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What Would You Love?


I’m still struggling with this blog because I’m so in love with Facebook Live at the moment and love sharing in that format.  But I really miss writing.  I have always been and will always be a writer.  I am so thankful for those who have inspired me with their own recent efforts with blogging.  It feels so good to be starting this up again.

Writing is something I love.  People say work isn’t work if you love doing it.  People ask: “What you would do with your life, even if you weren’t paid for it?”  This.  Definitely this.  This is not work for me.  This is a thrill for me.  I love the connection.  I love feeling like my thoughts mean something, that they might be helpful to someone else.  I love exploring new ideas and concepts.  I love to play with the words.

What would I love?

I was really pondering this question today.  Even after 9 months of studying DreamBuilding, I am still clarifying my dream, still peeling away “shoulds” and “Can I really?”s.  And, yes, really.  Yes.  I can.   Today I encouraged my fiancee to speak coming from his vision.  Who is he as the “future Brian” from his dream?  And I did the same for myself:  I am Teri Karl, traveling joyedian, a funny, inspirational, educational healer. And what about those parts of my life do not seem to match?  Well, this is just what it looks like while it’s all coming together!

What would you love?

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Fun with Tutoring and Writing

I started a new activity with one of my tutoring students.  I bought a few notebooks for him to choose from and kept one for myself, and we now spend the first 10 minutes of our session writing.  Last week he chose to have me give him a writing prompt.  Today he decided that he wanted us to give each other writing prompts.  They were both great!

Here was mine, tying in a little of my current life lessons into my fantasy story:

You got a letter from Hogwarts!

I didn’t know what to do!  I was so excited that I started jumping up and down .  Then I started crying and hugging my mom and dad.  Then, I started freaking out.  “I don’t know anything about magic!”  I said.  “Everyone will laugh at me!  I will fail all of my subjects!  I didn’t even know Hogwarts was REAL!”

Then, my friends Brian and Jorge came over and comforted me.  They said, “Teri, you’re being negative again. You need to think positively.  Wonderful things can happen, if you only believe.”  I relaxed and sighed a contented sigh because I knew that was true.  I hugged them both and ran up the stairs to begin packing my bags.


Fun With Shape Poems/Concrete Poems

IMG_0032     IMG_0031

The students have been working on creating poems about themselves, and some of them expressed an interest in shape/concrete poems.  They were so proud!  I borrowed the design method from my dad who creates beautiful shape/concrete poem sonnets.  He fills in the shape with a single letter and then works in the actual design.  For example, for a triangle or side of a  tree:





And then:



emerald work.

A heavenly creation!

Have some fun with your own shape poems!

Writing Tutor Tip of the Day: Brain Spillage

Still working on the name.  Brain vomit? Brain Barf?  Hmm. . . 

If a student (or you) is stuck on getting started on a paper, she needs to get those ideas out.  (They’re in there!)  One way is to loosen them up and set them free is to set the time for 5 minutes, focus on the topic, and get her to spill everything out of her head onto a piece of paper.  Tell her it’s ok to write “I don’t know what to write.”  “And this is silly.”  Whatever helps!  But she has to write continuously for 5 minutes.

If she struggles with the mechanics of writing and/or is a particularly good talker, you may want to switch to a sound recorder, like the one I use on my iPod.  (It’s possible her writing is too slow for her mind!)  Or if she’s faster at typing, have her spill it all out on the keyboard.

Final tip:  Do it with her!  Take the same topic or something similar and work along side her.  It’s a great motivator and model for her to see that it can be done — and it means you’re not just staring at her for those 5 minutes as she writes.

I’ve got a busy mind today.  Time to do some brain spillage/vomit/barfing myself to empty out all of those thoughts!


Last week my tutoring students inspired me to write.  The perfectionist in me kept me from doing anything about it for a while.  The part that says “I am enough” is now getting this down “on paper.”

It all started with one of my students accidentally reading “snailboat” for “sailboat.”  Genius!

I quickly came up with this:

“Why ride in a sailboat

When you could ride a snailboat!”

Fun with inventive compound words! Such potential!

Another student began some work with fiction writing.  He’s creating a fantasy/sci-fi/historical fiction work.  It already sounds great.  I found an article on super young authors, which we both found inspiring, though he was only impressed with the bestselling ones!

Finally, a new student told me the entire synopsis of a fantasy piece that she has already started writing.   She plans on finishing it in high school.  (She’s in elementary school now.)  I told her about the young authors article.  But she still insists it will be best that way. . .

I had a couple of other thoughts, but I have a cat on my foot, and I’m about to turn into a sweet potato, anyway, and so I remind myself “I am enough.  It is enough.”  And I bid you all good night. 🙂

Write Every Day

Image courtesy of Paul /

Image courtesy of Paul /

In a recent conversation with Cindy, my life coach, I talked about how badly I wanted to be in the outdoors in whatever profession I take on next.  I felt like I desperately needed the sunshine and fresh air.  She asked if I’ve been getting any of that in the evenings, and I acknowledged I hadn’t.  She suggested that might be part of the problem.  I realized it’s the same with my writing.  I am upset because I’m too busy to write, but I know I have time for it.  If I have time for Facebook, if I have time for doing my hair — or general lolly-gagging — I have some precious moments for writing.  Do I believe I’m a writer?  As my metaphysics teacher Golbahar reminded me — you gotta fake it ’til you make it.

Tying this together, I need to make time to write, having purpose with my time — and even if I don’t believe I’m a writer —  fake it until I finally do.  It’s the Law of Believing and Knowing, and I’m still in infancy with this one.  I think I believe I’m a writer.  I intend to know it.

And thus my plan to write every day.  Even if it’s a sentence.  I have a book with 2 daily writing prompts, and I intend to at least peek at that every day.  And I’d really like to blog every day, or at least every other day.  Brian suggested that I have a theme for certain days.  So far, I’m thinking:

Metaphysics Monday

Dreamy Wednesday

Free Space Friday

And the weekends could be related to health/general life stuff.

More writing to follow! 🙂


What Do I Want to Do?

Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat /

Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat /

I find I want to write. When I think about what I want to do, what I REALLY want to do – it is to write, and sing, and dance. And create things. This is what I WANT to do. I want to be outdoors and soaking up the light, with my arms outstretched so that the sun will reach down to me, lifting me into the cradle of its warmth and love. This is what I want. To be a child of the light, in a sundress, with huge, vibrant flowers — a gleeful little girl.  I so want to play.  I will be that little girl again, full of innocence again, in my flowery sundress, ready to fly.

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