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I had a dream this morning that I was in some kind of videogame (more like live action play), and I was aware that I was now on the zombie level.  The zombies would be waking up soon, and I needed a gun.  Then I had a gun and needed to figure out how to work it.  I ran out of the house, hoping to buy myself some time.  Then they were coming at me.  I was shooting at them but missing, almost as if something inside me was making me miss.  I ended up waking myself up from the dream.

I know what the dream was about.  It’s about those monsters inside me, those aspects that should really be dead but that I’m keeping alive.  In class today we shared our inner monsters.  We’re now working on imagining how we actually do want to see ourselves.  I’ve been receiving “imagination” and “visualization” quite a bit from the universe lately.

And apparently the universe really wants my attention on this zombie thing because I had three references to zombies today after I’d had my dream: I noticed a paintball billboard for shooting zombies, I saw a sign outside a classroom that said “Zombies Ahead,” and one of my tutoring students talked about Plants vs. Zombies. I guess this is important. . .

Peace, love, and zombie-less-ness to you all. ❤

Tribute Tuesday/Dreamy Wednesday

As a person who depends on routine, I’m going a little crazy with my change in schedule and all the things I still need to get done.  I intend to keep up with the daily blogging as much as possible, though. . .

Tribute Tuesday

Today’s tribute is to small business owners and start-ups in general.  There’s quite a lot of start-up work for a new venture! I’ve got a double-whammy right now starting both a new Metaphysics class and Early Education Enrichment classes.  Promotion, imaging, scheduling, organizing, and financial planning are key right now — and I’m quite a bit overwhelmed.

The exciting part is that I’m really experiencing being a creator right now:  I’ve created a hat, T-shirt, flyers, and a banner.  I also will get to practice communicating and interacting with others as I talk about the classes.  The best part is that I’m fulfilling my life purpose of self-empowerment by learning to take charge and make decisions and understanding and sharing my value.

And I know I have a long and exciting journey ahead!  Small business people, what has your start-up experience been like?

Dreamy Wednesday

I couldn’t remember too much about my dreams last night.  Something about not getting on the right bus with my dad and sister and another part with worrying about having the right papers/materials and contact information for an older couple who was driving away.  The night before I had another zombies dream. The weird part about it was that it was kid of a reverse of World War Z (Brian had it on in the background as I was doing something a few night ago) — if I made a loud screeching noise it held them at bay.  But I found my voice growing hoarse, and I could barely hold them off.

Analysis: Basically I’ve been overwhelmed with changes lately. The changes are all for the good, but I sometimes have trouble dealing with change.  I think the zombies are the unpleasant aspects of myself that I have to face when I lose structure, perhaps the procrastinator, the disorganized one, the panick-er, the resistor, etc. They have seemed to be “dead” because I haven’t had to deal with a complete overhaul in my life for a while.  (But now they’ve been reactivated!)   I’m not sure about the screeching part.  Perhaps I’m needing to express myself, my needs, and my goals clearly and loudly to help me work through the situation.  Instead, I feel my energy waning,, and I’m afraid I’ll be overcome by the darker parts of me.  I believe this morning’s dreams reflect my struggle to organize my new schedule and all of the details of my life.  My sister — a hardworker — and my father — a superconscious aspect  –have boarded the bus — an organization, like the School of Metaphysics.  But I missed it.  This likely symbolizes my need to get on board with my daily exercises and to turn to my spiritual nature for guidance.

Turn Around. . .

"Blue Sky with Clouds and Sun" courtesy of gameanna/

“Blue Sky with Clouds and Sun” courtesy of gameanna/

I want to blog.  I itch to blog.  But now that I’m sitting down, giving myself time to write but I kinda feel like I’ve forgotten how.  I’d like to write about what I’m grateful for today, since my last post was such a downer. (Not even going to link to it.)  😛

Today I’m grateful for those times when I am without, because it reminds me of how much I appreciate what I have, when I have it.

  • My iPod**

I  thought I’d lost my iPod today, when really it was just another case of the Reverse Mary Poppins Purse.  The past life of my iPod — and the horrific possible future-life of my iPod, if somebody found it and looked/listened through it – flashed before my eyes today.  I was able to reconcile myself to the possibility of having lost it, and then I wisely tore my purse apart (not literally — though I am sometimes tempted).

  • Karaoke.

I’m usually at karaoke right now.  I sacrificed my karaoke night because of a change in tutoring schedule and a need to catch up on planning.   I already miss it. :-/  But it makes me grateful for when I do have it.

  • Water.

I don’t drink as much water as I should, but the moment I know I don’t have access to water, I panic.  Especially if I’m in the car.  For some reason I get mad thirsty when I’m in the car.

  • Food.

Hey, I mean, it follows!  These days I am always hungry, so I am grateful for every morsel that crosses my lips.

  • Exercise.

I’ve recently discovered that daily exercise is a lifesaver for me.  It’s a pick-me-up that can really make or break my day.  Lately it’s been Zumba.  One morning I woke to the Zumba Xbox game music circulating through my brain, and my body started itching to dance!

  • A good romantic movie.

I don’t get too many of those these days.  I don’t watch them because Brian doesn’t like them, and I know that if he felt obligated to sit through one of my romantic movies, then I would be obligated to sit through one of his blow-people-up or zombie/alien/ghoul apocalypse, etc movies. And, no thank you.  But sometimes I can get away with one on Valentine’s.  Or my birthday.  Or I can watch it alone. . . and cuddle with a cat or Bowser.  (Brian, I hope you’re reading this and that you suddenly feel inspired to watch a little something/something. . .)

  • The sun.

Ah, how I miss daylight! I miss my sun! Daylight savings time, when art thou??  It’s been pretty rainy/snowy lately, so I am ecstatic when the sun breaks through the clouds every so often.

  • My other.

Yes, everyone needs their alone time and some peace and quiet – and sometimes I even want to kick Brian out of the house for a while!  But when he’s not around, I miss him.

  • This blog.

I recently stopped my masochistic internal berating rant at myself for not being a “good writer” and writing every day.  So, now that I haven’t been, I miss it.  I don’t honestly even know what I’m supposed to be doing or want to be doing with writing anymore, but I know that I’m unhappy when I don’t do it for a while.

  • Free time.

I love it, even if it’s borrowed, like right now.  I love, love, love my free time.  The best part of my day today was sitting on the library bench, doing nothing, just waiting a few minutes before seeing my next tutoring student.  Sometimes you just gotta slow down for a while.


**(And I just looked up the spelling of “i” –type Apple products today with one of my tutoring students because he was using it for his paper that compared an iPhone and Galaxy XS – or something like that — phone.  I was going to check the spelling on my iPod.  And that’s when I realized I couldn’t find it.  And that’s all I could think about for the next 5 minutes – in the middle of a tutoring session.  So, while trying to work with a student, all I could think about what wanting to turn my jacket and purse inside out and then transporting magically to the school I just came from so I could turn the whole fricken’ building inside out.  And this is the longest parenthesis ever.  That’s why I starred it.  And then put it at the end of this blog.)

Dream Fever

I’m having some vivid dreams again.  Today I am grateful for strange dreams that really make me think.  There’s nothing like a little dream analysis to get me excited in the morning. . .


Two nights ago I dreamt of zombies.  I dreamt of zombies once before, but I think I had seen part of a zombie show or movie, so I dismissed that.  This one seemed to be out of nowhere.  All I remember is that I was constantly on the lookout and running from zombies, and at the end, a woman and her elderly mother had approached me.  The woman was talking with me, and I was listening to her while also trying to fend off her mother, who seemed intent on taking a bite out of me.

So, why zombies?  According to Dream Moods:

“To dream that you are attacked by zombies indicate[s] that you are feeling overwhelmed by forces beyond your control. You are under tremendous stress in your waking life.  Alternatively, the dream represents your fears of being helpless and overpowered.”

Well, yes, that makes sense.  My life changes and risk-taking, although necessary, have been extremely stressful.  I am shaking off my old life and finding my true path, and it REALLY freaks me out.  I hope this doesn’t mean I’m going to become a zombie snack every night when I close my eyes . . .

All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together. 

— Jack Kerouac 

Cruising Around an Island Chain

This morning I had a very bizarre dream involving islands and a boat.  From what I can remember, I was traveling from island- to-island by boat.  Sometimes I was with people; other times I was not.  I remember thinking that the islands were just far enough away that I couldn’t just hop from one to another on my own.  I’d have to use the boat, and toward the beginning of the dream I was.  However, the boat was on a schedule, and at the end of the dream, I realized I was stranded and could not catch a boat.  I became panicky, realizing that I had separated myself from my family.

Again, from Dream Moods:

“To see or dream that you are on an island signifies ease, relaxation and comfort.  The dream is telling you that you need a vacation and [to] escape the stresses in your life.  It is time for some solitude.”

YES.  I have really felt that I just need some time to myself to spend some time learning what I want to do and where I’d like to go from here.

“To dream that you are stranded on an island suggests that you need to get away from the demands of your daily life. . . [or] the dream means that you feel cut off from society.  You are in a rut and do not know what to do with your life.”

Also very true.  I had a great conversation with Cindy Dove of Purposed Lives yesterday, and I think I’m beginning to make a break through with what I really want out of life, which leads right into the next two suggestions:

“To dream that you are in or see a boat signifies your ability to cope with and express your emotions. . . Alternatively, you may be ready to confront your subconscious and unknown aspects of yourself. . .”

“To dream that you are trying to jump off a boat suggests that you want to confront those difficult emotions and approach your problems head on.”

Perhaps I am finding my way, but I’m afraid I will be breaking away from what others expect and want from me (including family?)  I think this is most likely.

What do you dream about?  What interpretations have you made?

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