The Coach, the Dancer/Thespian, the Comedian, the Rocker, the Author, the Artist

Today I facilitated the Artist's Way group. I was the coach.  Saturday I train for Zumba -- I'll be the dancer. In the car I am the rocker and scheme up karaoke night. Watching Dry Comedy I join the comedian; someday standing on my own stage.   Tonight I come to you as both the author and the... Continue Reading →

It’s the Weekend! (And, Boy, Am I Grateful!)

I actually don't technically don't have a weekend, so, having Thanksgiving and Friday off this week has been pretty, pretty wonderful.  Yesterday, Brian and I spent time with family, and today I accomplished quite a bit.I am thankful for. . .keeping up with my metaphysics exercisesmeditationremembering my dreamsfinishing 1/2 of Power vs. Forcespending some entertainment... Continue Reading →

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