Back in Illinois Again…

This is what we look like right now. . . LOL

I’ve been really antsy to get out of the RV lately. With each passing day I feel like I’m going more nutso.   Starting to feel a little suffocated, and I don’t think it’s really a size or space issue. Yes, Bowser is driving me crazy with his nervousness and neediness. But I mainly need to get out.  I need to explore. How the heck am I going to make it 6 months in the same place?

I wrote that 1-2 months ago now. Yesterday marks 1 month into our 6-month stay in Illinois. It’s mid-June and we reached 100 degrees today. Who knows what July and August will bring. It may finally be time for a 2nd air conditioner.

Overall I’m doing ok here. I’ve been working a lot, which keeps me focused. Most of it’s delivering, so I’m finally out of the RV for a good part of the week, which has really improved my sanity — and also kept me on my feet more, which has been better for my health.

I didn’t get the same homey feeling returning to this Illinois park as I did for Tucson and Oklahoma City. Maybe it’s just weird to be back in Illinois? I think I’ve just spent way too much of my life in this state.

Of course, part of me is already ready to move on. I knew I would be. It’s great making up some income here and having some increased freedom. We’re enjoying visiting with relatives and reconnecting with friends. But I really miss the whole adventure and exploring part. Now that it’s summer, many people are sharing their trips on Facebook, and I’m sucking it all up, living as vicariously as I can through them and TOTALLY envying them! Still trying to figure out where next I’m headed with my life and trying to refocus on my dreams.

Doing anything fun this summer? (Please share, so I can be jealous of you, too! Haha!)

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