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Flat, Narrow Feet; Sloping Shoulders — And I’m “Perfect”!


Here’s my full title: Flat, Narrow Feet; Sloping Shoulders; Long Torso and Short Legs; Far-Sighted and Astigmatism — And I’m “Perfect!”  (And those are just things that I was born with!)

I picked up Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing again by Barbara Ann Brennan, and it’s fascinating.  I love how she separates us into 3 selves: the Mask Self, the Lower Self, and the Higher Self.  The Mask Self is the facade we create to fit into society, the Lower Self is the part of us that focuses on separation and has lost sight of who we are and where we came from.  And the Higher Self is the part of us that is “clear and loving without any struggle” and “connected to our individual divinity within.”

What I picked up from Brennan today is both the value of awareness and acceptance.  Ultimate pain and sickness is not created by who we are but by what we repress.  We come into this life trying to protect ourselves, afraid of pain.  Pain that we bury within ourselves becomes a part of ourselves that is either later triggered into expression or buried deeper and deeper, becoming a wound that never heals and eats away at us.  We heal ourselves by going back into the pain, by bringing light to what we’ve kept in darkness.

I have a few things I’m practicing this week:

  1. Use the reframe: Ask myself: How can I see the light in this situation?  How can I use it for my own good and for the good of others?
  2. Recognize and accept: What am I feeling in this moment?  What am I afraid or ashamed of and wanting to repress?  And then fill myself with loving light and accept myself for what I am experiencing in that moment, remembering again who I really am.

Much love and many blessings. 

That Moment When You Realize How Much of You Has Been Ego . . .


This morning was week 2 of my renewed coaching sessions with Jacque Alderete!  It was another wonderful session again, and I focused on being present and connecting to spirit and my spiritual purpose.

What’s becoming pretty clear to me is that most of who “I am” has been “ego.”  Just today I heard myself thinking: “Oh!  There’s the ego again!  . . . There again! . . . Again!”  The ego is all about identification, too.  Once you “identify” it, this means separating it — “you” — from other things.  So, the ego survives and thrives by separation, disconnection, and competition.

However, there is certainly a value to ego.  If we are here to learn and grow in this schoolroom of Earth, it’s helpful to be able to measure.  As a part of a collective, details can become hazy.  Once we have some separation, we are better able to measure, to analyze, to set goals and dreams and to improve ourselves.  We just must watch that we don’t let the ego get out of control . . .  and it can happen quite easily!

Measurement can lead down the path of judgement.  Suddenly we are questioning if we are ok, if we are “enough.”  We turn this on others as well, deciding if they “measure up.”  The truth is that all of creation can be seen as a gift.  Every moment is an opportunity for learning.  Every creation is “enough.”

Today I had a breakthrough with Jacque in finding my self beyond the ego.  This “self” is deeply rooted in love, is the image of my chest opening up and a glowing red haze-like energy flowing out and loving on all who will receive it.   It’s powerful and beautiful — and after today — not so scary. 🙂

Much love, many blessings. ❤

I’m on Fire!

I love watching inspirational stuff.  Today these two items totally revved me up.  I’m ready for rebirth.  I’m ready to express the true me!

First this:

The genius of this man had me laughing, crying, and completely inspired!  The beauty of his uniqueness, creativity, and integrity with living with his truth completely blew my mind.  I’m going to be my own Demitri Martin!  Thank you to my friend John McGleam for responding to one of my goofy Facebook posts and inspiring me to start my day off with a bang!

And then this, too:

(Check out Dressing Your Truth on-line to get started!)

I’ve started watching the free videos, and I intend to take this all of the way.  Thank your, Dr. Christine Madar for planting this seed!  (And again, amazing subconscious connection work here.  I was inspired to tell Dr. Christine again how much I love how she presents herself with her dress, and she told me how to do it myself!)  I was already noticing ways that people have dressed and done their hair, and I’ve reflected about what clothes and styles I gravitate to.  Today I’ve started developing some images and some steps, and I’m ready to start my metamorphosis!

Here’s to all of you.  May you have a completely amazing, grateful-for-being-alive type of  day! ❤

Pride Comes Before the Shame


Today I was thinking about something I learned recently about pride and shame.  It always amazes me how everything is connected.  One of the students from the School of Metaphysics was talking about the emotional doorways when we were eating lunch at the “Your 12 Sacred Relationships” workshop in Countryside.  One of the other students had been talking about leos and pride, and this student spoke about how shame is on the opposite end of pride.  Humility is in the middle.  If someone has an inclination toward pride, this person will also experience shame at some point.  The goal is to return to balance, to be in humility.

Yesterday my hackles were raised.  I became angry.  My thoughts became dark and vengeful and tantrum-like.  This was hard for me as I was experiencing this because I have a lot more knowledge now.   I knew what was going on.  I knew how strong my ego was clinging to pride and to outdated modes of thinking.  I also knew that thought is energy and can be destructive as much as creative.  Have you ever experienced having a dark moment, and then “everything goes wrong”?  This was happening to me, too, and I knew I was attracting it.  Bad traffic.  Bumping my head.  Things not working properly.  I knew at least one of the lessons I had missed.  And I knew it was going to come back.  And I hated this.  And the emotions continued.

It’s not great to go to bed unsettled, unresolved.  But life goes on.  Today is a new day.  I’m better able to reflect.  I have indeed been chipping away at my life lessons.  I will continue.  I am reminded from the workshop yesterday that virgos tend to get intensely focused on individual things and believe the world is ending if things aren’t going right.  So far the world is not ending.  Today is a good day.  I also felt ashamed of some of my reactions yesterday.  And I remembered a good friend who had experienced similar pride and shame.  I now have more compassion for him.  And remembering him, I’m able to move a little better through mine.  This morning I repeated to myself: “I forgive myself.”  “I forgive others.”  “I forgive myself.”  “I forgive others. . . .”  I’m remembering that every part of me IS me.  It is not all of me, but it is an aspect of me, and I may never be my “best” me  — or True Self — all of the time.  And that’s ok.  Life goes on.  More things make sense.  More lessons are learned.  Things always work out.

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Belated Friday Fun Day: Affirmation Poem — Who I Do & Do Not Want to Be

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius at

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius at

I want to be with people

I want to know lots and lots and lots of people!

I see myself laughing and conversing easily with them.

I am confident.  Strong posture, open stance.  Powerful, in a comfortable, welcoming way.

I care about them and remember the things that are important to them and their lives.

I spend time with them.

I am fully present with them.

They are all that matters in those moments.

We connect.

I am a healing presence.

People feel safe with me.

People feel at home with me.

When people are with me, they remember that they are loved — They are washed in love!

They remember that the universe supports them.

All they have to do is be who they are.


I will no longer be afraid.

I will no longer be self-conscious or insecure.

I will no longer worry about what I’m wearing or how I sound

or what facial expression I’m making.

I will not be full of nervous energy!

I will get things done.

I will not revert to helplessness.

I will complete on my own, take initiative, even in asking for help.


I organize events.

I bring people together.

We do fun things.

We do new things!

I am full of love, excited energy, and peace . . .


I am organized

I am comfortable in my own skin.

I take risks!

I make “mistakes”!

And I laugh and learn.

I learn from EVERYTHING!


I will not avoid out of fear.

I will not procrastinate out of fear.


I will see the world as my laboratory,

as my playhouse,

as my stage,

as my mission,

as my life’s work.


I will leave the world better than when I left it.

I will do what I’ve come here to do.

It’s Groundhog Day! . . . Again!: A Metaphysical View (If you haven’t seen the movie, go see it first!)

Image courtesy of chrisroll /

Image courtesy of chrisroll /

It’s been tradition as long as Brian and I have been together that we watch the movie Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day.  Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, anniversaries . . .  we don’t make a big deal of those, but Groundhog Day is set in stone!

This time around, I watched it with a bit of a metaphysical eye.  What could I learn from watching it this time? There are definitely some metaphysical themes in there:

  • The most obvious is the reincarnation and karmic journey that Phil experiences.  Phil begins the movie as an immature, selfish soul who does not give to others nor seem to care for anyone.  By the end of the movie Phil has done a complete 180, spending his entire day giving to others.
  • Phil learns the value of discipline.  Phil first learns this through his repeated attempts to woo Rita.  He later learns more valuable and creative uses of discipline: piano, french, literature, ice sculptures etc
  • Phil experiences change through death.  In the middle of the movie a heartwarming set of interactions occur between Phil and an elderly homeless gentleman.  Phil begins to care for this man, but the gentleman dies in every repeat of the day, no matter what Phil does for him.  Phil struggles with his powerlessness, even as the nurse tells him: “Sometimes people just die.”  Yet, through this experience, Phil himself has “died” to his old self, regaining control of himself and becoming reborn.  Phil also literally dies over and over and over again.  Death is Phil’s 4th stage out of these five  1) denial of the Groundhog Day experience  2) rebelliousness/anarchy  3) insincere love/lust  4) suicide  5) service and life purpose/true love   After Phil goes through the first three, he begins to despair.  Coming out of death in the fourth stage, he finally begins to change and life takes on an entirely new perspective for him.
  • Phil learns the importance of truth and true love.  In Phil’s third stage Phil begins to acknowledge his feelings for Rita and decides to act on them.  He attempts to use his time and experience to his advantage to learn everything he can about Rita and create a faux romance.  But Rita eventually catches onto him, and — try as he might, –Phil is unable to fashion his perfect happily ever after one-night stand.  When Phil begins to work on himself and then build his relationships with others, he unintentionally attracts Rita.  The true Phil turned out to be exactly what Rita was looking for all along.
  • Phil connects with his true self.  Phil’s love for Rita is what gives him the motivation to fully change.  He sees her as an “ange”l; she is everything that he is not: kind, generous, and loving.  She is the yin, and he is the yang, just as the conscious and subconscious belong together.  By tapping into her love and giving nature, his beautiful soul finally emerges.

As I reflect on these points, I realize I love this movie all the more!  It ranks up there for me now with  It’s a Wonderful Life, a budding Christmas movie tradition that also focuses on the value of the soul and the importance of service to humanity.  What other movies can I add to my list?

What are your favorite holiday movie traditions?


Hay House World Summit (3 Days In): 3ish Points

"Light Background" courtesy of digitalart/

“Light Background” courtesy of digitalart/ 

Ok, so basically I’ve become obsessed with this Hay House  event, and I’m still trying to figure out how to fit all those hours into my life.  Fortunately, it fell in perfectly between when I was ending my school year and when I was going to begin an intensive Spanish tutoring situation.  So, between some tutoring, yoga, sleep, visiting, helping my sister in her classroom, going to my metaphysics class, going to a Sox game, and dinner with my parents, I’m trying to fit in 110 hours of audio by some of the most well-known spiritual gurus of our time.

Ok, so it’s not really 11o hours — I’ve skipped some — but I’m the type who wants to learn it ALL, so I’m trying to catch as much as I can each day.  The problem is that it’s all starting to blend together.

But it also means that there must be some universal truths involved in here because I keep hearing the same messages over and over again:

  • Meditate. Meditate, meditate, meditate!  I keep hearing this in audio interview after audio interview.  To do whatever we want to do, we have to get in touch with our true self, and the way we do that — besides through dreams at night — is by connecting to our true self through meditation.  There are many ways to meditate, and I’m still trying to figure out which way is best for me.  I think it will involve walking in nature, using music,, or group meditation.
  • Self-loveEveryone talks about the importance of unconditional love for one’s self.  This will lead to peace in all aspects of your life.  Love yourself, respect yourself, know yourself.
  • Miscellaneous info. —  I don’t know if these are assumed by every speaker, but these are messages I’ve gotten across the clips: life is supposed to be fun; we are here to learn; we create our own reality (for better or for worse); everyone has psychic potential; life does not end with death; choose forgiveness — including of ourself; and we can heal ourselves.

So, that’s the tip of the iceberg.  All for now!

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