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Let’s Get It Started in Here (Seriously.) (Now!)

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Have you ever put something off, and it has remained there — in your mind, growing and growing and growing, until it has become this huge, terrifying monster?  For me, I’m struggling with this blog and with my health insurance.

Changing my health insurance over has now morphed into this monumental task that I fear will take hours upon hours.  I’ll be battling with technology in the attempt to navigate a previously uncharted web-site, then experiencing a metaphysical struggle over what to enter as  I project as my projected future income, in order to determine my monthly premium.  (Should I use what I’m making now, to make sure I’m not paying too much each month?  Or do I want to visualize what I actually want to be making next year, so that I’m attracting and clarifying what I want to the universe?)

And then there’s this blog.  I’ve had plenty of ideas for this post over the past 3 weeks.  So. . .  why didn’t I post?  Part of it was making time.  Part of it was needing to make decisions.  And then it became about all this pressure I had placed on myself to create something truly AWESOME — I mean, since I’d taken my good, sweet time about it.

So, sometimes it’s just about DOING something,  just to have it done. Sure, t might turn out as awful as you feared —  or not as wonderful as you hoped — but you’ve gone and conquered that monster  — or unplugged that pressure cooker — and you might find it wasn’t so scary afterall!

(And to you, my insurance guy, who I know may be reading this — I will get that transfer done. . .  but I may need you to hold my hand all the way through it!)


One Day

Woke at 6

Wide awake

Stayed in bed

Slept in a bit

Shake for breakfast

Packin’ Lunch

Runnin’ Late

Should’ve Gotten Up.

Parked in Back

To be on time

To open doors for little ones

And wave the kids in, parents on.

Went back for purse. . .

Keys in purse. . .

Purse in car

No keys!

Small panic. . .

Rising. . .

Call mom. . .

“Do I have keys?

Checks for keys.

Calls me back.

Has keys!

On sidewalk

Lookin’ for Mom

Gonna be ok.  Then. . .

Big hug for Mom with keys!

Rush to room.

Take down chairs.

Write up goals.

Make a copy.

“Missed the announcement??” —

“No Internet!”

Goodbye 1st period plans.

We’ll make do.

We make do.

Period over.  “Internet is back!” Sigh.

Rush for copies!

Next period: Them: “Why why why?”

Me: “Whine whine whine!”

Next period: Fantastic presentations! 🙂 Pleasant, pleasant surprises!

Lunch!(But deal with  issue first.)

Stomach in knots.  Afternoons = long and hard.

Next period: Internet for you!

Researchin’ great, but “Hey! Focus!”

Next period: Rough beginning; self-esteem takes hit.  Happy ending.

Next period: You’re all goofy, too?


Drivin’ for more.  (Yay for car!)

Tutoring 2!

Tutoring 3!

Still low.  Ready for home.

Subbing for softball?  Rain out?

I’m not needed!


Dinner from the honey.

Grape juice with a little somethin’ somethin’.

Succumb to Facebook

Make this post.

Busy weekend looms ahead.

Night night! Time for dreamin’.

Day 9.5 up to 10: Final Day/s to Happiness

"Girl Showing Thumbs Up" courtesy of photostock /

“Girl Showing Thumbs Up” courtesy of photostock / 

Of course this is not the last day I intend to be happy.  But this is the sort of end of my “spring break”, and tomorrow I will move on to other topics, with the occasional updates throughout.

Random semi-related thought: I’m really intrigued by the variety of “like”s from this week (because yes, I do sometimes obsess about these things):

Intro: 5 Pieces of Happiness:15       Days 1 & 2: 10     Day 3: 10     Day 4: 9     Day 5: 10     Days 6 & 7: 13     Days 8 and 8.5: 2

So. . . naturally I’m curious about the most recent day.  I think it’s likely that it was too long to read or that people are ready for me to move on.  Or people have places to go, people to see, other blogs to read etc.

Moving on. . .

1. My health took a hit with the two parties I had this week.  I overindulged in many delicious sweets, and I paid for it, especially today.  The overeating and sugar explosion resulted in a very cranky, depressed Teri who still has not completely recovered, though faring much better.  Sleep has still been fine, and exercise has been great.  Yesterday I took Bowser for a walk.  Today I biked 14 miles, and after the party I took Bowser for a mile walk.

2. I am having a lot of technological drama this weekend.  I’m trying not to dwell on it too much because I know I’m only attracting more to myself that way.  I finally completed my first vlog, but I’m still struggling to upload it to  Brian helped me with conversion — first getting it to be the right size, and then the right file format — and now I’m still trying to get the site to accept it.  As of this moment, I have just deleted the video (that the site was still “converting”), and am attempting to upload again.  I must admit these difficulties have lessened my excitement with this new venture.  But I do think I’m video-genic, so worse comes to worse, I may try youtube next.  I’d really like to start with the smaller vlog community, though, before I open myself up to the whole world.

3. People.  Ah, people.  I was completely awkward at the party last night.  Full blown introvertedness, though I tried to fight it/hide it.  It was a great party with a lot of people, but I was feeling extremely self-conscious and unsure of myself with all the new people, and my uncomfortablesness came to an unpleasant climax when I lived out one of my most awkward/drawn out goodbye — Brian confirmed it even made him uncomfortable.  Maybe I need to just give a blunt “Bye” and spin right around from now on because I think I’ve gone way out to the opposite extreme now.  The party today was fine.  It was family.  I was a little uneasy with the one new person there, but I got over it fairly quickly until the ladies began talking about engagement rings.  I think I masked my uneasiness well, but I didn’t even know what I was supposed to think and feel.  The thing is, though a part of me wants the traditional things, like a ring, another part of me thinks it goes against everything I am.  I don’t wear a lot of jewelry and would never want to spend that much money on any one item, and I certainly wouldn’t want to insist that Brian shell out so much for me.  Finally, I abhor the notion that my future decisions and happiness depend entirely on my partner.  (Why should deciding to get married be just the guy’s job?)   But I could go on and on about that sort of thing.  So, I’m moving on again.

4. This is still good.  Being present.  No, I’m not in a perfect state of awareness all the time, but I’m a lot more aware than I used to be.  And I have moments of meditative bliss.  Today I found the perfect tree to hug on my walk — the tree was actually leaning in as if about to give a hug! — and wrapping my arms around the massive trunk felt fantastic.  Bowser was really patient about the whole thing, too, even when I went to hug a second tree.  The trees are still more alive; the birds are alive.  I’m more in touch with myself.  Unfortunately, that means I’m also in touch with my inner unpleasant feelings, like the dread of going back to work, and my nervous emotional reactions to people and situations.  And speaking of touch, I’ve become much more observant of how often I touch my skin, especially my face.  I think it’s mainly a nervous thing, and I’ve noticed that I’m doing it a lot more now, as my break comes to an end.  I’m wondering if my skin issues are correlated to the amount of contact I have with my skin.  I still think stress is a factor, too.

5.  I don’t have much to say for this last one.  Just that I’m ready for a change and want a simpler life.  I’m willing to work hard; I just want to be able to play hard, too.  I admit that I miss my regular work routine, and I’m ready to return to work, if only for that part.  I keep trying to calm my nervous stomach and tell it that from now on I will not be as stressed, but my body doesn’t want to believe me yet.  It may take time.


"Can T See You" by imagerymajestic /

“Can T See You” by imagerymajestic /

This morning a number of uninvited Victoria Secret models visited my  3rd grade Spanish classroom.

They were the opening act for my video of “The Little Drummer Boy” in Spanish, with accompanying lyrics.

And I swear the opening ad was a different one when I previewed the movie yesterday.

I don’t think my face has ever felt so hot, as I panicked and fruitlessly stepped in front of the projector screen, causing the kids to howl even louder with laughter.

Seriously, YouTube?  The Little Drummer Boy?

The joys and perks of technology.

Ode to Technology

I’ve been quite frustrated with technology lately  — including issues with my iPod voice recorder that I was going to use for this post. . . However, I am also trying to be more positive.

So, I’ve decided to use my gratitude resolution to appreciate the technology in my life.

I’m grateful for. . .


the alarm clock that wakes me up in the morning. (Truly!)

the water heater that heats my shower water.

the blow dryer that keeps my hair from looking awful.


the oven that heats my eggs and the microwave that heats my hashbrowns.

the blender that mixes my soy milk, yogurt, strawberries, and Cinch into a yummy smoothie.

the refrigerator that keeps all that food cool before I eat it.


the garage door opener that lifts that heavy double-door.

the computer that lets me check the traffic before I even leave the house.

the car that gets me to work.

the traffic lights that keep me accident-free.


the electronic key that gets me in the building.

the work computer that keeps me connected.

the Elmo and projector that help me model for my students.

the Smart Board that makes the lessons more fun.


the phone that I use to check in with Brian after another yet another afterschool meeting.

the iPod that I use to record my musings in the car.


and this computer I use to share this writing with you.


Image: digitalart /

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