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Camino Thoughts: Living vs. Processing


I’ve realized over the last few days that the Camino was meant to be lived.  Now is the time for processing.  There were times while walking on the Camino when I thought: “Ah yes, I’m alone now.  So, it must be time to think.”  But I found myself resistant to that notion. I pictured myself at a laptop, as I am now, or writing at my desk in my journal.  I was pretty resistant to purposely “thinking.”

So, I yielded.  I focused on the way.  I focused on continuing to take footsteps.  On uphills, I sang.  On downhills I watched my footing.  But, often, I flew down, allowing gravity to run down the path with me. Sometimes I distracted myself with random thoughts, so I wouldn’t think about how tired or sore or how hungry I was, or how much I was wishing I was already at the next albergue (hostel).  Other times I noticed the trees, the sky, the mountains, the fields and rivers, the flowers, the birds and butterflies, the people ahead of and behind me.  At times as I walked, I looked in my guidebook at was coming up or munched on a snack from one of my side pockets.  I debated whether to make this next town a bathroom and snack stop — or if I could continue on through.

That was my Camino.  I was in it.  It was me, and my backpack, and the open road.  It was enough.  And it was wonderful.  ❤

Blessings, love, and light. ❤

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