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5-Day Reversal

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti/

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti/

I am not supposed to write this.  I am supposed to think this.  It builds my memory.  If I do it right, it can build my sense of understanding of the past and help me focus on the meaning of my life experiences.  Right now I just want to keep blogging, and I also have metaphysical exercises to complete, so I’m just doing my best here.  Here we go:


  • Blogged
  • Spent some time on Facebook
  • ESL Class
  • Food-shopped at Trader Joe’s
  • Drove back from Door County


  • Spent some time playing games and chatting with friends.
  • Did the dot exercise and meditated for 15 minutes
  • Had the spaghetti dinner (made it in time!)
  • Whooped at the finish line
  • Biked 100 miles!

Two Days Ago

  • Prepared for the next morning.
  • Watched The Princess and the Frog with Brian and a pretty neat girl, guessing at the plot because I couldn’t hear the words above the after-dinner conversation and random other background noises; bonded with a friend over our vegetarian/vegan diets.
  • Drove up with Brian to Door County, singing much of the way (and pleasantly surprised that Brian new some of my songs).
  • Stopped by the bike shop to make sure we had extra inner tubes, a mini-pump with cartridges, and the wedges to pry off the tires.
  • Had a mini-break down about having to plan and pack after a week of hard work.

Three Days Ago

  • Finished up my metaphysics exercises.
  • Had a great conversation with a friend from the School of Metaphysics.
  • Did random unmemorable things in avoidance of planning/packing/working.
  • Errands: bank stop, litter stop.
  • Warehouse clerk work.

Four Days Ago

  • Finished up Metaphysics Exercises.
  • ACT Student
  • Dinner on the run.
  • ESL class
  • Warehouse clerk work.

That’s it!  Ideally I would be looking at my ideal, purpose, goals, and activities in conjunction with these events.  But this is what I’ve got for today!

Today’s “Yay”s

Well, “Today’s Yays” are actually yesterday’s yays because today was really yesterday because I’m scheduling this post ahead of time, so ya know.  Anyway. . .

Zumba was fantastic.  I made myself try the full hour, and it felt great.  Yes, I was exhausted by the end, but I felt refreshed and like I worked some muscles that hadn’t been worked in a while.

The weather is beautiful.  I don’t know why I’m not sitting outside enjoying it right now.  Maybe I will after I finish this.

Freebie time.  I had a cancellation in my tutoring.  Not great money-wise, I know, but I always appreciate surprise free time.  It’s like the universe gave me a bonus to have a little more fun.

Fabulous backwards walk.  Got some great sun time in my cutoff shorts and sun top.

Breaded fake chicken.  I have decided I could probably eat most anything as long as it has breading on it.  (Except for those fried peppers I had that one time  . . .)

Sweet things.  I asked Brian to pick me (us . . . ?) up something on his way back from yoga.  Probably ice cream.  🙂  I don’t really need any more dairy and sugar, as my poor skin has broken out like crazy.  But, yes, I DO need more!  It is decided.  Can’t wait. 😀

Finally, I read a post with essays by unemployed people and watched a video on a homeless person, and while these posts were depressing and made me feel I need to be more involved in helping these people, it also reaffirmed that I am truly blessed in what I have.  I will end with this tidbit from a post on Facebook by “The Idealist.” (Yes, sometimes Facebook actually does cheer me up, too.):

(I need to be more like this guy.)

Day 8 and 8.5 on the Road to Happiness

"Standing Girl Showing Thumb Up With Both Hands" courtesy of imagerymajestic /

“Standing Girl Showing Thumb Up With Both Hands” courtesy of imagerymajestic /

1. Health – What’s been great about this week is sleeping in.  I adore staying in bed.  I’m not staying in bed forever, either.  I’ve had something every morning that I needed to get up to.  But being able to give myself the extra hour or two has been the best part of my break.  I wonder if my relaxed state has contributed to my face.  My face is currently the clearest it has ever been, despite indulging in the Easter candy and ice cream.  If stress is ruining my skin, I want it out of my life! Food-wise I’ve been here and there.  Breakfast is always Cinch protein powder with milk substitute (sometimes mixed with fruits and veggies).  Lunch is not happening so much as throughout the day grazing, and dinner varies.  I had some fantastic vegetarian Mediterranean (say that 5 times fast!) cuisine with my teacher buddy a few days ago — hummus, baba ghanoush, pita bread, and falafel.  And as far as exercise, yesterday I doubled-up on exercise (low intensity);  I had yoga and took Bowser for a walk.  Today I walked Bowser again, and the weather was amazing.  Sure it was gray and windy, but I love the wind.  There’s something truly spiritual about it, and I always feel like Pocahantas — like the spirits really are communicating with me — as I throw my arms back and let my hair fly.  What’s also fun about wind is that it makes the trees come alive.  Instead of landmarks along the path, the trees seemed really alive to me today, solid, strong creatures who sway in the wind.  I remember reading an article on “How to Be a Treehugger”, and it suggested finding your tree and returning to it again each time you visit the same place.  I think I found one that appealed to me — but  I wonder what Bowswer would make of my treehugging.  Oh, and I saw a heron flying overhead today.  My birds are back. 🙂

2. Creative Time/ Me Time — I finally got a videoblog done.  I researched videoblogging (“vlogging”) a bit — it was fairly amusing, and I may blog about it later — and when I was satisfied I had enough to get started, I tried to set things up. I worked on the lighting and dressed so that I didn’t look like I’d been hanging around the house all day.  Then, I experimented with my iPod and Brian’s Flip Mino.  Since my research suggested that sound quality was of top priority, I opted for the Mino.  But what left me near smashing things last night was trying to actually set up the camera.  I figured I had some decent ingenuity and could find some substitute for the tripod I didn’t have — my music stand seemed to fit the bill.   The problem was that I wanted everything perfect for my video introduction into the on-line community, and that had to mean the tilted-down angle and more of my body with less of a close-up on my splotchy, makeup-free face.  (Hey, I love my face, but everyone looks funky with the wrong angles and lighting, right?) Unfortunately, my music stand is meant to lean up toward the musician — so one can see the music. . .  and I didn’t want to strap the camera to the other side and risk breaking the Flip Mino for the sake of vanity.  Last night I finally gave up and went to bed angry; I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere.  Today I decided just to get ‘er done.  I adjusted the height of the stand and set it on the table,  and at least got some background and a bit of my neck and torso (as well as my full head), and I wadded up one of Brian’s socks and rubberbanded it to the middle of my stand so that the Mino could lean forward while still nestled against the support.  Still dangerous, but it worked for now.   I am now waiting for my video to upload on the site, and I’ve been waiting for the last 10 or more minutes. (How long is it supposed to take to upload my video?  This is my second attempt, and I know little about these things. . .  Round and round the waiting icon goes. . . When will it stop?  Nobody knows.  I could write a blog about frustrations with technology.  Or maybe a song. . .  I’m getting dizzy watchin’ it. . .  waiting. . .)

3. People —I suffered not being around too many people yesterday.  I got to hang with the yoga crowd for an hour, and then I was on my own.  Brian had a Shaklee event, so I barely saw him either.  At first I felt really empty last night, but then I got over it.  Got some grading done and messed around with videoblogging.  Tonight I’m going to a spring party, so I’ll have something to blog about tomorrow.

4. Being in the Moment – I think I’m doing better here.  I’ve really been more in touch with my emotions and have been more aware of my actions and reactions.  Lately I’m feeling the onset of fear and dread at returning to my regular work schedule.  It’s like I’d forgotten the stress that I feel on a regular basis, and at the end of the week now it’s all come rushing back to me.  (“Oh yeah, there it is!”)  I’m determined not to let it get to me, though.  I will own my own life.  No, I own my own life.  I also own my own time.  Today I did much better with saying “This is what I’m going to do right now, and I anticipate it taking this amount of time.”  I was able to get some realistic accomplishments done and was early to work again.  (The arriving right on the minute things is not how I want to do things.)

5. Life Purpose –  I looked into music therapy a bit yesterday.  I tried the Music Theory discs that my mom had lent me, but they were too outdated for my current operating system — the discs are from 2000.  Today my sister lent me back my old computer and one of hers to see if they might work there.  I also researched which schools have music therapy and what the program entails.  It looks like there are a few options: a 2nd bachelor’s, master’s (but I think I don’t qualify), and an equivalency — since I already have a bachelor’s.  The closest school is 2 hours away, with a few 3 or 4 hours away (including nearby states).  So, if I really go for this, this could require some big changes.

Day 5 on the Road to Happiness

Portrait Of A An "Excited Young Woman Celebrating Success Over Wh" courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Portrait Of A An “Excited Young Woman Celebrating Success Over Wh” courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

I’ve been staying out, so I think I’m just going to post about my day the following morning. . . sometimes . . .

1. Health – Almost didn’t exercise yesterday, but I got in a nice walk with a friend before the day was over (and froze my butt off a bit, darn weather!)  Didn’t start off the day right with eating.  Ate very little during the day.  Was saved again by my friend who gave me a snack of peanut butter and carrots – which I devoured – and treated me to tasty vegetarian Chinese food: the best-tasting tofu, various veggies, brown rice, dynamite Thai sauce, a spring roll, and a fortune cookie with a fortune that was either very sweet or kinda creepy.

2. Creative Time/ Me Time — I did meditate a bit yesterday.  Did the bonus meditation from Deepak and Oprah’s 21-Day Meditation (22nd day).  Also opted for a light nap instead of exercise in the afternoon, which felt great.  Took my time getting ready and showering, which almost resulted in me being late for my tutoring appointment.  Can’t be thaaat relaxed, I guess. . . Didn’t get too much creative time in.

3. People — It was good to see my tutoring student and good to see my friend yesterday.  I’m still reluctant to leave the house sometimes to go places and leave my comfort zone (I swear sometimes my house is like a black hole!), but once I’m with people, I remember that I need and like being with people.

4. Being in the Moment – I’m still working on being in the moment.  I think I’m going to have to be satisfied with moments here and there instead of continuous moments.  And that is fine.  I had an experience that shook me up a bit yesterday, and I’m still working through my feelings today.  But I think I’ve made progress.  Yesterday I observed myself as I went through the feelings.  Today I am working on letting my feelings be and not trying to squelch them.  I’ve been reading about how repressed feelings are still there, and they only come back stronger when they are activated again.  So, I feel pretty good about how I’m developing.

5. Life Purpose — My intuitive experience with Amy was great yesterday.  I learned a little about my spiritual guides.  I have a group who are near me, but one in particular is hovering around me lately.  A very protective, mothering type.  That freaked me out a bit when I heard it.  I have a second very protective, mother?  (My independent, rebellious side may have begun to hyperventilate a bit.)   But I am going through a difficult time right now trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life, and I’m grateful for her presence; I know I am a very sensitive person, and I can use her protection.  I should have asked Amy which guide was sending me the number signs.  I guess it doesn’t really matter; I was imagining some scholarly, mathematician-type.  Maybe I’ll meet that guide sometime in the future!

She also talked about what she saw from my past lives and how that can tie into our present.  She saw me doing something like a court reporter and also being part of a spiritual council somehow.  She tied that into my teaching in this life.  (And I thought, what?  A teacher?  Oh no!)  But she explained that a “teacher” does not necessarily mean “teacher” in the classroom teacher sense.  I may be “teaching” others in something I am passionate about.

And she talked about following my passion.  She said that others will become interested in my work because I’m passionate about it, because of the emotion I bring into it.  I told her about my passion for equal rights and for natural health, and she said to explore those.  She said that I might be called on to speak about topics, and I told her that I enjoy public speaking – I just don’t know what to speak about! She mentioned that I might use my blog as an outlet for my passions or even start another blog.  I may even want to do a video blog, since I don’t mind being in front of people.  That is something I’d like to try.  Finally, I mentioned my interest in healing work (energy healing).  My guide said that everyone has the potential to work with healing energy; Amy said that she hadn’t received any information about that, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t a part of my future, and that anything that has entered my mind like that has popped up for a reason, so to pursue that.

Date Night

"DVD Player" courtesy of dan/

“DVD Player” courtesy of dan/ 

Stayed in tonight and watched a semi-recent release —  Crazy, Stupid, Love — and I loved it.  I’m a softy romantic, but I’m also highly critical of a movie — preferring an interesting plot, good acting, and witty dialog to a cliche crowd-pleaser.  This one was perfect.  It was more on the comedy side than the mushy romance, and I was holding my stomach, rocking, and laughing hysterically quite a few times throughout the flick.  But the best evidence of all that it was a quality movie is that Brian actually watched it with me, instead of distractedly fiddling around on his laptop.  (He said he was just going to watch a little, but I think I caught him watching most of the movie.)

Other highlights of the evening include some bitter, bitter, bitter 90% dark chocolate and a quick dive back into sugar: rainbow sherbet (with only natural coloring) and bites of Brian’s cheesecake — which I attacked mercilessly, reminding me of why I’ve cut out most of the sugary foods from my diet. . .

An honorable mention goes to tonight’s dinner (prepared by master chef Brian) which consisted of a stir fry of mixed veggies, brown rice, and chunks of marinated tofu, cooked in Soyaki sauce AND THEN the most delicious homemade fries, spritzed with olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute. (SO amazing.)

Fantastic night — looking forward to the next one!

This Week’s Accomplishments — Top 10

"Stars Abstract" courtesy of digitalart/

“Stars Abstract” courtesy of digitalart/ 

(“You’ve earned a gold star!”)

For some reason I tend to get bogged down and low when the toughest part of the week is over.  (Why? I ask myself: “Why???”)  In my effort to combat this trend and lift my spirits, I present here my accomplishments for the week:

1. Clearing out my living space. Most of my teaching books were moved out of the office and into the basement, and then out of the basement and out to the tutoring center.  Yay for clearing!  Then, I moved most of my Spanish teaching books from the office back to school.  (Soon I won’t be able to recognize that office room anymore!)

2. Taxes = Completed.  Inevitably attempting taxes will result in extreme agitation, a pain matched only by my intense grading sessions.  Thankfully, I managed to complete my taxes in one evening over the course of 3.5 hours, so the experience was contained and short-lived.

3. The hardest part of my week is over. The teaching and the majority of my tutoring is done for the week.  (I have one student on Sunday, and then I pick up again with more tutoring on Monday.)

4. The majority of my grading is done. I had open conferences on Thursday and was able to knock out a majority of my grading AND get a few needed odds-and-ends done.

5. I’ve been blogging every day. I think I’ve missed a day or two over the last few weeks, but I think I’ve made every day of this week.  Sometimes I don’t want to post because I think my blog is dumb and no one will be interested, but I’ve been able to push through that self-criticism and just get done what I’ve set out to do, knowing you win some, and you lose some.

6. I’ve been exercising at least every other day. This week has been tough, but with the mindset that I should be doing some sort of exercise every day, I’ve at least got that habit in place, even if I miss some.  Sunday was housecleaning.  Monday was Zumba.  Tuesday was walking around the school hallways.  Wednesday was dancing around the house.  Thursday I missed one.  Friday was yoga.  Today will be Zumba again.

7. Student successes.  I’m sure I have many small successes that I may not even be aware of.  But more recently I had a mom of one of my more reluctant tutoring students tell me that she had asked her daughter if she wanted to skip today, and the girl had said no, that she wanted to come in. (Yay!)  Also, another tutoring student who has had trouble getting anything done at all during our sessions has been much more focused the last few weeks.

8. I’m still vegetarian. I’m half-way through my 4th month of being a vegetarian, and I’m still hanging in there.  Almost cheated a bit Thursday out of necessity, but I couldn’t even do it.  (I may post more about that later.)

9. I’m limiting added sugars and salty snacks. I’ve been limiting myself to chocolate (mostly dark) and Shaklee salty snacks, and I’m still going pretty strong.  I had trouble turning down some round, sweet snacks on Pi Day at the school (out of politeness, believe it or not), but I limited myself to small pieces and bites and did just fine.  I wasn’t even upset about missing out on having more of the treats.  The only time I really struggled was when I hadn’t had enough to eat in general and then everything looked absolutely fabulous to eat during those times.

10. Following up with my life coach homework. I’ve been doing fairly well with my assignments from my life coach, already done with the major part of my assignment for this week (jotting down a list of interesting job titles).  The next step is to look more deeply into the healing professions, something I’ve already begun but need to look into a little more closely.

Well done, Teri!  I’m looking forward to another great week!

I want to eat, eat, eat – EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!

"Hippopotamus" courtesy of RTP411 /

“Hippopotamus” courtesy of RTP411 / is me when I’m hungry!  Nam nam nam!)


I have a burning fire within me and it’s called a rumbling tummy.

Almost 3 months without meat and the refrigerator is nearly empty.


My body is not happy. —

And I’m dreaming about it, too!


Trying to be healthy, watching what I eat.

Meat is not an option, avoiding most treats.


Dark, dark chocolate was my fall-back,

But my body is rejecting it . . .


How can I feed my sweet tooth. . .

Can I learn to love fruit?


Hardly time to eat between things.

Need pre-planned and pre-packed meals.


But the fridge is just as empty

as the kitchen sink is full.


Can’t pack lunch and dinner —

(No containers and no food!)


Need a free genie chef

To make scrumptious vegetarian dishes.


Anyone want to volunteer?
Or can I borrow yours?

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