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Fun Friday: Storytime — Busy Beatriz Bee

ID-10027051Beatriz Bee was always busy.  She had exercises that she did in the morning.  She left early to make sure she was on time for work in the hive, and she worked a full 8.5 day making honey (no paid lunch).  In the evenings Beatriz took bee classes, taught bee classes, tutored little bees, attended and led bee events, played bee-ball, blogged her bee thoughts, and checked bee-mail and BeeBook.  On the weekends she tutored more little bees, attended bee meetings, and went to family bee events.  Beatriz Bee thought she was doing this because she needed to work.  She needed the money.  And she needed to be busy. Beatriz thought she was a very happy little bee when she was so “productive.”

But Beatriz realized she was not a happy little bee.  She didn’t actually like working so much.  In fact, she didn’t know if she liked working much at all.  And it was spring — busy season — and Beatriz’s life got more and more hectic.  Beatriz Bee began to droop.  Her heart wasn’t in her honey-making.  She stopped looking for little bees to teach.  Beatriz Bee sunk lower and lower.

After one particular low day of honey-making Beatriz Bee wanted to give up completely.  She didn’t see a way out of her crazy bee life, and she didn’t want to be a bee anymore.

Thankfully, that same day Beatriz Bee also had one of her little bee students for a tutoring session.  And she realized she had enjoyed tutoring more than she had enjoyed her work in the hive.   Beatriz looked at what in her life fulfilled her little bee self.  And she looked at what didn’t.  And so Beatriz bee decided to quit her job in the hive.  She decided she was going to tutor more little bees and look for other creative ways to use her other bee talents.

Beatriz was a bit scared: Would she have enough abundance?  Would she like her new ventures?  Somewhere deep inside Beatriz Bee knew that she would.  Her little antennae were perked, her eyes and stripes were bright, and Beatriz Bee felt ready to face the world.

Fun Friday: Story Time — Once Upon a Tough Day

Image courtesy of audfriday13 /

Image courtesy of audfriday13 /

Once there was a woman who started the day with good intentions.  Unmotivated as she was to get out of bed and face the world, she completed her exercises, including meditation, and then felt ready to face the world. Her focus word of the day was “courage”.  She gave thanks for good traffic and a successful start to her day.  In the car she munched on cashews and mused over her odd dreams, which didn’t seem to tie into her previous focus word (“love”).   When she arrived at work, she realized she didn’t have her lunch.  She looked all over her messy car (from living on the go), but didn’t see it.   She gave thanks for the cashews and the two dollars she had in her purse.

When she got in to work she focused on her word (courage).  She’d had some frustrations with work the day before and was determined to be as productive as possible today to give everything her best effort.  She whispered “Courage!” over and over as she dug into her work.

But she became tired and frustrated, and she began to lose courage, trading it in for despair.  She had some moments of courage for the day: some phonecalls that she hadn’t wanted to make and was glad she had.  (She hoped she’d dream about those experiences.)  But the overarching feeling was despair, and though she was proud of her work that day, she was too frustrated to take much pleasure in it.

She carried this despair with her to her house and threw it at her fiancee, who did his best to dodge it, staying out of its path.  The woman didn’t want to carry it any more herself, and she tried to drown it in snickers frozen custard.

The woman had a party to go to, and though she felt she needed some space, she knew she needed to be around people, too.  At first at the party she felt awkward, not as warm as she normally was, and she was sad about this.  But as time passed, without her even noticing, her despair slipped away, until it was completely gone.  She played and talked with a little girl there, dressed as a princess, with an active imagination and a goofy sense of humor.  She had scrumptious food — rice, guacamole, chiles rellenos, and more..  She practiced her Spanish.  She met lovely new people and heard many interesting things: stories from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Panama; natural health tips and concoctions; what shopping in open markets is like; and different odd foods that people like to eat (like crickets and pig’s feet).   She left the party, hugging and kissing new friends and old and hoping to repeat the evening some day soon.

Pulling into the garage, her day was not over.  Her neighbor was sitting out, relaxing in his mancave garage, having a Zen moment.  He’d had a challenging but very successful day and was grateful for his new job, that things were coming together.  The woman was inspired by this and by some words of encouragement he gave her toward her own life.

Sitting on the couch and looking back over the day, she saw that she had indeed needed “courage” to make it through that day. But what had really saved her in the end was “love.”

Dreams (and Angels) Say: Be POSITIVE!

"Image courtesy of Idea go /".

Image courtesy of Idea go /

I’m very into numbers, and I’ve consistently been seeing the numbers “666” for a few years now.  It’s only recently that I interpreted that combo using Doreen Virtue’s angel numbers book: “Your thoughts are too focused on material illusions.  Raise your thoughts spiritually to get your thoughts back on track.”  This is the message that I keep getting from my angels.  Think positively.  Think positively.  THINK POSITIVELY!  I still haven’t gotten the lesson.  And yesterday my thoughts were particularly tumultuous.  So my subconscious responded in kind:

I dreamt a lot about work. . . At one point we were pouring oil over our heads.  I put some on gingerly, and then someone poured it over my head as if I’d needed it.

I knew head was related to thoughts.  The oil seemed to be related to purification.  “Ointment” happens to be right above “oil” in The Dreamer’s Dictionary.  Both terms had explanations that make sense to my life right now.  (Coincidentally, “office” is all on the same page, so I will use that, as well.)

An excerpt from “Oil“:  “Oil represents energy.  Become more sensitive to the energy expended in thought and action. . . It requires less energy to think positively, directing the mind toward something that is desirable, than to think negatively, trying to avoid or escape something feared or unwanted.”

Ointment: “Ointment represents potential healing. . . .  When thoughts are productive for self and others, healing can take place.”  (What’s the part that is healed in my dream?  My head!  My thoughts.)

Workplace: “Office indicates a place in mind where learning and growth can occur.  . .  .  Do I view life for the learning it brings or as a series of burdensome crises to be solved?”

I have become more and more aware of my negative thoughts lately (especially since it’s being brought to my attention!)  I’ve even noticed how I’m drawing more of what I don’t want to myself as I’m having these unproductive ideas.

Application: I want to be more positive.  I feel the negative thinking patterns are ingrained within me, and I’m not being attentive to myself and building my self image.

These are my goals for this:

1. Give myself time for me to do whatever.  (Goal: 1 hour a day)

2. Find employment that fits more in-line with my desires and allows more time for me to pursue my interests.

2. Monitor my thoughts.  Reframe negative, unproductive thoughts by finding purpose.  Forgive myself and others.

This is important for me and may be an ongoing project.

Dealing with Severe Weather: A Lesson in Self-Empowerment

Image courtesy of Vlado/

Image courtesy of Vlado/

Today I struggled with whether or not to cancel my tutoring lessons and evening plans.  Could I make it out in this snow?  Was it worth it?  I finally decided that I would take initiative and cancel all of my plans for the day.  I still feel a little guilty for some reason, but these thoughts were helpful in leading me to my decision:

  • Students cancel for various reasons all of the time.  In fact, if I were in the reverse position and were planning on driving to a lesson, I would most likely cancel today.
  • I did leave some homework with two of the students, and I am possibly rescheduling with the third.
  • I can make up the time I intended to spend on transcribing intuitive reports.
  • I can make up the last health class and will begin using the DNA transfiguration meditation today.
  • Our guest teacher in class yesterday spoke on the importance of making a clear commitment, so that you don’t spend a lot of wasteful time in worry.  I waited and didn’t cancel last night because I wanted to be sure, but I could feel the worry rising through my chest this morning.  So, I chose to be decisive and take action.

So, now my question is: What do I do tomorrow?

In the past, my institution decided whether or not I would come in.  As a student, the school decided when conditions were unacceptable.  As a teacher, the same institution made the decisions for me.  But those considerations were made for the children, and I am not a child.  At what point do I decide that work is not worth the risk?

Will my car start?  What will it be like in the warehouse?  I work right against the wall to the outside, beside large delivery doors that open and close during the day.  If it is below zero outside, will it be below zero inside, too?  (I suppose I could ask to move to a different location for the day.)  And will the processors call off?  My job involves checking in the work of others, so if no one is there — there will be no work for me . . .  and I will have to conjure up work to do (which can be maddening).  I also haven’t worked much in the last few weeks, so I feel that I should be getting some work in.  (And will I be penalized for calling off?)

I guess I will prepare for tomorrow as if I am going in and just do the research and be smart about things.

  1. If my car doesn’t start tomorrow morning, my decision will be made for me.
  2. I will need to have a hat, find some decent gloves, and possibly even suit up in long underwear and extra socks.  (I may even try to find my face mask!)
  3. I will make sure to run my car for a while before I drive.
  4. I will keep my phone charged and bring my charger with me.
  5. I will have a sleeping bag or two in the trunk.
  6. I will make sure I have 2 bottles full of water and some snacks.

So, I keep asking myself, “Why-oh-why did my ancestors choose the Chicagoland area??  (Jobs and opportunity, family and community — yes, yes, I know, I know.)   Regardless, I am here for a reason, and I will learn what I can.

How do you deal with the weather? Those of you in warmer climates/seasons, feel free to share your warm-weather woes.

What I Like About You. . .

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

A few weeks ago I met with my metaphysics teacher to talk about manifesting and occupations.  At some point near the end of my conversation, she suggested that maybe I actually love my job. Well, I do not love my job — well, occasionally I do, but it is not something that I see myself doing for the rest of my life.  I’m looking for a world-changing job.  I mean, every day I want to wake up, looking forward to my work, knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of others.  I know I can do this in some way — and I do — but I would like this to be the main purpose of my job, not a side gig.

Regardless, there are many aspects of my job that I do love, and my teacher suggested that I focus on those as I’m thinking about the next step.  The Law of Attraction says that we draw to ourselves what we put our focus on.  So, I’d like to focus on the good stuff!

What I love about my job:

1. The people.  The people I work with are awesome.  They are friendly, I love them, and I have gotten fairly attached to some of them.  (One came back today after a week-long unexplained break, and I was pretty excited to see him!)   Also, my work place is pretty huge, so I’m still getting to know new people, even after working there 5 months.

2. I’m active.  I do not, not, not want to sit behind a desk (at least, not all day).  When I was a teacher I just used the desk for my books and plans!  I am on my feet for most of the day.  I stand, I walk, I push carts, I lift books, I lift boxes, I toss books, I move boxes, etc. etc.  (And I’ve recently noticed that I’ve developed some nice abs — Bonus!)    I am an active person who likes to be on the move.  So, that works out great.

3. I’m mostly left alone.  I am a responsible person with competence  and integrity, and anyone who doesn’t believe that doesn’t know me.   (So, let’s get with the program!)  I like to be directed, but after that I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder every 5 minutes to see if you’re watching me.  For some reason at this job, I still worry about this.  But I realized I don’t need to.  As I said,  people are awesome.

4. When I leave work, I leave work. That was one of the things that I hated about teaching.  Tutoring has been a little better.  When I was a teacher, I was a TEACHER.  And then I sort of had a life with whatever little leftover time I could pull out of my you-know-what.  In this job my work is done as soon as I clock out.  When I come home I work on things that I want to work on.  (Am I still too busy?  Absolutely, but let’s stay focused here!)

5. The schedule. I would like to work less hours, but as far as an 8.5 hour-a-day job, it’s pretty good.  I leave late enough to avoid most of the rush hour traffic and also have time to get some of my metaphysics exercises done before I leave.  I get home a little late, but I still have my evenings for my classes, blogging, more exercises, reading, dinner, etc.

6. I work on one task at a time.  Occasionally I will have to drop what I’m doing to work on something else for a bit, but generally my work is the same from day-to-day, and I decide the order of when I do things and I work on one thing at a time.  I do not like to multi-task, which is another thing that drove me crazy about teaching.

7. Flexibility.  I haven’t had any problems getting days I needed off, and if I’ve finished my work early, I haven’t had a problem with leaving early.   (Also, no sub plans!)

8. Snacking and Bathrooming. I can snack as I work.  I can go to the bathroom whenever I want.  This may sound ridiculous, but if you’ve ever been a teacher, you know how wonderful this is.  (Bonus: I’m actually eating during lunch time!)

9. Decent commute. It takes me about 25 minutes to get to work if I take the highway.  30-35 if I take the alternate route.  On the way back I run straight into a bottleneck, but it’s still about a 30-minute drive.  And it’s a pretty straight shot.

10. I work with books. Unfortunately, half of what I do is recycle books because there is something wrong with them.  BUT ON THE POSITIVE SIDE*, I still get to touch lots and lots of books.  And I do love books.  So much.  Just ask Brian. Or our basement and guest room. . . .

11. I get to use a computer. At some point I realized I actually do spend a lot of my day on a computer (standing!), and I was not thrilled about this.  However, I do get to use my mad-fast typing ability once in a while, and I have enough physical movement between carts that I don’t feel like I’m staring at a screen 24/7.

Well, that’s about it for now.  Have at that, universe!

*I learned the beauty of COMPLETELY CAPITALIZING WORDS in the middle of a sentence from one of my wonderful tutoring students.  Not appropriate for final drafts, but perfect for “cute copies”! 🙂

Premonition Dream!

Image courtesy of Train In The Morning /

Image courtesy of tongdang/

I had my first premonition dream! The weird thing is I didn’t have a clear memory of it.  I went to write my dreams in my dream journal this morning, and I had some foggy recollection of being in a car, waiting in front of train tracks.  I thought I remembered an engine sitting perpendicular to the tracks, blocking my way from passing.  Then I thought I remembered something about two trains passing, one after the other.  But I didn’t have a clear memory of the dream, so I wasn’t sure if it was really a dream or some random imaginative visions in the wee hours of waking.

Then this morning I was getting ready for work, and Brian called and warned me that he had heard something about Rt-55 being slow.  I was already cutting things close and knew I’d had some back luck with Thursdays and being late to work, so I decided I’d take the alternate route to work. I don’t like to take the alternate route generally because it’s a little slower– and  I was considering taking the highway afterall because WBBM radio hadn’t mentioned any traffic issues on 55 —  but I decided last minute to stick with the alternate route to be safe.  And then . . . deja vu.  No weird vertical engine or double train, but a train, nonetheless, blocking my path, and as I surveyed my surroundings, I realized I was in the setting as my hazy dream.

So, there it is!  My first premonition!  Now what do I make of that?

Reflection on My Top 10

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

According to my metaphysics class, I’m not supposed to call this list the “Top 10”, but this is my blog, so nyah, nyah, nyah! 🙂 (Ego involved here?  Naah!)

Here are my Top 10 from my original post in the beginning of July:

1. Play time.  — Unchanged.

2. Art time — Still a need but combined with others numbers.

3. Sacred Space. — Unchanged.

4. $2500 a month.  — Made it once!  Something I am really struggling with; had to make an adjustment.

5. Enlightenment  – Would be great.  Quite a hefty goal!

6. Work clothes. — Not so much of a concern, but it does bother me that my clothes presently don’t fit right.

7. Etsy skirts – Got ’em!

8. Fish tank —  Got it!

9. Mortgage paid —  Unchanged but reworded.

10. Bike 100 miles (in one day). —  Did it!

Here are my newbies/repeats:

1. Awareness of my thoughts; changing negative affirmations to positive ones

2. Fulfilling work

3. Time and abundance.

4. Play

5. Debt-Free

6. Experiencing Light and Bringing Light

7. Finished basement.

8. Sacred Space.

9. Being in a band

10. Dance

These might take a little longer to accomplish, but they are what I really want.  Time to go meditate, visualize, and concentrate before I fall asleep!

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