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Summary Sunday: Softball, Positive Thinking, Random English Guy, Time Off, and a Return to Teaching


After 25 years or so of softball, I recently gave it a rest.  It’s a great sport, but I wasn’t thrilled with the weekly commitment, and I was beating up my body.  I do still sub every-so-often..  Last Friday I subbed for the first time in a year, and I really enjoyed myself.  I caught the one fly ball that made it out to me in right field, backed up the first basewoman on an over-throw, and — through some visualization practice — made contact or walked every time I came up to bat.  Not only that, but Brian’s team is awesome.  Really friendly, fun people who were solid on the field with great hitting potential.  And I was pleased that I’m still in decent shape and could remember everybody’s name: Brian, Teresa, Kevin, Lani, Carl, Val, Crystal, Mark, and Jeremy!  (Yay for metaphysics exercises!)

Positive Thinking

Sometimes when I’d head out on the field the fears would get a hold of me.  What would I do if the ball came to me?  What if I missed it?  Made a mistake?  This time I noticed it coming on and simply told myself: “That’s not productive thinking.  I have no use for that.”

I also took a look at my words this week and worked on 2 resolutions: 1. Eliminate criticisms of others.  2. Eliminate criticisms of movies.  Part of my metaphysics lesson this week included speaking negatively about myself out loud any time I was tempted to speak ill of others.  I had to catch myself more than I’d like, but I’ve seen an improvement.  I’ve also been uneasy with how I tend to critique movies down to a pulp.  After a nasty reaction to the latest Superman movie, I decided I would give the negativity a rest and speak only positives tidbits about the next one I watched.  My test happened to be the latest X-Men movie, which Brian assured me would have absolutely nothing wrong with it.  I thought that was a funny joke, but amazingly, I ended up agreeing with him.

Random English Guy

I love those random experiences that make you muse and wonder and brighten your day.  Today I stopped at a park during a break between two tutoring sessions.  As I made my way to a bench with my Artist’s Way notebook in tow, I passed a young gentleman in workout gear, resting with his bike under a canopied picnic area.  He seemed like he may have been glancing at me, but I didn’t think much of it.  I made a phonecall and then started writing.

Soon after he came over and asked if I had the time, and I checked my watch.  He thanked me and turned back to his bike, and I returned to my writing.  But then I thought: it seems odd that he would just ask me the time.  Most people have a phone or something on them.  I felt the urge to speak to him.

“How far are you going today?” I called out to him.  And that’s how I learned that he didn’t really know how far he’d gone, just that he’d gone a lap around today and yesterday and also that he’d biked quite a few miles on a stationary bike at the gym yesterday, too.  He was staying with a friend who’d been a schoolmate back in England and who was now a workout fanatic.  The purpose of his trip was to get out of England for a while because it was raining all of the time, and he said that can really get to you mentally. (Made me feel better about our own messed-up weather.)  He told me that it was never this hot in England and that 22 degrees (C) was generally his limit for working out outdoors.  (I’m embarrassed to say that I wasn’t sure how to do the conversion to Fahrenheit and was therefore lacking a frame of reference and could only smile and nod.)  He’s been trying to exercise more and get his body in shape because he was in a motorcycle racing accident last year — where he miraculously only tore up some muscle — and he’d lost weight and then really started to gain, and he didn’t want to get fat.  He was impressed that I tutored Spanish and asked if I knew any other languages and what languages I’d like to learn, and he told me a story about a time he’d been riding in France and hadn’t realized he’s crossed over the border into Spain and had proceeded to speak a bit of French to a confused Spanish gas station attendant.  (What little French he knew came from his ex-girlfriend.)  Also, he wasn’t sure what type of bees were flying under the canopy and if they stung or not.  (I couldn’t help him identify them, but I was pretty sure they stung.)  We finished by wished each other a lovely day, and I wished him a good trip back.

Time Off

I’m sure you can understand that having time off can seem a blessing and a curse.  Yesterday my two tutoring students cancelled, so I got another surprise day off.  (I usually work a full 7-day work week.)  I went nuts — I was writing like crazy, took a look at my collages, sat out in the fresh air, caught up on correspondence — and I don’t honestly remember what else I did — but it was pure bliss . . .  until I had to go back to work today.  I had a decent work day today, but it’s just really nice to have a day to feel free to do whatever.  Working on that. . .

A Return to Teaching

After 10 years in the classroom, I threw in the towel.  I like kids, I like learning, and I liked the subjects, but I just did not like classroom teaching.  I’d tried — but I was done.  So, when I became a metaphysics student and learned about the potential to teach, I said “No way!”  I had just quit that path;  I was not getting back on that road.  But as sometimes happens, my stubborn mind opened up a little.  I realized I was actually still teaching, even if not in name.  I was a tutor, I was teaching people through my writing, and I had begun unconsciously teaching people about metaphysics.  So, I went from hating the idea, to being lukewarm about it, to looking forward to having a class.  Next week I will be taking over a class and teaching a student, and in the summer I will be starting a new metaphysics classes.  Who woulda thunk it?  The teacher is back!

Dreamy Wednesday: Cruise, Cats, Old Crush, Windows Open, Teacher

I wrote these dreams down on an empty envelope that I had grabbed from the counter when I walked in late Sunday night after my weekend away.  I wish I’d taken the time to grab my journal. . .

From Monday morning, but not necessarily in this order:

#1 English class.  I’m teaching.  Adolescent students in there (some).  I remember husband of my metaphysics classmate and some unknown young male.  It’s an English lesson.  It’s based on a movie I’ve shown them, but it’s also in their English textbook.  The adolescent gets frustrated and crumples up his page.  At some point the video slows down, slow mo, as if a glitch.  There is a male dipping and spinning another male.

I look at lesson.  Frustrated adolescent boy has question.  I’m not sure of the answer.  I refer back to text.  I say we’re checking our own papers.  I say it looks like we’re not doing the work, then I’ll collect and grade them, and of course, there will be quizzes.  As I’ve walked around, looking at students’ work, I notice that even the directions need DOL (Daily Oral Language ) correction.

At some point I leave the classroom, forgetting the door was locked (from the inside), when I close it.  The students let me back in, though.

#2?  (Still #1?) Students see a man who has flown into a tree, and is chilling on a branch (sitting), wearing a robe.

#3 On a cruise ship.  Walking back and forth to look out the windows.  I watch as we pass the border of NYC.

#4 I’ve been letting Link and Zelda outside during the day. I go out to retrieve them.  Zelda tries to sneak out again. I lock her in a room.

#5 Old high school crush.  I come back from somewhere, and I kiss him and tell him I love him.  He tells me he needs to tell me something.  Seems ominous.

#6 Golbahar is telling me I left things unlocked and all the windows open in the house. We go around to check all of the rooms and make sure there are no intruders.

#7 The house where we are is huge.  At some point I think it’s too big.  There are many, many rooms.  We got it from a family.  There are still things left over in the house from them (like toys?)  and items for baby and care of a baby.

As you can see, I had quite a night!  I still need to look at these more, and I may ask about one of them in the  dream webinar tonight at 6:30.  #3 Is most likely referring to my movement from 1st cycle into the new unknown of the 2nd cycle (since I’m on a huge ship, which would symbolize an organization).

#6 seems to be about my superconscious making me aware of what I’m leaving my my open to.  Making sure I’m aware of what I’m letting in.

I really don’t know about #4 and #5.  Something about letting my habits out to play and then reigning them back in for #4 .  And #5 has to do with some outdated desired relationship and expression with a subconscious aspect.

#7 has to do with the newly acquired expansiveness of my mind.  I’m confused about the bit about getting it from another family, though.  I don’t see them, only remnants of them, memories of them.  Perhaps they prepared the way for me?

I love #2.  Such a fun image.  I remember the guy being white haired, wearing a robe similar to my graduation robe. His back was to us, and he was just chilling there.  I guess a very developed subconscious aspect is defying limitations and is at home in intuition!

For #1 I’m intrigued that I’m solidly the teacher in this one.  In dreams I’ve had recently I’ve been a guest teacher or have considered going back to teaching or am observing.  In this one I am confidently the teacher.  Perhaps this is a sign that I am taking responsibility of teaching myself and my different aspects (apparently subconscious, in this case.)  Not sure if I’ll go into the details at some point.

That’s it for Dreamy Wednesday.  Feel free to share your own dreams below!



What I Like About You. . .

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

A few weeks ago I met with my metaphysics teacher to talk about manifesting and occupations.  At some point near the end of my conversation, she suggested that maybe I actually love my job. Well, I do not love my job — well, occasionally I do, but it is not something that I see myself doing for the rest of my life.  I’m looking for a world-changing job.  I mean, every day I want to wake up, looking forward to my work, knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of others.  I know I can do this in some way — and I do — but I would like this to be the main purpose of my job, not a side gig.

Regardless, there are many aspects of my job that I do love, and my teacher suggested that I focus on those as I’m thinking about the next step.  The Law of Attraction says that we draw to ourselves what we put our focus on.  So, I’d like to focus on the good stuff!

What I love about my job:

1. The people.  The people I work with are awesome.  They are friendly, I love them, and I have gotten fairly attached to some of them.  (One came back today after a week-long unexplained break, and I was pretty excited to see him!)   Also, my work place is pretty huge, so I’m still getting to know new people, even after working there 5 months.

2. I’m active.  I do not, not, not want to sit behind a desk (at least, not all day).  When I was a teacher I just used the desk for my books and plans!  I am on my feet for most of the day.  I stand, I walk, I push carts, I lift books, I lift boxes, I toss books, I move boxes, etc. etc.  (And I’ve recently noticed that I’ve developed some nice abs — Bonus!)    I am an active person who likes to be on the move.  So, that works out great.

3. I’m mostly left alone.  I am a responsible person with competence  and integrity, and anyone who doesn’t believe that doesn’t know me.   (So, let’s get with the program!)  I like to be directed, but after that I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder every 5 minutes to see if you’re watching me.  For some reason at this job, I still worry about this.  But I realized I don’t need to.  As I said,  people are awesome.

4. When I leave work, I leave work. That was one of the things that I hated about teaching.  Tutoring has been a little better.  When I was a teacher, I was a TEACHER.  And then I sort of had a life with whatever little leftover time I could pull out of my you-know-what.  In this job my work is done as soon as I clock out.  When I come home I work on things that I want to work on.  (Am I still too busy?  Absolutely, but let’s stay focused here!)

5. The schedule. I would like to work less hours, but as far as an 8.5 hour-a-day job, it’s pretty good.  I leave late enough to avoid most of the rush hour traffic and also have time to get some of my metaphysics exercises done before I leave.  I get home a little late, but I still have my evenings for my classes, blogging, more exercises, reading, dinner, etc.

6. I work on one task at a time.  Occasionally I will have to drop what I’m doing to work on something else for a bit, but generally my work is the same from day-to-day, and I decide the order of when I do things and I work on one thing at a time.  I do not like to multi-task, which is another thing that drove me crazy about teaching.

7. Flexibility.  I haven’t had any problems getting days I needed off, and if I’ve finished my work early, I haven’t had a problem with leaving early.   (Also, no sub plans!)

8. Snacking and Bathrooming. I can snack as I work.  I can go to the bathroom whenever I want.  This may sound ridiculous, but if you’ve ever been a teacher, you know how wonderful this is.  (Bonus: I’m actually eating during lunch time!)

9. Decent commute. It takes me about 25 minutes to get to work if I take the highway.  30-35 if I take the alternate route.  On the way back I run straight into a bottleneck, but it’s still about a 30-minute drive.  And it’s a pretty straight shot.

10. I work with books. Unfortunately, half of what I do is recycle books because there is something wrong with them.  BUT ON THE POSITIVE SIDE*, I still get to touch lots and lots of books.  And I do love books.  So much.  Just ask Brian. Or our basement and guest room. . . .

11. I get to use a computer. At some point I realized I actually do spend a lot of my day on a computer (standing!), and I was not thrilled about this.  However, I do get to use my mad-fast typing ability once in a while, and I have enough physical movement between carts that I don’t feel like I’m staring at a screen 24/7.

Well, that’s about it for now.  Have at that, universe!

*I learned the beauty of COMPLETELY CAPITALIZING WORDS in the middle of a sentence from one of my wonderful tutoring students.  Not appropriate for final drafts, but perfect for “cute copies”! 🙂

Endings and Beginnings

Today was my last day.  I feel hollow.  But I always do at this time.  My life becomes so wrapped up in my job that I don’t know myself and what to do once it’s over.  I guess that’s a big part of why I need to move on.  I’m subbing tomorrow.  I’m not a big fan of subbing, but I figure I need to start taking in income where I can.  It’s in Chicago, so it will be quite a drive.  And it’s a P.E. position on the same day as a kindergarten ceremony, so if it rains, they won’t even have P.E.  I don’t want to drive out there and have to drive home.  It’s like praying for a softball rainout.

I have a bad feeling about it.  But I have a bad feeling about many things.  I’m noticing it even more now.  Time to start the visualization practices early.  Time to start imagining the best instead of fearing the worst.

I didn’t do my mirror exercise today, but I’m so tired.  Early start tomorrow. . .  maybe.  I’m glad the year is finished.  I’ll see my fellow teachers in reading club this summer.  I’m sad that I didn’t say goodbye to my students, though.  I miss hugging my students goodbye.  There are some things I will definitely miss about teaching.

8 Spanish-Related Videos That’ll Make You Giggle

"Child Is Laughing" courtesy of Stuart Miles/

“Child Is Laughing” courtesy of Stuart Miles/

My 5th grade Spanish class has earned enough stickers for their end-of-the-year fiesta AND THEN SOME.  So, as an extra reward, they will get bonus movie minutes at the end of class.   Last week I showed them a favorite that I’d seen at a workshop (#1 below), and then today I scrounged around Youtube looking for more.   I’ve linked to some of my favorites here, some that I plan on showing tomorrow, and some that did not make the kid-friendly cut.  Here they are in David Letterman “Top 10” style from Least to Most Favorite.

#8 Ser — to be (Funny Spanish Song)

Not my favorite, but catchy!  Useful to help with conjugating a common Spanish verb, too.

#7 Como Eres? Rap

A little more advanced, but still repetitive and catchy.  May be a useful introduction or conclusion to a descriptive adjective lesson.

#6: How to Learn Spanish (Funny Videos)

A cute comedian clip.   Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Dora, so the references were lost on me.  But the kids should get it. . . Also, there’s one alcoholic reference, but hopefully they won’t get that. . .

#5: Learning Spanish

A cute, short, kid-friendly comedian clip.  I was disappointed by the derogatory/suggestive/obscene language that popped up with other comedians.  I was like “Oh!  This is funny!  Wait. . . .  darn it.”

#4: Learn to Speak Spanish Quickly with Funny Videos on Youtube

Such a clever idea!  Some of our favorite crazy youtube videos (like the talking and fighting cats) combines with learning Spanish!  (passes the kid-friendly test just barely due to the dancing girl).

#3: One Semester of Spanish Love Song

Remember those beginning phrases you learned in Spanish? Here they are put to the tune of a love song.   There’s also the 2nd Semester of Spanish, Spanish Love Song, but that one didn’t make the kid-friendly cut. Also, I had to look up who Erik Estrada was . . .

#2: Que Hora Es?

This movie is HILARIOUS.  This is like #2 but in telenovela (Spanish soap opera) form. I wish I could show it to my students, but it’s more for adults.  Part 2 is just as hilarious, if not more so!

#1: I Love Lucy: English Pronunciation

This movie passed the kid-friendly cut.  I first saw it in one of the SIOP workshops I attended last year, and I loved it.  The reference to Spanish reference doesn’t come until the end, but it’s great for the kids to see their language from another perspective (as Ricky struggles with the many different pronunciations for the same English vowels).  Here are some other great I Love Lucy episodes that focus on Lucy learning Spanish that didn’t quite pass the cut: Lucy Tries to Speak Spanish and I Love Lucy- Ricky Translates for Lucy .

I hope you enjoyed these!  Which was your favorite?

One Day

Woke at 6

Wide awake

Stayed in bed

Slept in a bit

Shake for breakfast

Packin’ Lunch

Runnin’ Late

Should’ve Gotten Up.

Parked in Back

To be on time

To open doors for little ones

And wave the kids in, parents on.

Went back for purse. . .

Keys in purse. . .

Purse in car

No keys!

Small panic. . .

Rising. . .

Call mom. . .

“Do I have keys?

Checks for keys.

Calls me back.

Has keys!

On sidewalk

Lookin’ for Mom

Gonna be ok.  Then. . .

Big hug for Mom with keys!

Rush to room.

Take down chairs.

Write up goals.

Make a copy.

“Missed the announcement??” —

“No Internet!”

Goodbye 1st period plans.

We’ll make do.

We make do.

Period over.  “Internet is back!” Sigh.

Rush for copies!

Next period: Them: “Why why why?”

Me: “Whine whine whine!”

Next period: Fantastic presentations! 🙂 Pleasant, pleasant surprises!

Lunch!(But deal with  issue first.)

Stomach in knots.  Afternoons = long and hard.

Next period: Internet for you!

Researchin’ great, but “Hey! Focus!”

Next period: Rough beginning; self-esteem takes hit.  Happy ending.

Next period: You’re all goofy, too?


Drivin’ for more.  (Yay for car!)

Tutoring 2!

Tutoring 3!

Still low.  Ready for home.

Subbing for softball?  Rain out?

I’m not needed!


Dinner from the honey.

Grape juice with a little somethin’ somethin’.

Succumb to Facebook

Make this post.

Busy weekend looms ahead.

Night night! Time for dreamin’.

Pickin’ Myself Up

"Earth And Sunset" courtesy of Idea go /

“Earth And Sunset” courtesy of Idea go /

As a sensitive person, my emotions can take me on quite the roller coaster.  You may not see it, but I can certainly feel it!  I felt down as I got up this morning. I was a complete 180 from Saturday morning, when I’d woken up feeling at one with the spiritual plane, happy to have this experience on Earth, and amazed with every aspect of life.  Today I felt lost, misunderstood, direction-less, purpose-less, helpless, and listless.  I wanted to just stop caring.

So, I picked myself up.  I made sure I had protein in my breakfast.  I took my Vitalizer vitamins (hadn’t taken them since Thursday), popped a Vitamin D, some Moodlift Complex, and had some Vivix.

I got some grading done, applied to another job, and did rough lesson plans for the rest of the school year.  And after I finish this post, I plan to get in some exercise.  (Yay, endorphins!) I haven’t done Zumba in quite some time, and I could really use a good full-body aerobic workout.  Finally, I hope to get some more leafy greens in during lunch today. (Yesterday I overdosed on yummy cheese and crackers, and I’m sure that didn’t help things.)

One day at a time.  One moment at a time.  As long as I’m still here on Earth I know there are still things I’m meant to do, experiences to be felt, and lessons for me learn.

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