Wins and Weaknesses: The Beginning

My biggest win is that I continue to move forward.  My dream is getting clearer, and I’m getting more connected with the universe.  I have continued with the 90-Day challenge of chapters from The Science of Getting Rich, and I have noticed my mindset beginning to change.  Overall I am more positive.  I am becoming more sure, more confident.

I keep up with my blogging.  That habit it starting to form.  I’m now getting clearer on my schedule and how I would like time and money freedom to look for myself.

I’m getting back on track with my morning routine.  Tonight I am going to bed right after this.  I will be up bright and early to start my new morning schedule.

There is still a gap.  I still hesitate when I could be charging forward.  I still need to study more, be more developed in my craft.  However, now I am confident in my dream.  I know it is going to happen.  I am letting my light shine for others to do so.  Let’s change the world.

Much love and many blessings. ❤

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