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Wandering Thoughts

"Porsche Panamera Diesel" courtesy of M - Pics/

“Porsche Panamera Diesel” courtesy of M – Pics/

I’m afraid I’m of no mind to stick to one topic today.  I’ve decided to accept my need to be random and carry through.  Some of these thoughts may turn into a blog post.  Or not.  But this is what is today.

A sticky-note with my name on it in the bathroom waste basket.

One-eyed vehicle behind me.  Does it know it’s half-blind?

Dark eyes in front of me.  I blink once.  Eyes flash open. I’m relieved.

WordPress work center is the “dashboard.”

My house is completely organized now.  I don’t recognize it anymore.  But it feels good.  I can actually feel the difference in my chakras/aura.

I’m looking forward to that picture of me playing basketball with a person whose life I’ve touched.

I smile and wave and greet everyone in the car line with a “Good morning” or “Buenos días.”   I love when they smile and wave back.  I’m ecstatic when they respond back.

For some reason the morning drive in my car with my energy tea and smoothie — just me and the early morning — is still my favorite time of day.

Christmas: Life Is What Happens . . .

"Christmas Background" courtesy of Michal Marcol /

“Christmas Background” courtesy of Michal Marcol /

Here I sit again, wrapped in a blanket on the loveseat, now on Christmas Day, staring across at Brian, lying sprawled across the adjoining couch, who, since early this morning, has apparently contrived the same sickness that I’m still suffering from.  Headache, coughs, etc.  The scientist in me wants to compare the progression and symptoms of our similar illnesses.  The child in me wants to cry.

We’ve scared off my parents, as I suppose they rightfully should be scared – my hacking attack over the phone sealed our fate — so we are alone this Christmas.  Alone and quiet, as we attempt not to disturb the demons within, hoping for healing to come soon.

For a time I was angry; angry with Brian, angry with sickness, angry that I’d already started cleaning and preparing the house, angry that things weren’t going according to plan.  And then I figured the universe was either having a good laugh at my expense or trying to teach me a lesson. So, I settled on the more positive of the two, and attempted to just let go.

Come what may, right? There’s a reason we’re alone today.  It could be that I badly needed the rest.  Maybe we’re preventing my family’s getting sick (I hope we didn’t get anyone on Brian’s side sick last night!).  Maybe this will even lead to a more low-key New Year’s, though I would be sad not to see my friends this New Year’s.

And anyway, we’re not really alone.  Even in sickness, we have each other.  Bowser’s at Brian’s feet.  Link is at mine, and Zelda is curled up right next to me.  . . .  And now Love Actually is on.  I’ve got my various flavored teas to warm my insides, and my romantic Christmas movie to warm my heart and loosen my happy tears.  All is right in the world.

Merry Christmas!

Humble Pie

"Small Boy Blowing Nose" by David Castillo Dominici /

“Small Boy Blowing Nose” by David Castillo Dominici /

Blast.  I’m sick.  After all that bragging that I never get sick.  Well, I’m grateful for two things:

1. I got sick on a weekend during a vacation, so it didn’t interfere with anything.


2.  This has made me feel kinship and appreciation for the suffering of others who have gotten sick. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a whole family to get sick at once.  Hopefully they can all pull their blankets downstairs as I have, sipping their tea, or water, or whatever it is they consume to make themselves better, pumping their various vitamins and slurping their soups.  And I do finally feel a bit better.

I think I know how it started.  It started with the two rum & cokes last Tuesday night at karaoke.  My head hasn’t been quite the same since.  And then all those holiday goodies . . .  Yesterday I began to feel the onset, but I foolishly insisted on participating in everything, regardless: the tutoring session, the Post-Apocalypse party, Brian’s work party. . .

This morning as I woke, yesterday’s slight hack became a storm, and I buckled in surprise.  My body felt alien to me, weak, unpredictable.  So, I’ve been paying special attention to it, tiptoeing around, so as not to aggravate it.  I know that Dad used to go for a run when he was sick.  Would that work for this one?  I haven’t exercised in a week, and today is usually one of my days.  But I normally use the elliptical at my parents’ house on this day, and I have no desire to leave the house.  Neither do I have any desire to clean out the whole litterbox, as I’d planned.  Nor desire to finish that last-minute shopping for tomorrow.

Thankfully, Brian has been much sweeter to me than I’ve ever been to him when he’s sick — taking out Bowser, making me breakfast, fetching the tissues, getting dinner started — whereas I would admonish him to suck it up: “You’re not really sick; don’t believe it!”, and would crankily help him when he asked.

It’s been a peaceful day, me slowly recovering and trying to get through my 738-page book for book club, and Brian sitting with his headset on, playing Guardians of Middle Earth, the days solitude broken briefly by a satisfying Bears game (although I was napping for the first half of it, anyway).

Though my head is still a little foggy, I feel the congestion elsewhere has cleared.  I have faith now that I will survive the holiday onslaught of the next few days.  And Wednesday I plan to settle down again, alone with Pride and Prejudice, Little Women,  It’s a Wonderful Life, or whatever other holiday or regular favorite I can find lying around.  Just me and my movie and my tea.  Some time to take care of Teri.


 "Cookies" by Suat Eman /

“Cookies” by Suat Eman /

Well, I was doing fairly awesome on being healthy, and then temptation hit.   Not with the vegetarian part.  Up until today, I’d been ok with that.  It’s not like people leave cheeseburgers or chili cheese dogs lying around at work to tempt you — though, the party today had some smoked salmon that almost broke me, and the jalapeno cheese dip may have had some bacon . . .

But, no, the tricky part was the sweets because those can sit out there on the teacher’s lounge table day-after-day-after-day, hour-after-hour-after-hour.  And that, I could not resist.  My recent pristine healthy eating went right out the window this past week.   Every time I’d go down the stairs to check my mailbox, I’d pick something up: a dark chocolate Frango Mint here, a Hershey Kiss cookie there . . .  little pick-me-ups before I faced my next class.  Couldn’t really hurt, right?

And then there were the gifts from the kids.  It started with a double-decker box of assorted chocolates from one of my tutoring students.  When I bit into the first chocolate, my eyes lit up like matching fireplaces.  I was a sugar-aholic getting the first taste of what I’d been missing, and as my tongue swept across my bottom lip, I quivered with excitement.  Frightening.  Then, when I’d gotten close to finishing off that first box, the barrage hit.  My Spanish students bombarded me: boxes of chocolate of various sizes and assortments, little chocolate Santas, fruit cake, homemade candy, etc.   Thankfully, I’ve managed thus far to convince myself to stick to one box at a time, but heaven help me if anyone breaks the seal on any of the other boxes . . .

But I had a sense of impending doom when the cookies came home from Brian’s cookie exchange.  There they were — easily accessible sugary goodness of all types, just sitting there on my kitchen counter – unwrapped, uneaten, and oh, so inviting.   I knew I was in trouble when Brian suggested we bring them to the party the next day, and I shrieked in a very Gollum-like fashion: “What?  Those cookies??  They’re MINE! MINE”  I ran to the exchange box and immediately began sorting through them: “We can bring these, but these are for me. . . . hmmm, and these. .  .  and these. . .  and these. . . (pause). . .  these too.” Mind you, this is the same person who less than a week ago insisted the whole cookie exchange idea was ridiculous and didn’t want any of the cookies in the house.  Because I knew better.

The only thing that saved me was my sudden turn in health this morning.  As I’ve said earlier, I don’t get sick.  So, today, when I woke up with a hacking cough and a congested chest I was a mix of dumbfoundedness, humbleness, and unconcealed frustration.  How could I feel sick?  I’ve been doing so well, right?  Right?  Oh wait.  The cookies.  Oh yeah.  The chocolate.  Oh no.  I knew the cookies had to go.  At first I decided I would still keep some for myself, but when I struggled to choose any, I knew I had to give them all up.  I piled them all up on our translucent red flower-shaped tray and lovingly tucked them all away in plastic wrap.

Of course, I knew it wasn’t goodbye forever.  I had 2 or 3 of the best kinds while at the party.  And I didn’t miss them much when I tried the mini dark chocolate and mini chocolate peanut butter ice cream bars that were sitting there staring up at me ever-so sweetly.  (Hack, hack.  Paid for that one immediately.)  I desperately tried to minimize the damage, drinking Echinacea tea through one side of my mouth while stuffin’ sweets into the other.  Believe it or not, that didn’t balance out quite as well as I’d hoped. . .

But anyway, I fear the worst is yet to come: Christmas Eve Dinner with Brian’s family.  I can sidestep the ham and turkey, but I doubt all the scrumptious casseroles and dips will be meat-free.  And it doesn’t help that the hostess is a fan-tas-tic baker who fills an entire side of the kitchen with her sweet concoctions.   This hearty once-carnivore may be sorely tempted to satisfy her need for fat by diving into that sweet side of the kitchen.

But I’ll just continue to take one moment at a time, one sweet at a time.  At least I know I’m not invincible.  I say this, as I rub some Shaklee Mentholated Multi-Purpose Cream across my chest and nurse cup-after-cup of my Chamomile Tea. [Microwave: beep  (pause) Microwave: beep  (pause)  Microwave: beep (pause) Brian: “Uh, Teri, Your tea is done.”(pause) Microwave: beep  (pause) Microwave: beep  (pause) Brian: “Tea is done.” Me: “Oh, mmm, yeah, uh huh, honey.” Microwave: beep . . . (pause). . . ]

So, if I falter, I will face the consequences.   I just hope that knowledge will be enough . . .

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