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How Grateful Are You?

I have seen the above video a couple of times, and could watch it much more.  I think this was the inspiration for one of my Einstein shower thoughts about being grateful for every bit of my existence.

What if I remembered that I wasn’t taking any material things with me after this lifetime?  (Even my physical body!)  What if I woke up in the morning, grateful for the opening of my eyes?  Grateful to have this physical body?  Grateful for breath, for heart beats, for working body parts?  What if I were grateful for the carpet, floor, and house when I swung my feet over the side of the bed?  We could go on and on, right?

But, do you see?  I’m beginning to see that there is gratitude, and there is GRATITUDE.  Something I’d like to strive for, for sure.  I hope you enjoy the video. 🙂

Much love, many blessings. ❤

Thankful & Metaphysical Thursday: The Present Moment

Image courtesy of panuruangjan /

Image courtesy of panuruangjan /

Gratitude is key.  It is the magic switch that can bring joy from despair.  It turns frustration and fear into peace and understanding.

I am grateful for spiritual focus sessions.  I received my Atlantean report this past weekend.  It was not what I expected — my reports never are! — and it was a wonderful weekend.  I went on three spiritual focus sessions this summer, and I see a common thread between all three.  All three express the importance of the physical, in remaining grounded and being connected through physical experiences.  Today I reread Dr. Laurel’s book Concentration during book club and got the same reminder.  How often are you fully involved in your experiences?  Do you use all of your senses to experience the present moment?  Or are you living in your head, removed from the opportunities in front of you?

I am grateful for reminders to keep my attention in the present.  Everything I experience is reminding me to be present-minded.  This morning I had another great conversation with my life purpose coach, Cindy Dove.  I kept resisting the direction she was taking today but ended the conversation so relieved that I almost cried!  I saw that I was sabotaging my progress with my thoughts again.  I was worried about years into the future without fully allowing and experiencing the present.  I was berating myself for not being on the “perfect life path” and had forgotten all of the potential opportunities for growth in my current experiences.  Romantic imaginings can lead to confusion and devastation.  What is reality?  By placing our attention on the moment, we can know truth.

I am so grateful for people! I have a new morning bike buddy who lives just a mile or two from my house!  We’ve met up because of a strong desire I had to include people more in my life.  This has also led to me joining the Plainfield BNI group to learn more about networking and supporting small businesses and also to educational activity visits at the Joliet Public Library.  Today was a day full of people, starting with a morning bike ride, continuing with a BNI meeting and library visit, and culminating in a delightful dinner with my family and an insightful book club.

I am grateful for faith, hope, and joy.  I am continually reminded that there are two sides to every perspective (at least!).  It is so easy to flip back and forth between extremes.  All it takes is a little present-mindedness and appreciation to get my thoughts back on track, to see the world as it is, right here, right now.  There is beauty without.  There is beauty within.  I just need to stop, be still, and receive it.

Shout Out: Kudos to Some Great Parents from Tutoring

 "Golden Star Award" courtesy of pixtawan /

“Golden Star Award” courtesy of pixtawan /

This is a shoutout to one particular set of my tutoring parents who are super, super awesome.  I’d like to start by saying that many parents have been awesome , supportive, and thankful for my services this year, but I am amazed by this particular pair.  (I will not name names — I will call them “Dad” and “Mom”–, but that won’t stop me from lauding their coolness!)

Why they are so awesome:

  • They didn’t interview me in person; I came in and started right to work! (Very trusting!)
  • They wanted me to tutor writing and clarinet – two of my favorite things!
  • The lessons are for enrichment, so I have a bit of freedom in my planning.
  • They offered me water during my first lesson. (After that I started bringing water bottles, so they didn’t need to give me anything.)
  • They told me they were concerned that I wasn’t getting paid enough through the tutoring company.
  • They invited me to stay for lunch one time when they had an exchange student staying.
  • They ask me “if it’s ok” when they are cancelling a lesson ahead of time.
  • They have no problem with me needing to cancel ahead of time.
  • They told me not to come if it’s snowing.
  • Chocolate for Christmas!
  • This last lesson when I asked to take off my shoes because they had snow on them, Dad brought me slippers to use, since I was in socks! At the end of the lesson Mom carried my shoes across the floor for me so that I could walk through the garage on my way out and avoid the snow.
  • We’ve had lesson for over half a year together, and we’re still going strong!

And generally, these parents are the sweetest, most polite and friendly people I have ever worked with.  It is a pleasure to enter their home.  They lift me up and inspire me to try to be just as caring.

Kudos, Mom and Dad!

What I’m Thankful For

Believe it or not, one of my New Year’s Resolutions has been to be grateful. I feel like I’ve been a very negative person lately, so I’m glad to take the time to do this.

Things I am grateful for (and NOT in order of value):

hot water

beautiful music

a TV

Big Bang Theory


my computer



my cats

my pup

my wonderful boyfriend/almost fiance

my parents and sister

other family

my friends


political unrest and absolution



seeing an old friend and reconnecting as if we’d never parted



ice cream!

fast food

healthy food

clothing that lasts for years!

my beautiful body

my health





the earth beneath my feet








lack of murderous solar flares

people who smile

people who want to make a difference


Brian’s business


water (drinking)

parties and partyers



a home

a bed


spiritual guides


Image: Felixco, Inc. /

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