NO Blood, Guts, or Enough A/C

Warning: Potentially not for those afraid of blood!

Tried to give blood this morning — for the first time since RVing — and failed. Your heart drops a little when you have a needle stuck in your vein and you hear your attendant calling for another attendant!

This is not the first time I haven’t been able to give.  One time my blood pressure was too low.  Another time my iron was too low.  The very first time I gave blood the attendant hadn’t hit the vein quite right, so they weren’t able to receive the full pint.  I stared incredulously at the partially-filled pouch of my blood dangling from her hands: “You’re. . .just going to toss that? Can’t you put it back in?”

This time the blood just wasn’t flowing.  They tried to adjust the needle/tube, but the blood just wouldn’t go.  I’m guessing I was dehydrated.  It was so hot the day before — and I only like to drink my water hot — so I’d had whatever other cold liquids I could get my hands on to drink. I’d also had some not-so-great bowel movements just that morning and the day before and had been drinking a little less in general since working more on the road.

So, I did everything else right . . .  I had a big breakfast.  I answered all the questions correctly.  My blood pressure was high enough.  My iron was high enough.  But I couldn’t get the blood to the bag.  So disappointing.  And I still have to wait another 8 weeks to give again!

But I can still feel good about showing up and going through the steps.  I had every intention to give and really did mostly the best I could (though next time I will be sure to drink TONS of water, no matter what). As a bonus, I did get to have some juice and brownie and still got a surprise little bluetooth speaker prize for my give attempt.

AND. . . In other news, it’s hot again today.  Very, very hot.  A little hellish even.  We’re finally giving in and coughing up the dough for more A/C.  We started the research on options (portable, mini split, rooftop window).  And we decided we didn’t feel like dealing with drilling holes, connecting tubes, dealing with venting, etc so we’re adding a 2nd overhead air conditioning unit.  We reached out to the RV place just up the road to get the process going.  

Hopefully we can get that going quickly, as next week has another couple days just short of 100, and I’d like to be able to keep myself from melting in the furniture.

How’s the weather out where you are?  Hope you’re staying safe out there!

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