I believe it did.  I had this huge space in this unfamiliar place.  I knew it belonged to me, and the room was bigger than any normal room.  My mind is expanding!

Please share your own creations below.  And what are you seeing in yourself, learning about yourself?

Here I Am Today

ID-100137008I don’t really know what to write today.  I just really want to write.  I’m a bit tired.  Subbing is a good stretch for me.  If you want to challenge a Virgo, put her in a completely new environment.  If you really want to challenge her, don’t give her sub plans.  Or change the sub plans midway through.  Or give her old sub plans that the kids tell her don’t apply anymore. Or give the plans to a leprechaun who hides the sub plans behind his back, does a little Irish jig, and then runs from you as you chase him about the room.

Today I really appreciated the quiet.  Sometimes I don’t like the quiet — but today I really appreciated it.  I desire to be in a state of happiness, calmness as much as possible.   I felt a little out of sorts today in the busy environment today, and  I realized how important it is to establish internal quiet.

I wish you all a wonderful St. Patty’s Day. May it be as calm — or rambunctious  –as you wish!

Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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