What a Difference a Day Can Make (Again!)

Presently I'm dehydrated, unfocused, oily, and dejected. Yesterday I was clear, energetic, glowing, and positive. What made the difference?  I ate well and exercised yesterday -- today I did not.  A couple of end-of-the-trimester-and- you-earned-your-sticker-goal-yay!!-fiestas with a little bit of nibbling here and there, a neglect of my packed lunch,  6.5 hours of sleep, and... Continue Reading →

Yes, Vitamins Really Work

I woke up to an unpleasant sight this morning. It was an article entitled “Do Multivitamins Really Work?”, which proceeded to tell everyone that vitamins only work for a select deficient population; i.e. anorexics, older adults, vegans and vegetarians, people with darker skin or people with limited sun exposure, pregnant women, toddlers, and teen girls.... Continue Reading →

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