Winter Cleansing

Last night, instead of reading or blogging or researching expressive arts (homework) I went on a reorganizing frenzy.  I put dishes away, washed the sink dishes, wiped counters, and cleaned off and reorganized the counter space, moving kitchen equipment that we never use away and out of sight.  I moved the dog cage to the... Continue Reading →


2 Degrees with Windchill and the Return of the Silverfish

To quote someone from Facebook: “The groundhog lied.” The damn groundhog lied. Sorry, Phil -- I’m just a little tired today. This morning the magic spell I had over Bowser apparently wore off: instead of completely ignoring me as I got ready for work and lying quiet and unperturbed in his bed to wait for... Continue Reading →

On Schedule

Today I finally kept pretty close to my planned schedule for my teaching winter break (still doing some tutoring here and there): writing, ACT prep, Coursera classwork, creativity time, cleaning/schoolwork). I've somewhat followed it throughout break -- when holiday activities didn't interfere, but today I’m pretty satisfied with my work.  (This whole schedule thing may... Continue Reading →

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