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10 Natural Remedies That Work for You AND Your Pet! (Link Included)

Hey!  I haven’t disappeared!   Really working on the Law of Proper Perspective and time management.  I am still writing, and here is my latest creation:  (Please check it out!)

10 Natural Remedies That Work for You AND Your Pet



Pickin’ Myself Up

"Earth And Sunset" courtesy of Idea go /

“Earth And Sunset” courtesy of Idea go /

As a sensitive person, my emotions can take me on quite the roller coaster.  You may not see it, but I can certainly feel it!  I felt down as I got up this morning. I was a complete 180 from Saturday morning, when I’d woken up feeling at one with the spiritual plane, happy to have this experience on Earth, and amazed with every aspect of life.  Today I felt lost, misunderstood, direction-less, purpose-less, helpless, and listless.  I wanted to just stop caring.

So, I picked myself up.  I made sure I had protein in my breakfast.  I took my Vitalizer vitamins (hadn’t taken them since Thursday), popped a Vitamin D, some Moodlift Complex, and had some Vivix.

I got some grading done, applied to another job, and did rough lesson plans for the rest of the school year.  And after I finish this post, I plan to get in some exercise.  (Yay, endorphins!) I haven’t done Zumba in quite some time, and I could really use a good full-body aerobic workout.  Finally, I hope to get some more leafy greens in during lunch today. (Yesterday I overdosed on yummy cheese and crackers, and I’m sure that didn’t help things.)

One day at a time.  One moment at a time.  As long as I’m still here on Earth I know there are still things I’m meant to do, experiences to be felt, and lessons for me learn.

Free Form

"Wooden Path Walk To Tropical Forest" courtesy of Keerati /

“Wooden Path Walk To Tropical Forest” courtesy of Keerati / 

I’m afraid if I don’t post today that I’m not going to post at all.  So this is the “suck it up and post” post.  I’m not really sure where to go with this. . .  let’s see.

I’ve been thinking again about what direction to take with my blog.  I know I want it to be positive, but I also want it to be real, and sometimes things feel tough, and I do feel it in those times. But at the end of the day, I want a pick-me-up.  As much as I like my melancholy songs and commiserations, it’s dangerous for me to stay in that mood for too long.  Sometimes it consumes me.

I have some issue with nervousness/fidgety-ness/I don’t know what-ness.  Like I can’t be still.  And my hands can’t be still.  And then my skin or my hair take a beating.  (Is that better than nail chewing or nail picking?  Probably not.)

I’m very angry and unhappy lately, and I think that’s because I’m still working a stressful job AND have the added stress about what is going to replace it.  And, of course, before that, the worry of what I’m going to do this summer.  I have not worked a single summer since college.  It’s not that I don’t want to.  It’s just that I’m not used to it, and it freaks me out a bit.

Sometimes I imagine myself going at it and working my life away at 3 jobs (as some have to do).  And then I think I’m probably crazy.

My students always surprise me.  Sometimes I love that.  Sometimes I hate that.  (Depending on which way they surprise me.)  Today some students from one of my generally  more focused and hard-working classes were repeatedly goofing off to the point where I wanted to write them up (and may have to next time).  I was stressed about it for the next hour.  (I don’t know if I was more stressed about their behavior or more stressed about not writing them up.)  On the other hand, some of my most difficult tutoring students have been fantastic lately.   I once had to psych myself up to see them, and now I’m looking forward to it!

Sometimes I really feel like I’m making a difference.  Sometimes I’m like: “Yeah, it’s a good thing I’m here doing this.”  Many times I feel like I’m just trying to survive.  I feel so lost.  It doesn’t help that my routine has slipped — daily blogging, daily exercise, daily vitamins . . .  out the window.

I think one of these days I’m going to look back and appreciate all that I’ve gone through.  I will be in a better place and I will have arrived.  I’ll see the path for what it was.  In the meantime, it’s time to pick myself up and to get myself back on track.

I Am the “Spider”

"Web of Pearls" by Tina Phillips

“Web of Pearls” by Tina Phillips

I am a spider.  Oh, that’s a terrible analogy, but it works for this topic.  Maybe I’ll come up with a better one by the time I finish this post. But anyway, this is the conversation that I had with my fiancée.  He believes in his company.  I do, too.  I use most of the products, for goodness sake, and I LOVE them.  I use the shampoo, the conditioner, the moisturizer, the vitamins, the protein, etc etc.  And they are all fantastic.  And I love that his company uses scientists and does a lot of testing to make sure the products work and recalls products that don’t meet the standards.   I love that my eye doctor looked into the window of my body (eyes) and commented on how great they look. I love that my teeth are healthy with the non-fluoride toothpaste, despite that my insurance doesn’t cover my dentist visits (fingers crossed on that one).  I love the boost my vitamins give me to get me through the day.  I love that I notice the chemicals now in products that aren’t natural — at work and at others’ houses who disinfect in front of me —  because the ones that I use are that chemically pure and awesome.  I love that the protein from this company keeps me healthy on my now stricter vegetarian diet.  And I know how the products have cured my grandmother’s health concerns, cured my nose-running (and that of my sister), and allowed my fiancée to recover faster from the winter sickness than me – the person who decided to just “tough it out.”  It is a part of my life, and if you asked me, I would tell you about all of this.

But you have not asked me, and I am the spider.  I wait.  That sounds so awful.  Maybe I am the wise woman who does not seek out?  I wait to be approached?  If you asked me for help —  if you asked me for advice — I would be easier about this.  I know what has worked for me.  But I know that life is like mathematics.  Like religion.  Like God/the Goddess.  There are many paths to the same end.  To reach the goal.  To find our way to better health.   So, if you are finding your way – fantastic.  I love you, and support you!  And if you are lost, I know a way!  It is not THE way, but it is a way, and it works for me.

May you be blessed in whatever way you choose, and if I can be of any service to you, that would give my life that much more meaning.

What a Difference a Day Can Make (Again!)

Presently I’m dehydrated, unfocused, oily, and dejected.

Yesterday I was clear, energetic, glowing, and positive.

What made the difference?  I ate well and exercised yesterday — today I did not.  A couple of end-of-the-trimester-and- you-earned-your-sticker-goal-yay!!-fiestas with a little bit of nibbling here and there, a neglect of my packed lunch,  6.5 hours of sleep, and the knowledge that I had grading to come home to — all of these compounded completely shut me down tonight, such that I was barely able to get this post out.  (Didn’t have my vitamins either.)  And right now I’m so out of it that I can’t even get myself to take Bowser out and go to bed.  Guess I’ve gotta try. . .

Humble Pie

"Small Boy Blowing Nose" by David Castillo Dominici /

“Small Boy Blowing Nose” by David Castillo Dominici /

Blast.  I’m sick.  After all that bragging that I never get sick.  Well, I’m grateful for two things:

1. I got sick on a weekend during a vacation, so it didn’t interfere with anything.


2.  This has made me feel kinship and appreciation for the suffering of others who have gotten sick. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a whole family to get sick at once.  Hopefully they can all pull their blankets downstairs as I have, sipping their tea, or water, or whatever it is they consume to make themselves better, pumping their various vitamins and slurping their soups.  And I do finally feel a bit better.

I think I know how it started.  It started with the two rum & cokes last Tuesday night at karaoke.  My head hasn’t been quite the same since.  And then all those holiday goodies . . .  Yesterday I began to feel the onset, but I foolishly insisted on participating in everything, regardless: the tutoring session, the Post-Apocalypse party, Brian’s work party. . .

This morning as I woke, yesterday’s slight hack became a storm, and I buckled in surprise.  My body felt alien to me, weak, unpredictable.  So, I’ve been paying special attention to it, tiptoeing around, so as not to aggravate it.  I know that Dad used to go for a run when he was sick.  Would that work for this one?  I haven’t exercised in a week, and today is usually one of my days.  But I normally use the elliptical at my parents’ house on this day, and I have no desire to leave the house.  Neither do I have any desire to clean out the whole litterbox, as I’d planned.  Nor desire to finish that last-minute shopping for tomorrow.

Thankfully, Brian has been much sweeter to me than I’ve ever been to him when he’s sick — taking out Bowser, making me breakfast, fetching the tissues, getting dinner started — whereas I would admonish him to suck it up: “You’re not really sick; don’t believe it!”, and would crankily help him when he asked.

It’s been a peaceful day, me slowly recovering and trying to get through my 738-page book for book club, and Brian sitting with his headset on, playing Guardians of Middle Earth, the days solitude broken briefly by a satisfying Bears game (although I was napping for the first half of it, anyway).

Though my head is still a little foggy, I feel the congestion elsewhere has cleared.  I have faith now that I will survive the holiday onslaught of the next few days.  And Wednesday I plan to settle down again, alone with Pride and Prejudice, Little Women,  It’s a Wonderful Life, or whatever other holiday or regular favorite I can find lying around.  Just me and my movie and my tea.  Some time to take care of Teri.

Body Update

"Sports Jump" by Ambro/

“Sports Jump” by Ambro/

I’ve made some big changes this year, and I’ve already gone through a lot in 2012.  I’ve been thinking a lot, going back through my memories and blogs (and more reminiscing is to come, I assure you).

With the improvements I’m making to myself, I keep wanting to push things just that one step further.

Here is what has happened so far:


1. I picked yoga back up in the fall.

2. In the fall I also began stopping by my parents’ to use their elliptical once a week (now sometimes twice).

3. Lately I’ve tried to walk/bike/dance/something another day each week.


4. In the fall I cut back on snacks filled with preservatives.

5. I also began buying more organic fruits and vegetables.

6. Two weeks ago I started giving up meat.  This has encouraged me to consume more vegetables.

7. 7 days ago I gave up ice cream.  3 days ago I started giving it up again.  (Work in progress.)

8.  Lately I’ve limited sweets mainly to dark chocolate, veering off a bit when I’m out with company.  This has encouraged me to consume more fruit.


9. I picked up meditation but lost it when the 21-Day Meditation Challenge ended.  (Now I just try to meditate briefly here-and-there in the moment.)

10. In the past week I’ve been paying particular attention to my emotions, my intentions, and whether I’m emitting positive or negative energy.


11. I am refocusing on the consistency of my supplementation.  I’m taking my multivitamin, Nutriferon — when I feel I need an immune boost, GLA complex for hormone regulation, Vivix for overall health and well-being, and now Moodlift Complex “for a positive mental outlook.”

12. I’ve also decided to avoid any and all medication (except in emergency cases).

I feel like I’m experimenting on my body, but in a positive way.  With each change, I observe my body’s reaction.  With any setbacks, again, I observe what’s going on inside.  It’s been an interesting ride, and I look forward to experiencing the results!

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