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A Joyedian’s Tale: Enjoy Life

26239028_10103409097917545_7706045679406980209_nDear angels, God, Ascended Masters, Entities of Light, saints, Mother Gaia (Earth) . . .  and any and all beings for the good of all concerned, thank you for another day and for being a part of it.

Trying to get back in the communication groove.  In the next few days I plan to post IT ALL: upcoming workshops, blog (this post!), youtube dream video for Teri Karl, youtube metaphysical video for WeAreValuableMedia, Facebook Live on Creating a Bug Free Mind . . . gotta get caught up, y’all!

I sank into a depression for a while yesterday.  I got dark, felt hollow, had a good cry — all that good stuff.  Now that I’ve had some time to process it, I realize it sprouted from 2 things:

  1. The often inevitable crash downward after soaring to new heights of bliss.
  2. Returning to “reality” after a glimpse of my dream life.

At the lunch reception after my wedding this past weekend, I turned to Brian in a state of complete bliss and told him: “I could die right now.”  (Not that I wanted to just yet – no worries!) I was just that happy.  The wedding went so perfectly that it all felt — and surely was — divinely guided.  My favorite birds were there at the ceremony with us (egrets), the weather was perfect (partly cloudy and 60’s), the scenery was amazing (ocean view), everyone arrived on time — actually everyone was early!, everyone’s outfits were amazingly coordinated, the presider did a fantastic job, I had 4 fantastic photographers (all immediate family members!), the food was great, the events were great, the company was great — it was all so amazing!

And then we came home.  Everyone went back to work.  And it was snowing when we arrived in Chicago.  I’ve been reflecting a lot on what my dream living situation is, and I’ve talked with Brian about it as well.  First of all, I would certainly love to spend most of my time in a climate of 50 degrees or higher. I have an uneasy peace with this Chicagoland climate.  Second, I really don’t want to stay in one place.  It is not the location that draws me (although I do feel quite at home in California).  It is the adventure that does.  Experiences like the Camino in Spain and this recent trip to California were perfect because every day was different.  I love the newness.  I love to taste.

So, I have no dream location to live in.  I have a dream lifestyle.  It’s a dream of adventure. of new sites and experiences.  This is what “enjoying life” means to me — which just happens to be my new year’s resolution for this year!  ❤ It’s something I’ve re-stepped into the last few years, and it’s something I will continue to embrace for the rest of my life.


Here’s to many more adventures for me, for you, and all the dreamers! Much love and many blessings. ❤

A Joyedian’s Tale: 10th Toastmasters Speech!


Below follows the script for my tenth Toastmasters speech (tomorrow!) — the culminating speech in the Competent Communication Manual.  Enjoy. 🙂

How to Plan and Have a Wedding in 6 Weeks or Less

I’ve always said that I hate planning, that I’m NOT a planner. 5 years ago my fiancée Brian and I got tired of calling each other “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” and were happy to advance to the “fiancée” stage after a proposal at Moraine Lake in July of 2012. However, I was not so eager to approach the daunting task of planning a wedding, and so I easily let it slide onto the back-burner. When circumstances changed, we moved up the date, setting up whirlwind wedding plans that actually went pretty smoothly. Here are 6 guidelines that made the event possible.

1.Have a clear purpose.

Having a clear purpose will keep you focused on your goal. Mine was health insurance.

 Do I love Brian? Yes. Do I want to spend my life with him? Yes. But was I ready to plan a wedding? Well . . . I had other things going on that seemed to require my attention. But. . . the law does require the ownership of health insurance, and according to the Illinois Department of Insurance, a partner may not go on the other partner’s insurance unless joined in a civil union or marriage. Though I was eager to move on from the Health Insurance Marketplace, I wasn’t sure I was ready to tie the knot so quickly, but after being dragged by a rope through the Marketplace maze the morning of November 28th, I quickly reconsidered. Thus, the planning began.

2. Give yourself a short deadline.

A 1955 Edition of The Economist defines Parkinson’s Law: “work expands to fill the time available for its completion.” Have you ever heard the saying: “ If you want something done, give it to a busy person?” expounds on this concept:

“An elderly lady of leisure can spend the entire day in writing and dispatching a postcard to her niece at Bognor Regis. An hour will be spent in finding the postcard, another in hunting for spectacles, half-an-hour in a search for the address, an hour and a quarter in composition, and twenty minutes in deciding whether or not to take an umbrella when going to the pillar-box in the next street. The total effort which would occupy a busy man for three minutes all told may in this fashion leave another person prostrate after a day of doubt, anxiety and toil.

(Perhaps you can relate?)

Once I decided I was getting married in a month-in-a-half, I had to become really strategic with my time. There were less options because there was a shorter time to think about things. I did almost all of my research and browsing on-line to save time, including dress and ring shopping.  This worked out great for me because I am generally not a big fan of shopping.

3. Have a clear vision.

 PsychologyToday says “Brain studies now reveal that thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actions. . . .It’s been found that mental practices can enhance motivation, increase confidence and self-efficacy, improve motor performance, prime your brain for success, and increase states of flow – all relevant to achieving your best life!”

I knew exactly what I wanted AND exactly what I DIDN’T want: Outside beach wedding in Cambria, California — YES. Big church wedding with reception hall—NO.  Hundreds of guests, invitations, and catering? NO. YES to ONLY immediate family, invited by phone, a simple restaurant reception meal, and some basic site-seeing. (It also helped that I had visited and fallen in love with the area a few years before and already envisioned getting married there.) Knowing exactly what I wanted made it easier to for me to direct my planning process.

4. STICK to the vision.

We were very clear on not opening Pandora’s box with invitations – no matter how awkward. Some were startled and jarred by our sudden, private wedding plans – and it made for some pretty awkward holiday reveals — but I knew I’d be miserable if I changed the wedding size or location. Stick to your guns, or you might go up in smoke.

5. Start with the basics.

Steven Covey’s Third Habit from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is to “Put First Things First” or “Execute on the most important priorities.”

He says: “To live a more balanced existence, you have to recognize . . . there’s no need to overextend yourself. . . focus on your highest priorities.”

For me, this meant “chunking” and organizing by the order of importance.

Week one of wedding planning: letting guests know and securing a place to stay for the group, securing the wedding location, researching the specifics for getting legally married in California, and booking the flight out there.

Week 2: securing an officiator, making some reservations for the other events, ordering my dress and wedding rings.

Week 3: picking vows, securing a rental vehicle, and making arrangements for our 4 pets.

Week 4: trying on the dress, clothes for Brian, confirming pet arrangements, and final reservations.

Weeks 5 and 6: confirming with officiator, getting shoes, checking in with housing arrangement, checking in with guests, printing out all confirmations, and packing.

Done, done, done, done, and done!

6. Keep it simple.

Did you know that the origin of bouquets was either to mask the smell of the bride or   ward off evil spirits? Or that a bride’s attendants dressed like the bride to confuse evil spirits trying to spoil the bride’s happiness? Or that a wedding cake was born from a fertility rite? (

None of that for me! If it wasn’t necessary, I dropped it. Just immediate family. We take our own pictures. No bouquet. No bridesmaids or groomsman. No wedding cake. Basic rings, basic dress, basic hair, and a quick ceremony.  And a quick ceremony — that means we can stand! (No chairs! No setup!) No need for plan B: We use umbrellas if it rains! Simple restaurant reception. Get us in, get us out, and spend the rest of our time enjoying California.

How about you? Are you ready now to plan your next momentous event?   Through this process I’ve discovered I actually do enjoy planning! What a difference a quick wedding makes. If I’d followed my own advice, maybe I could have gotten married 5 years ago!

The Light At the End



New Learning

I’ve made it through something.  Yesterday I experienced a huge dip.  It started with a crazy dream (analyzed in Dreamtime! Episode 7) and ended with processing some unpleasant emotional experiences at work.  In between I felt myself become despondent and wanting to throw in the towel for the day.  Thankfully, my sense of obligation and pride in my attendance track record kept me from letting myself spiral completely downward.

Today I was a little more separated from the events of the previous day and did some more processing.  I found some usefulness to my dream and appreciated the message.

I added 2 useful tools to my tool belt:

  1. Identifying with a strong reed plant — roots are firm, but the plant itself bends (but does not break).
  2. Affirmation: “I do not expect others to change.” AND “I excitedly anticipate change within myself.” — Thus releasing attachment to the free will choices of others while energetically, lovingly supporting my own free will choices.


In other news, I have temporarily given up the Japanese language and have switched my attention to Esperanto, a universal language created in the late 1800’s by a gentleman in Poland.  I have already been navigating the language much more successfully that Japanese — finding it somewhat similar to Spanish — and now anticipate become trilingual much more quickly.


The major wedding plans are done.  I am now waiting for some final decisions on pet care and on lunch reservations for after the wedding.

Past Life Crossing

I’m super excited to be getting a past life crossing with Brian this Saturday at 8:30pm!  I will definitely have a lot to share then.  We got the last one 3 years ago and were brother and sister  (practically mother and son) — WEIRD! And we were to work on taking responsibility for our emotions.  I’m hoping to see some progress there!


The most challenging part of my vision (up until now!) has been the time&money freedom and financial quadrants.  I continue to be satisfied with my health, and I’ve made some great improvements in relationships.

My coach is working with me on visualization and strengthening myself in different areas of manifestation.  Some clarity came to me today.  In my vision I am on-line in the evenings (Monday through Thursday).  I am making videos and hosting webinars, DreamBuilder™ classes, etc. During the day I work on content (including this blog), complete self-care, and enjoy activities like language-learning, reading, collaging, walking, etc.  On weekends I’m retreating into nature or otherwise playing and rejuvenating (including my Brian date!) and/or I’m traveling for fun and business, sight-seeing, attending classes, giving classes/workshops, healing, etc.

I’ve been toying a lot with the idea of being completely mobile, but I feel it would present some challenges that I don’t want to deal with: i.e. not having a clear personal or business address,not having a home base for my pets, not having a place to store some things I’m not ready to part with yet (i.e. my photo frames from trips I’ve taken), etc.  So, I’m not discounting it, but I’m not putting it in right now either.

I would also still like to be on Dancing with the Stars.  That would be so awesome.  And I’m definitely still up for the Kumano Kodo 2019.

How goes your dreamwork??  Much love and many blessings! ❤

DreamBuilding: Wedding Edition


Last Tuesday I set aside the morning to work on setting up health insurance.  That craziness was the catalyst for my whirlwind wedding plans.  That Tuesday I decided to go on Brian’s insurance, so it was time to get married.

Within the next few days I decided I wanted to get married in California, as I’d originally visioned, and we let immediate family know.  By the end of the week we’d all booked our flights and I had an Air BnB paid for that could hold 8 people.

By the end of the 2nd week Brian and I had gotten our ring sizes and ordered our rings, and I’d ordered my dress.  My uncle helped me get an officiator, and I researched the details of getting the license. I got back in touch with the director of the site of our wedding (a beautiful ranch preserve), got the event insurance, and sent in the payment for the reservation. Mom got our tickets for Hearst castle (site-seeing), and we decided on visiting a winery and the restaurant for our lunch reception.

By the end of next week I plan on: getting back in touch with Fetch to secure pet care for our 2 cats and dogs, ordering our rental vehicle, and reserving our wine tasting and reception lunch.

By the end of weeks 4&5 Brian and I will write our vows, do any necessary clothing adjustments and purchase shoes, make a packing list, look over the marriage license forms, and tie up any loose ends.

Weeks 6 — California Wedding Bliss!

Here’s to your dreams!  Much love and many blessings. ❤

A Little Side Track


It’s been a bit of a long month!  Emotions running high and lessons being learned.  I was relieved to hear that others are experiencing their own challenges.  Perhaps it’s a little planetary push to move us along.

Movement toward the Kumano Kodo has stagnated a bit.  I’ve been walking and made copies of the crowdfunding suggestions, but that’s as far as I got.  Attention on the trip is now officially on hold because another piece of my vision has come to the forefront — wedding plans!  In a whirlwind decision, Brian and I decided to move things up and get married in early January of 2018.  I decided to keep to my vision, and we will be married in California, near where my godfather lives (with immediate family).  The place to stay and some of our flights are booked.  Next on the list is rental car, figuring out the details for getting our marriage license, and finding someone to officiate.

As far as healing, it’s been a little more casual the last couple of weeks.  I’ve done a chakra clearing on myself a few times, and tried some healing on Brian.   I’ve also done some long distance healing and imagery as well as stilling myself to allow my healing presence to come through.  I’ve been listening a lot to my last intuitive reports (a health analysis and prosperity report), and they remind me of my healing ability and of the need to recognize my authority.  And the angel numbers shower me with messages of 222s (everything is going to be alright) and continued encouragement to continue with my mission.

I’ve been having some beautiful experiences volunteering with Joliet Hospice.  I think the visits are just as important for me as they are for the patients I see!  I had my very first vigil visit last week, and I really felt my heart opening.  Whenever I lose sight of my usefulness in the world, the hospice work draws me back.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Much love and many blessings. ❤

Angels? Ghosts? And Some Dream Analysis

It’s been a very interesting day.  I woke and wrote down my dreams, and I felt on top of the world for some reason, very happy and at peace.  I thought I heard the sound of rushing water downstairs, and I couldn’t identify it.  Was it raining outside?  Was it the dishwasher?  I settled on it being the fan and took my shower and got ready.

When I finally came downstairs I was shocked to find the kitchen sink running.  Was Brian declogging a drain?  I then saw that one of our Shaklee All-Purpose cleaner bottles was lodged under the handle of the faucet.  I removed it and stopped the water.  “Must have been the cats,” I thought.  But I was upset that we had wasted so much water (How much?) and I wondered at the bizareness of the scenario.  The bottle was knocked down AND perfectly lodged under the handle? . . .  Was  some entity messing with me?  Has anyone had something similar happen to them? Or maybe I could look at it symbolically — a flow of perfectly good conscious life experiences going unnoticed, wasted . . .

I’m amused with how my mind works.  I set a monetary goal for the week (put it on my 10 Most Wanted) and made it — and I felt odd about it.  My friend — who also happens to be a fellow Virgo — says it may be related to the Virgo mindset that everything earned must come from hard work; life doesn’t come easy.  She asked if I could let myself just be happy.  And I listened and thought: “Yes!  I think I can.”  I am definitely making some progress.

And I think it’s funny that I purposely wore my “Ask Me About Your Dreams” shirt to the party I went to tonight, and was then completely thrown off when people actually asked me about it!  I’m beginning to see how my mind is not as aligned and receptive as I would like it to be! I had some really great interactions with people today, though.  I was really helpful during my sub position today with the high school students with learning challenges.  I was able to socialize with many people at the party tonight with almost complete concentration, attention, and care and without feeling bored or drained.

I would like to end the evening with an analysis of this morning’s dreams in preparation for the dreams I will receive tonight:

1) Trying to make an appointment to get together with a friend (estranged in real life).  She’s been incapacitated and now is close to fully recovered.  We are texting through the computer.  I have a little of a respiratory thing going on.  When I record my message there is a lot of crazy static-y noise, like garbled words.  We are looking at times and events in October.  She doesn’t want to do as early as soon as next weekend because she isn’t fully recovered.  We think about times and maybe Sunday morning is best.

2) Talking with the director of the Bolingbrook School of Metaphysics and maybe other SOM people.  He mentions on how Sunday mornings he likes to visit different churches, etc.  That’s where he was, what he’s been doing.  I want to say I’ve been busy.  But I realize I’ve been having fun, taking walks. 

3) At a wedding reception.  I am sitting next to one of my uncles.  He puts down some sort of pad, notebook.  Its weight is bothering me for some reason, so I try to put something around it.  He asks what I’m doing.  I try to kind of explain.  He says he’s leaving.  He abruptly gets up.  I say “Don’t go.”  It is explained to me that he’s feeling uncomfortable.  This event reminds him of his divorce.  They have not been talking about it as a family but it’s necessary to do so, to get it out.  I don’t feel so bad that he’s left now; it wasn’t about me; but I realize I went to the event to connect with someone, help someone, and I didn’t realize the person to do this with was sitting right next to me.  I need to expand my perception.

4)I am led to a room.  My uncle’s things are are on shelving like the Bolingbrook director’s, but a little less permanent.  Something is mentioned about how all of the furniture was taken away.  Maybe something about technology.  Something about the uncles outside.  In the room are porcelain figurines all around.  I suddenly brush one of them, and I back away slowly so I don’t destroy any. 

5)Something with a tornado or potential tornado.  We are looking to the sky.  Maybe disagreement about what will form.   (Into the house for protection?)

I see from these dreams a need to be aware of what I’m holding in my mind and how I’m using my mind.  In the first segment I am reconnecting with a part of myself that has been closed out and misunderstood.  There’s a lot of “brainy” attempts at communication, and this part of me is still slow to move forward, perhaps related to my work with procrastination and allowing myself to be “sloppy” — which is going GREAT, by the way! 🙂 2) Part 2 seems to be related to how I’m trying to understand the Law of Proper Perspective and what’s in the best interest of my true self and the world. In the third, I have the duality of the wedding reception and the mention of divorce.  I think this must be related to my desire to be more committed to my inner self and my need to acknowledge the struggles I’ve gone through in the process (and how far I’ve come!) What strikes me about the 4th is the temporary, less stable shelves with the very delicate porcelain figurines.  The shelving suggests temporary storage to me, and I see porcelain items as fairly useless — something you can’t really use or play with.  Perhaps I am temporarily storing pretty baubles (mind thoughts) that have no use for me! Finally, the 5th suggests I’m pretty aware of  the potential of my mind’s inner turmoil.

I believe I was fairly focused today.  We’ll see how that turns out in my dreams.  By the way, subconscious mind. . .  I’m not going to incubate this, but — if you can give me some insight in my dreams about the weird kitchen faucet incident this morning. . .  that would be fantastic.  Thanks. 🙂

I send you light and love.

Summary Saturday/Sunday: Mish-Mosh Memories

Not necessarily in this order. . .

Cardinal in the alleyway, Cardinal standing in the road! (Still there!) Another cardinal — 3 in one day! Finch pecking at our screen . . .  Birds, birds birds!  (What are they trying to tell me?)   Dressing up for wedding, my face is a canvas, opt out of glasses . . . . vanity! Short and sweet wedding.  EVERYONE beautifully dressed.  No cake and LOTS of candy!  Not much vegetarian food. . .   Lots of dancing!  New profile picture!  Tutoring — una vez mas — no mucho tiempo — Tiene que estudiar mucho esta semana!  Exercises . . . are  . . . a . . .  struggle . . . Sleeping too much?  Not enough?  Graduation party.  Too early.   “Don’t hide in the corner.”  Quick in and quick out.  Life force exercise outside with friend!  Watch your posture when you meditate!  (Watch your posture always!)  Meetings and healing.  Heady.  Clarity of vision.  Twins!  Visiting friend and past coworker.  New life ahead.  New life for me, too!   Conference call in the park.  Excited and overwhelmed by new venture.  Nervous about stepping out and stepping forward.   Reading book on Mastery.  Recovering from busy weekend.  Gearing up for packed week.  Crazy dreams to match! . . .

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