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Summary Saturday/Sunday: Mish-Mosh Memories

Not necessarily in this order. . .

Cardinal in the alleyway, Cardinal standing in the road! (Still there!) Another cardinal — 3 in one day! Finch pecking at our screen . . .  Birds, birds birds!  (What are they trying to tell me?)   Dressing up for wedding, my face is a canvas, opt out of glasses . . . . vanity! Short and sweet wedding.  EVERYONE beautifully dressed.  No cake and LOTS of candy!  Not much vegetarian food. . .   Lots of dancing!  New profile picture!  Tutoring — una vez mas — no mucho tiempo — Tiene que estudiar mucho esta semana!  Exercises . . . are  . . . a . . .  struggle . . . Sleeping too much?  Not enough?  Graduation party.  Too early.   “Don’t hide in the corner.”  Quick in and quick out.  Life force exercise outside with friend!  Watch your posture when you meditate!  (Watch your posture always!)  Meetings and healing.  Heady.  Clarity of vision.  Twins!  Visiting friend and past coworker.  New life ahead.  New life for me, too!   Conference call in the park.  Excited and overwhelmed by new venture.  Nervous about stepping out and stepping forward.   Reading book on Mastery.  Recovering from busy weekend.  Gearing up for packed week.  Crazy dreams to match! . . .

Coincidence? I Think Not!

"Doing Meditation" courtesy of pixtawan/

“Doing Meditation” courtesy of pixtawan/

I’m very interested in “The Secret”, though I don’t quite know how it works.  I’m also very interested in my spiritual guides — though I don’t exactly know how they work.  And because of my interest and belief in these two things (among others), I don’t really believe in coincidences.  Though I can’t always explain what happens to me —  or why things stick out in my mind — I do believe there is some purpose or message.

Recent examples:

1)  666  I’m still seeing it quite often.  Sometimes it’s just “66” or “606”, but I’ve been seeing 3 of them back-to-back, too.

2) Cardinals.  Red cardinals everywhere.  I know it’s probably related to the season and how they can stand the winter, but I am seeing them and hearing them EVERYWHERE.  I think they may be my bird for the year.  (Although I’ve seen a few hawks already, too, and huge random swarms of birds flying overhead.)

3) 10 likes. I was just thinking this past week that it would be great if I could get to 10 “like”s on WordPress, and that very same day I got 10, and then more!

4) Weird connection that requires a backstory:  (Ahem!  Here goes.)  Last week I re-organized the entire house during my snow day, and this included the area under our small entertainment center.  I found a video that I knew wasn’t mine and that I thought probably belonged to one of my teacher friends: Nim’s Island.  I thought I remembered my friend calling me to ask about it a few months ago, and at the time I had no idea what she was talking about.  So, Brian and I watched it together over the weekend, so that we could see it before we returned it to her.  (I believe I posted about it briefly earlier.)  And . . . this past Saturday I tutored a student who was drawing pictures of crocodiles and was talking about the crocodile hunter (Steve).  I hadn’t heard him mentioned in quite a while (since his death, I think), so it seemed rather random to me.  Today I saw a news article on Steve Irwin’s daughter on yahoo, and I remembered my student’s interest, and I checked it out.  It turns out that his daughter is now a child actress and is appearing on the sequel to — you guessed it — Nim’s Island.

I absolutely love this sort of thing.  So, I’m keeping my eye out for more!  Hey, what “coincidences” have you experienced lately?

What’s Up in Life, and New Animal Signs

Wow.  My posts are pretty far apart now.  I’m just not sure what direction I want to take with this.  The books I’ve been reading have been stressing daily unobstructed/uncensored journaling, and I was pretty much using wordpress as my journal before.  I know now I can’t do that.  There are things that I have to get out that I don’t want anyone else to see.   So, now I have to figure out what this is for.  I guess I might take out tidbits from my *wacky* daily journal.  I may move toward the on-line Patch newspaper, too.  Not sure. . .

Getting  more animal signs. . .

1) The Finch — The finch — we’re not completely sure it was a finch, but Brian thought it was — flew up to our door and just hung out there, talking a bit to who knows who.  (There is a rectangular window above our door, and that’s where he was changing out. )  According to, the finch can symbolize any of these ideas: joy, simplicity, variety, diversity, appreciation, happiness, high energy, honoring resources, healthful diet, and enjoying the journey.  Wow!  The finch is perfect!

Here’s the little guy we heard and saw!

2) The Crow — I saw a group of them hanging out on the roof of the elementary school where I’ve worked.   Supposedly this is a power symbol.  I was a bit concerned seeing them at first, because I thought maybe I was about to die or something.  Or maybe they symbolized the end?  That would be appropriate.  But, actually, they symbolize change and adaptability.  That’s EXACTLY what I need right now.  Thank you, crows!

3) The Mouse — The teachers had their end-of-the-year celebration at a bar in downtown Naperville, and I stopped by for a bit after my rehearsal.  Afterwards, as I walked back to the parking garage with some friends, a mouse zigzagged across our path.  I don’t see mice too often, and I wouldn’t have expected to see one in Napeville!  So, naturally, I figured it could be another sign.  Here is what What’ says a mouse symbolizes: resourcefulness, modesty, groundedness, adaptability, temerity (shyness), innocence, fertility, super-awareness, voraciousness, determination, conservation, and cleanliness.  Excellent.  Today is all about cleanliness (cleaning out the house and going through my classroom stuff), and I like the super-awareness, voraciousness, determination, and that “adaptability” again!

I’ve been getting a lot of positive messages everywhere from everyone and everything, and it really means a lot to me.  Everything is going to be ok.  Life is great!

Signs and Symbols

Still. . . the birds. . .

Birds are flying over all the time.  And now I’m dreaming about birds.  Two nights ago I faced a large red bird with a blue sheen.  I was afraid to face it, thinking it might poke my eyes out or something, but I kept forcing myself to face it, wanting to know what the bird had to say.  In last night’s dream, birds were flying overhead, and one was a flamingo.  I remember thinking about how gangly it looked flying above me, like a long, gawky chicken.

I believe I’m still trying to be contacted, to be given a message, even if it’s just assurance.

And then today I realized I was getting number symbols again.  I have a great interest in numbers.  A fascination.  I’m always looking at my odometer, hoping to catch a palindrome, and I often do.  I also have a particular interest in the combination 9-11 because of an interesting  story I had with that number combination years ago.  I also like 12:34.

This new combination started with “666”.  Yes, creepy. But then, so is 9-11, and that one turned out ok.  At first I thought I was being given a warning.  But thinking on it, I think it’s just another way the universe is trying to get my attention.  Yesterday I went out for a casual retirement dinner, and my bill for my meal was $16.66.  Of course, the last part caught my eye.  What are the odds of that?  At least the one was in front, though.  So, I just stayed extra alert on the drive from the restaurant.  Then, today, I filled up my gas tank, and what was the total number of gallons?  11.666.  I know it’s not the exact same number — bBut it’s got the 1.  It’s got the 666.  And WHAT are the odds that I have those same numbers in 2 days?

Something’s going on.

I’ve been having some good talks with some of my colleagues lately.  They’ve talked about changes in their lives and the coincidental circumstances that led to new opportunities.  I find myself jealous of their good fortune.  But I realize that their blessing is not mine.  Their situations are not what I really want.  So, I think that is why the universe is not providing it for me.

This is scary in itself — because I do not know what I want!  I think I know what I want.  And I am pretty sure of what I don’t want. . .

And for the here and now I mostly want to know that everything is going to be ok.  Many people have told me that I will be and have applauded my risks.  Of course, a few others are skeptical and second-guess me.

I am willing to suffer for a while if I know it will lead to my eventual happiness.  I am ready to run the extra mile.  I just have to know what to believe in.  And I have to believe in myself.



I am filled with sadness.  I have said what had to be said to my partner.  And he finally told me what was on his mind.  I was pleased to know that he had some of the same worries as I had. . . I thought he didn’t care.  But I was also stunned by some concerns that I didn’t share.  What is to become of our situation?  I don’t know what to think.  Will my life changes. . .  OUR life changes. . .  tear us apart?

After my blue heron sightings, all I seem to see these days is birds.  Are my guides trying to reach me?   In the past 2 days I have seen geese, a sparrow, a seagull, and red winged blackbirds fly across the street in front of me.  What are they trying to say?  And I also noticed my 9:11 number as I drove home from rehearsal.

WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME?  If you are trying to tell me that my life is in upheaval, I know this.  I hope you are trying to tell me that everything is going to be alright, because it doesn’t feel that way right now.


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