What’s Up in Life, and New Animal Signs

Wow.  My posts are pretty far apart now.  I’m just not sure what direction I want to take with this.  The books I’ve been reading have been stressing daily unobstructed/uncensored journaling, and I was pretty much using wordpress as my journal before.  I know now I can’t do that.  There are things that I have to get out that I don’t want anyone else to see.   So, now I have to figure out what this is for.  I guess I might take out tidbits from my *wacky* daily journal.  I may move toward the on-line Patch newspaper, too.  Not sure. . .

Getting  more animal signs. . .

1) The Finch — The finch — we’re not completely sure it was a finch, but Brian thought it was — flew up to our door and just hung out there, talking a bit to who knows who.  (There is a rectangular window above our door, and that’s where he was changing out. )  According to Whats-Your-Sign.com, the finch can symbolize any of these ideas: joy, simplicity, variety, diversity, appreciation, happiness, high energy, honoring resources, healthful diet, and enjoying the journey.  Wow!  The finch is perfect!

Here’s the little guy we heard and saw!

2) The Crow — I saw a group of them hanging out on the roof of the elementary school where I’ve worked.   Supposedly this is a power symbol.  I was a bit concerned seeing them at first, because I thought maybe I was about to die or something.  Or maybe they symbolized the end?  That would be appropriate.  But, actually, they symbolize change and adaptability.  That’s EXACTLY what I need right now.  Thank you, crows!

3) The Mouse — The teachers had their end-of-the-year celebration at a bar in downtown Naperville, and I stopped by for a bit after my rehearsal.  Afterwards, as I walked back to the parking garage with some friends, a mouse zigzagged across our path.  I don’t see mice too often, and I wouldn’t have expected to see one in Napeville!  So, naturally, I figured it could be another sign.  Here is what What’s-Your-Sign.com says a mouse symbolizes: resourcefulness, modesty, groundedness, adaptability, temerity (shyness), innocence, fertility, super-awareness, voraciousness, determination, conservation, and cleanliness.  Excellent.  Today is all about cleanliness (cleaning out the house and going through my classroom stuff), and I like the super-awareness, voraciousness, determination, and that “adaptability” again!

I’ve been getting a lot of positive messages everywhere from everyone and everything, and it really means a lot to me.  Everything is going to be ok.  Life is great!

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