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Troll Hunt! (Arboretum — Summer 2018)

Guardian Troll

My favorite troll — “The Guardian”

Troll1 2

What (or Who) is that in his nose?

Troll3 2

Do not eat me!

Troll Lair

Sweet! Troll encampment!

Troll5 2

Let me out!

Troll4 2

Heeeeeeeelllp Meeeeeeee!!!

Troll2 2

Back with my buddy 🙂

Flashback: Studying Abroad in Mexico


In the last post I shared a flashback to the Camino last year.  So, then I thought: Why not go back even further?  The following is an excerpt from the first day of my study abroad experience in Mexico on January 1st 2001 (translated from Spanish because I even wrote the journal in Spanish!)

Ah.  I will try to write much in Spanish, but I may need help.  Maybe I can understand new vocabulary in this way.  I want to start a vocabulary journal.  In this way I hope to understand new words.  So, I have felt many different feelings.  First, sadness and a lot of fear.  A lot.  Suddenly I wondered “Why am I doing this?”  And also, the feelings I shouldn’t feel until 2 weeks from now!  Many times I thought: “Why am I here?”  Why don’t I leave from here and return to my country and my house.  At first, when I left my parents, I wanted to cry.  Suddenly I realized that I was leaving my parents, my roots.  Everything.  It didn’t matter that I was leaving ____ or ________ or ____________, although I missed ______________  a little more,.  I missed my sister, but most I missed my parents and wanted to bring them with me.  This pen isn’t good.  I have a lot of blotches.  I didn’t know where I needed to meet with Juliette.  I was lost at customs and didn’t even know which parts of which documents I needed to fill out.  Juliette told me that my classes are incorrect.  How frustrating!  Well, it’s possible I can find better classes.  I wonder which classes are correct.  Now I’m registered for 2 classes — how funny!  The way I see it, I can see this situation in 2 ways: how horrible/how funny.  But all could be much worse.  I stay with a very nice family.  The only problem is that they speak too fast.  I can’t understand much.  And the words slur together.  I feel dumb/stupid.  I want them to know that I’m an intelligent girl and that although I didn’t take a class last semester and haven’t practiced much — I know some words in Spanish.  I have a vocabulary — only, it isn’t good.  And my comprehension isn’t very good.  Also, I am very tired.  I need a nap.  I don’t know how I will write to everyone.  I will need to send an e-mail to everyone at the same time.  No one will like that but I think that I don’t have other options.  One of these days I will cry, I know, but I must stay.  I know that I would stay, no matter what.  It is difficult when the first day I have this problem.  I hope that I can have my parents with me.  And I want to understand how _____’s trip went.  So fast!  It’s incredible!  It reminds me that I need to speak very slowly with foreigners.  English is a very difficult language.  I feel bad that I haven’t dealt with ______ very well.  But I have a fear of being uncomfortable.  He was a boy, and wanted me to go to his apartment alone.  How crazy!  Well, I wanted to be independent.  I wanted to leave my parents, sister, and friends.  Well, here I am.  I am not like _____.  We are different, I think.  But, I do enjoy my independence.  I am happy that I did so much on my own.  I did it!  I’m here!  I am here.  Just boarding the plane was difficult.  But I made it!  And packing!  Very difficult.  I need to rest.  I realized two things.  First, all could be worse and all could get better.  It is only the first day!  I need to pray.  Where did I put my prayer papers like “Our Father”?  I don’t know.  I’m tired.  I must to bed.  Until tomorrow.

Much love and many blessings. ❤ 

Flashback from the Camino: Bed Bugs


Since I’m scheduling a bunch of posts ahead of time, it seemed a good time to do some more Camino flashbacks from last year.  I fell upon this entry from July 25, 2017.  I was in the last week of my journey and had discovered I had bed bugs.  Thankfully, the incident was pretty minor — and actually fairly convenient, all considered — plus I knew I would be heading home soon.

I’m going to give the dryer 10-15 more minutes.  Then, I’ll let them have it early.  Bed bugs today.  Pretty sure of it.  Today was a great day for humility — put all of my stuff out to spray , and everyone walked by (all the people I know), and I’ve also been walking around in shorts and a (sports) bra.  I’ve gotten pretty used to it now; actually, I kind of wanted another quiet evening, and I guess I got it, because I’ve kind of secluded myself.  I feel a bit like a leper.  I seem to be making the biggest deal of it, though.  Everyone else seems to be not as freaked about it.  Some have even had them already.  I guess I now feel like my experience is complete!  I just plan on this being the extent of it.  Tomorrow I will wash and dry everything again.  Then, I should hopefully be done.  I may do just one more wash Thursday to make Brian happy.  It will mean clean clothes for the next couple of days anyway.  So much for the romantic embrace from Brian on Monday!  He will probably NOT want to touch me, as he’s giving me my change of clothes and bagging up my backpack.  Ah well.

If It Weren’t Too Crazy. . .


I want to walk the Kumano Kodo pretty badly. I’m in week 5 of the Artist’s Way, and it asks questions like: “What would I try if it weren’t too crazy?” or “What would I do if it weren’t too selfish?” and “List 10 things you love and would love to do but are not allowed to do.”

I would travel. A LOT Sometimes I listen to certain songs or see certain palettes of color – and I think of past travels.  I remember the joy of being immersed in a completely new world, in a completely new feeling. I love the feeling of being alone. Of exploring. Of being transformed by my environment. If I weren’t selfish – if it weren’t too crazy – if I could do what I loved to do and am not allowed to do – I would travel, all of the time. That’s it, universe. That is it. Now, let’s see what you’ve got. 😉

 Much love and many blessings. ❤

I Would Walk 15,000 steps. . .


Dear Source, Mother Gaia (Earth) . . .  and any and all Entities of Light — those for the good of all concerned — thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

It was between 50 and 60 degrees even very early this morning, so I made sure to strap up my hiking boots and get out the door.  I walked for 2 hours and probably about 5 miles or 11,000 steps (will be 15,000 total after walking the dogs another mile this afternoon and walking around the house and work tonight).  My legs are a little sore. (“What the heck are we doing here, Teri?”)  But otherwise I’m feeling great.  I have my pace, my route, and my time frame, and I’m ready to get back to walking.

It was about this time last year that I got the inspiration to walk the Camino in 2017.  Just about this time I started training, taking the steps I’m taking now.  I’ve started getting flashbacks to the walk.  I’ve started missing it.  I’d really like to walk another one.  Not this year, but 2019.  I’d really like to “take a hike” in the summer of 2019.  The Kumano Kodo would be great, but I would settle for something local or Canada, too.

What brings you joy?  Much love and many blessings. ❤

A Joyedian’s Tale: The Return of Sra. Crankypants


Dear angels, God, Ascended Masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Gaia (Earth) . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

Today Sra. Cranky Pants is back (my alter-ego).  It occurred to me a few minutes ago — after riding out another of my many emotional rollercoasters — that I could actually be grateful for these experiences.  With this much emotional impact, I’m bound to grow.  It’s even inevitable for me . . . even when I try not to.

Yesterday I got triggered multiple times, this after being slammed a few days earlier on Monday and Tuesday with some high emotions and tough karmic learning.  I just wanted to quit caring.  I visualized closing doors over my heart.  It just felt like too much.

However, thanks to a husband who can’t accept “I’m fine.  I really don’t want to talk about it” — both honest “Thanks” and sarcastic “Thanks” there because I actually really didn’t want to talk about it, and yes, there is still a little bitterness there — a lot of it spilled out.  I didn’t feel great afterwards, but I would also like to quit judging myself, particularly on how I think I’m supposed to be for other people.

So, I’m still a little edgy today.  The ten degree weather really isn’t helping because I’m a sun and heat girl, and I’ve decided I’ll be riding out Chicago winters until our dream of living mobile happens — which is related to yesterday’s triggers, so I won’t be touching on that anymore today, thank you!

And in other news — though I am thinking this may actually be connected to what I was just writing about —  I am on Day 2 of Self-Healing with Reiki.  I decided it’s time to advance to the next level(s) of healing, and circumstances are pointing toward Reiki at the moment (though I enjoy the Healing Touch Chakra Connection sequence and will probably end up creating some combo of the two).  I’ve reconnected with my Reiki I teacher, I read through the entire Reiki I binder yesterday morning, and I am completing 21 days of the self-healing practice before I touch base with her again.

Sometimes you’ve gotta clear out the gunk so the light can stretch further.

Much love and many blessings. ❤

A Joyedian’s Tale: Enjoy Life

26239028_10103409097917545_7706045679406980209_nDear angels, God, Ascended Masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Gaia (Earth) . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

Trying to get back in the communication groove.  In the next few days I plan to post IT ALL: upcoming workshops, blog (this post!), youtube dream video for Teri Karl, youtube metaphysical video for WeAreValuableMedia, Facebook Live on Creating a Bug Free Mind . . . gotta get caught up, y’all!

I sank into a depression for a while yesterday.  I got dark, felt hollow, had a good cry — all that good stuff.  Now that I’ve had some time to process it, I realize it sprouted from 2 things:

  1. The often inevitable crash downward after soaring to new heights of bliss.
  2. Returning to “reality” after a glimpse of my dream life.

At the lunch reception after my wedding this past weekend, I turned to Brian in a state of complete bliss and told him: “I could die right now.”  (Not that I wanted to just yet – no worries!) I was just that happy.  The wedding went so perfectly that it all felt — and surely was — divinely guided.  My favorite birds were there at the ceremony with us (egrets), the weather was perfect (partly cloudy and 60’s), the scenery was amazing (ocean view), everyone arrived on time — actually everyone was early!, everyone’s outfits were amazingly coordinated, the presider did a fantastic job, I had 4 fantastic photographers (all immediate family members!), the food was great, the events were great, the company was great — it was all so amazing!

And then we came home.  Everyone went back to work.  And it was snowing when we arrived in Chicago.  I’ve been reflecting a lot on what my dream living situation is, and I’ve talked with Brian about it as well.  First of all, I would certainly love to spend most of my time in a climate of 50 degrees or higher. I have an uneasy peace with this Chicagoland climate.  Second, I really don’t want to stay in one place.  It is not the location that draws me (although I do feel quite at home in California).  It is the adventure that does.  Experiences like the Camino in Spain and this recent trip to California were perfect because every day was different.  I love the newness.  I love to taste.

So, I have no dream location to live in.  I have a dream lifestyle.  It’s a dream of adventure. of new sites and experiences.  This is what “enjoying life” means to me — which just happens to be my new year’s resolution for this year!  ❤ It’s something I’ve re-stepped into the last few years, and it’s something I will continue to embrace for the rest of my life.


Here’s to many more adventures for me, for you, and all the dreamers! Much love and many blessings. ❤

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