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Astrological Pattern Fun

I didn’t leave myself much time to write tonight.  (My new goal is to be in bed at mindnight and up at 6am!)  So, I just want to share a fun thought: Take a look at the astrological signs that surround you in your life.

My parents are Taurus & Leo, 2 of my students are Taurus & Leo (and the Taurus is married to a Leo), and I have a close friend who is a Taurus who has had a Leo girlfriend.  And all 3 of them are experiencing similar situations!  Why is this in my life?

We say in the school that the students that are attracted to our class are in our particular class for a reason.  And as I’ve experienced,the similarities between us can be amazing! My new class has a Cancer — the sign of my best friend all through public school and a Virgo — (my sign!).  And my last student is an Aquarius, the same sign as my fiancee.

And Libras have been poking in and out.  One of my students who left my class is a Libra.  One of my brand new students who has left the new class is also a Libra.  AND Sherwin’s new student on Tuesdays nights?  A Libra, of course. Not only that, Libra is the sign of the scales, which is really related to my dharma AND I am only days away from being a Libra myself.

Pretty neat to think about.  I would love to hear about your particular sign and which signs keep popping up in your life!

Love and joy to you all. ❤



Goal + Purpose + ACTIVITY = SUCCESS (from lessons of the School of Metaphysics)

Today I came to the conclusion that I need to take more activity.  In one of my intuitive reports I asked for insight about “tolerance,” and it said to overcome any tendency toward procrastination.  I’m beginning to see it in my work, and I think I’ve always suspected this — I need to keep moving!  If I’m in a rut, get moving!  If I don’t know what to do — get moving!  If I’m feeling down — get moving!  If I’m doing great — keep moving!  Activity, activity, activity.  That’s supposed to be an easy thing for virgos (still have last week’s workshop and lecture on the brain!)  So, it’s time to get on it!

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Pride Comes Before the Shame


Today I was thinking about something I learned recently about pride and shame.  It always amazes me how everything is connected.  One of the students from the School of Metaphysics was talking about the emotional doorways when we were eating lunch at the “Your 12 Sacred Relationships” workshop in Countryside.  One of the other students had been talking about leos and pride, and this student spoke about how shame is on the opposite end of pride.  Humility is in the middle.  If someone has an inclination toward pride, this person will also experience shame at some point.  The goal is to return to balance, to be in humility.

Yesterday my hackles were raised.  I became angry.  My thoughts became dark and vengeful and tantrum-like.  This was hard for me as I was experiencing this because I have a lot more knowledge now.   I knew what was going on.  I knew how strong my ego was clinging to pride and to outdated modes of thinking.  I also knew that thought is energy and can be destructive as much as creative.  Have you ever experienced having a dark moment, and then “everything goes wrong”?  This was happening to me, too, and I knew I was attracting it.  Bad traffic.  Bumping my head.  Things not working properly.  I knew at least one of the lessons I had missed.  And I knew it was going to come back.  And I hated this.  And the emotions continued.

It’s not great to go to bed unsettled, unresolved.  But life goes on.  Today is a new day.  I’m better able to reflect.  I have indeed been chipping away at my life lessons.  I will continue.  I am reminded from the workshop yesterday that virgos tend to get intensely focused on individual things and believe the world is ending if things aren’t going right.  So far the world is not ending.  Today is a good day.  I also felt ashamed of some of my reactions yesterday.  And I remembered a good friend who had experienced similar pride and shame.  I now have more compassion for him.  And remembering him, I’m able to move a little better through mine.  This morning I repeated to myself: “I forgive myself.”  “I forgive others.”  “I forgive myself.”  “I forgive others. . . .”  I’m remembering that every part of me IS me.  It is not all of me, but it is an aspect of me, and I may never be my “best” me  — or True Self — all of the time.  And that’s ok.  Life goes on.  More things make sense.  More lessons are learned.  Things always work out.

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Virgo vs. Gemini: Earthship or Mini-Foldup Home?

I wish I could find the picture of the mini mobile fold-up home that I learned about years ago.  Here’s a link to a sample earthship.  (So many awesome designs, seriously. Check out the interiors.) Last night Brian and I went over our 10 Most Wanted Lists and we both had something related to homes on there.  This is something I’ve been tossing around in my head lately.  I’m a Virgo as my sun sign and a Gemini as my moon.  I believe this is why part of me wants an earthship and part of me wants the mini-foldup-mobile-house.  Part of me wants to be rooted in the Earth in a self-sustaining home.  Part of me wants to be free and on the move!  Can you guess which wants which?


I wonder — is there some way to have both?  😉




""Woman Covering Her Mouth With Both Hands" courtesy of photostock/

“”Woman Covering Her Mouth With Both Hands” courtesy of photostock/

Who knew that not complaining could be so hard?  Seriously?

I consider myself a fairly nice person.  I get along with most people; I’m not out to get anyone — not anyone I could actually get at, anyway —  and I seriously do want to make the world a better place.  On the other hand, I’m a Virgo, and I live up to the unpleasant Virgo stereotype of being highly critical of everything and everyone, including myself.  However, when I read that thoughts don’t count — just those words that come out– for  Will Bowden’s 21-Day Complaint-Free Challenge , I figured I’d have no problem, for I was a Virgo who knew how to keep her mouth shut.

Or so I thought.

It turns out I’m just as much a verbal complainer as the next person.  Maybe more so.  Driving in traffic with drivers that are slower than I’d like . . .  ? Can’t complain.  Or who don’t use their turn signals?  Or pull out in front of you? Nope. Can’t.   Or . .  there’s a train?!? Nope.  Nope.  Nope. 

But it wasn’t just the road rage.  I had plenty other chances for frustration.  How about: I banged my elbow!  Nope.  Banged it again!  Can’t.  Walked upstairs and forgot what I went up there for. . . Still nope.  Got downstairs and remembered what I went up there for. . .  Can’t.  Need to vent about an interpersonal interaction?  Don’t do it.  Even about workYou guessed it. . . Nope.  I realized that I had to watch myself even when looking over education materials or watching or listening to any media or performance.

Is it the end of the world if I complain?  Certainly not.  But it’s not making the world any better either.  I haven’t gone official and put on a mobile purple bracelet for each time I catch myself complaining, but even just bringing my attention to it has been mind-boggling.

The most interesting aspects of my complaining-free study are discovering:

1) where complaining pops up in my interactions with others.

2) how tongue-tied I can get when someone asks my input about something.

3) how great I feel when I don’t complain, especially around others.

Regarding #3, no gossiping is included in being complaint-free., and we all know that if I’m talking about someone right now with you, you could be next.  When I am complaint-free, I have more integrity, more authenticity, and more positivity.  In other words, how I am with you is how I will always be with you, whether you are in the room with me or not.

No, I am not yet complaint-free, but I’m like the blue heron, intently watching every fishy thought.  I know I’ll eventually make it, and then positive thinking won’t be too far behind.

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