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Wednesday: Dreams and Angels


I received this message yesterday: (looked it up on Joanne Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers site)

Angel Number 1414 is a message from the angels that your thoughts and feelings are being elevated to a more positive state.  Give any fears or concerns of any kind to the angels for healing and transmutation, and have faith and trust that you are being supported, encouraged and guided by the angels along your path.  You are safe and protected  –  always.

Angel Number 1414 is a reminder to maintain a positive attitude  mind-set and optimistic outlook to attract positive energies and auspicious circumstances into your life.  Practice positive affirmations and prayers to maintain a strong connection to the angelic and spiritual realms.  Be mindful of the Law of Attraction as the energy you send out comes back to you.

Angel Number 1414 is a message to be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it.  Stay positive, optimistic and practical to ensure that you manifest what you want, rather than what you don’t.  Building strong foundations from well-laid plans ensures future stability, progress and success.  Put your efforts and focus towards your long-term goals and aspirations and work with purpose, passion and drive.  Courageously step forward in the direction of your true life purpose  and trust that the things you require will manifest when needed in your life.

At each new phase in our lives we are somewhere we have never been before.  Have faith and trust that you have the skills, talents and abilities to face all that lay ahead of you.  You are where you are meant to be at this time.

We do best what we enjoy and feel passionate about.

That’s exactly what I needed to hear.


I was able to make sense of my dreams this morning!  The key really is to know what is going on with myself the day before.  If I KNOW the struggles and learnings I’m going through, if I’m aware — then my dreams make so much more sense!

Dreams and Interpretations:

Going up and down hills (snow or something on hills?)  Indoors?  Brian opts to take the route on the ground level.   I stay above.  Way is treacherous.  I’m creating unnecessary challenges for myself, and this relates to being stuck.

I’m looking at the cats and I see Misty!  I ask Brian why Misty is with us.  Something about trouble with Tigger maybe.  Old, familiar habit that doesn’t belong.  I’m giving it safe haven.  (Could be my return to a lack of attentiveness? Or the increased running of the mouth?)

Need to put on (music?)  My cousin is to help.  Is she doing a performance, maybe?  Lots of people around in unknown building.  (And my Aunt there?)  An assured, business-like aspect of myself desiring harmony.  I believe this is relating to my struggles with how to be the best teacher I can be.

Dancing on my parents’ balcony with Dad but a little awkward for some reason. Not an easy flow and not an ease with closeness, though it is pleasant and sweet!  Song unexplainedly stops, so I go back in to house and forget about dancing, though Dad wants to go on.  I am in a place hovering between conciousness and subconsciousness (balcony), and I am harmonizing with superconscious.  It is not as seamless as I would like, but it’s good!  I believe this related to my meditation yesterday, which was wonderful.  However, I cut it a little short, a few minutes short of the whole meditation, thinking I was complete.  I believe this dream is telling me I should have done at least the full 30 minutes.

Scene between woman and Hugh Grant.  I notice her roots are showing.  They are in bed.  Affectionate, but no hanky panky.  Imagination — imagined connection between conscious and subconscious, not complete or clear; and the thoughts have not been refreshed.  They need to be updated.  (Perhaps relating to my understanding of metaphysics and subconscious and conscious mind in general.)

Some comment to someone — between guy and girl of disinterest, not offended, just nonexistent. The need/desire for further connection between the conscious and subconscious minds.

Summary:  A lot of male/female here.  Subconscious presence and superconscious presence.  There are not complete connections, but attempts — making progress.  Follow the subconscious — take the way of lease resistance!  Stick with the superconscious today.  Keep your mind focused on your life’s plan, on the good of all concerned — and meditate for the full 30 minutes!  (Or more!)

Dreamy Wednesday (Belated):

Sometimes when I go away and my routine gets disrupted, I find it harder to remember my dreams.  Fortunately, my dreams have come back, and with a vengeance!  Here are the last two days:


  • Substitute aid for a P.E. class.  P.E. teacher is in a classroom (a bit larger).  He is gathering up all of the materials when I come in.  Makes a comment about materials left in the hallway by someone else.
  • I am hugging a bunch of men to say goodbye.  For some they seem very attached to me.  One I kiss on the lips, not meant sexually, but the guy’s eyes light up in surprise.  And one guy and I end up dancing a bit.  Some older woman (teacher/authority) breaks us up, and we find another way to dance further apart, holding each other’s hands with arms out.
  • Sitting in chairs, including students, reminiscing over old days.
  • Girl not treated fairly.  We investigate.
  • ___________ ?  people help me move shelves?
  • Climbed a mountain — looked out around as if to try to seethe whole world (as if talking to someone.  Then kind of slid down the mountain.  Went back to my house.  (Slid a little lucidly in the dream.)  Was moving fast through neighborhood.  Car there, but I imagined my route would be clear.  Back to my house (flat?)  Greeted my boys with a hug and kiss.  I was male.  Wife there.
  • Some kind of movie-like scenario with bad guys coming after more laid-back good buys, but they have ingenious home-made contraptions to knock out the bad guy, including a barrel that explodes and lets out farts while the guys are already trapped down.  Later wife is upset because these shenanigans have destroyed the house a bit.  Huge crack against the wall.  We have a fight, and I say to her that she doesn’t appreciate me, basically.  I clarify that I think I’m awesome, but she doesn’t.  I get no reaction from her.
  • Sitting in a car.  (Larger car)  Certain way to sit.  By twos.  (Concert?)
  • Visited YMCA to talk about my business.  Some distractions.  (And her fixing up area.)  I don’t know that we end up talking about it.
  • My sister is upset.  She and Mom have been together and she has had some items stolen from her purse/bag (or at least, they are missing).  She begins replacing some, like nail polish and maybe other make up.  She and Mom are pretty concerned it happened in their quick stop at a hotel.  I ask them which hotel because I say I don’t want the same to happen to me.
  • Mom (at Bobi’s — grandma’s) showing me some jewelry she is wearing (maybe necklace?)  She laughs about how Dido goes/would go around the house opening all of the blinds, and Bobi closes them.
  • My body was freaky skinny.  I had like no behind at all, and I just felt really flimsy like there was no sustenance for me. 


  • Planning to move to Hollywood.  For a moment I identified with Marilyn Monroe (felt I was her).  I began to change my mind, though, knowing how expensive the city would be.  (I think that I told my boss it was going to be my last day.)  Saw a medium-sized model of the city.
  • Something with a girl sitting on my lap and then getting up and telling me how she wanted to be at her pool at home.
  • I remember walking somewhere.  I think we changed the traffic signals accidentally by saying “green” by them.
  • Raffle?
  • Guy walking around with goodies.  I was trying to decide, choose from the plate of sweets.  I chose a chocolate cupcake with white frosting, since I had gotten this one knocked over as I was looking.  But then the whole plate ended up flipped over.
  • Some talking about a presentation to be happy/happening?  3 or 4 lion-like creatures (animatronics or real?)  and talk that the dragon would emerge — just on that day!
  • 3 characters; seems went up into the sky.  The first two were serious and the last one was fun-loving.
  • Talking about talking to people at a party.  When asked, I said it would be different if I were at my particular friend’s house and talking to people.  I’d be like “Hey! Loosen up.  Have some fun.”  People thought this was funny.
  • Some guy did some questionnaire-contest thing.

Day 1 Symbols and Synthesis:

I’m a substitute, P.E. teacher, class materials, hugs, men, kiss, dance, older woman authority figure, hands/arms, chairs, students, girl, shelves, mountain, house, car, sons, hugs and kisses, I’m a male, wife, bad guys, crude/rough good guys, home-made weapon contraptions, farts, wife, crack in wall, car, people sitting, concert?, YMCA, sister, Mom, purse/bag, hotel, make-up/nail polish, Mom, jewelry (necklace?), Bobi, Bobi’s house, Dido, blinds, skinny body.

I’m not going to analyze every bit, so what strikes me about this dream first is that I’m a substitute P.E. teacher.  My intuitive reports talked about the importance of me being grounded, rooted in the physical, and in the importance of touch.  I believe this means I am exploring this.  I am also really connecting with subconscious mind, in the interactions I have with the men and with my two little boys.  PLUS I actually identify as a male.  Really seeing myself subconsciously.  There is some dissonance that I experienced with the battling men and in my interactions with the older woman and with my wife.  The crack in the wall is probably a good thing — it is breaking down limitations.  However, my conscious mind is unhappy about it.  I am intrigued by the hotel and jewelry situations.  We have the common theme of expression between the two.  In one, I am consciously, rapidly trying to replace self-expression that I have lost while going in and out of universal mind.  In the other, a superconscious aspect is showing off some self-expression.  The blinds make me think of allowing awareness and light in and out of the mind.

Day 2

Move, Marilyn Monroe, boss, model of Hollywood, girl, lap, traffic signals, raffle?, guy, dessert plate, chocolate cupcake, real/machine creatures, 3 characters, the sky, party, party people.

These dreams just seem really fluffy to me with the Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, the desserts, the magical creatures, people floating into the sky, being at a party.  What I get out of this for myself is that I need to get myself grounded, relax, make wise moves, get out of my head, and take in wholesome knowledge from my experiences.

Do you want to share your dream?   I love to hear others’ dreams!  Please e-mail me your dream:   If you’d like, I’ll respond with some suggestions of possible meanings and see what resonates with you.  Then please share how you would apply that to your life and let me know if you’d like to be featured in a “Dreamy Wednesday” post!

Happy dreaming!


Dreamy Wednesday (Belated)

I don’t know if I have permission to share about my sister’s dream that she recently shared with me.  So, I’ll just say that it was unique and cool. 🙂 My dreams this week progressed from being an adult in an elementary school classroom to a substitute teacher in an elementary school classroom to getting the house ready to have people over.

Translation: Needing to learn an overdue lesson –> Experimenting with getting back my inner authority –> cleaning up my state of mind in preparation for interaction with different aspects of myself.

This morning I had a dream smorgasbord.  So, maybe it’s good I’m running behind this week; I’m looking forward to working with these.

Here they are (not necessarily in this order):

Dream #1: I’m driving.  There’s a dogwalker (female) in the left turn lane where I intend to turn.  Sh has TONS of dogs.  One gets away and is running across the street.  I watch it with concern.  It doesn’t get hit.  I make a VERY slow stop and slow left turn to avoid the dogs and walker.  Conditions are bad, too.  It’s snowing and slushy.  When I turn to go up the street it’s a hill, and there are HUGE vehicles in the road that are attempting to pass each other, driving in my direction.  They look like the hockey rink machines that put down ice; HUGE.  I swerve around to avoid them. 

Dream #2: Something with me and Golbahar.  Someone in the bathroom.  She knocks on the door and sends them off to do something (answer the phone?)  because maybe there’s no one downstairs to do it.

Dream #3: I am looking through textbooks, and I find one that is from one of my tutoring students.  (A boy or his sister.)  I try to figure out which one it was.  It is the boy because it is a 5th grade math book.  The reason I’m interested is because there is a $55 bill sticking out of it alike a bookmark.  I think that is a weird denomination.  I check it, and it is indeed real American money.  I now say (to whoever I’m with)  that I have a dilemma.  But I decide the best thing to do is mail it back to him.  I am happy I will be reconnecting with him.  I see lots of writing in the front cover when I check it.  Some swear words.  This is a huge stack of bank slips that I could send with the money (maybe belonging to his parents?), but I decide not to.  They will require extra postage.  I’m sure the mom/dad can get more.  Slips seem to have lesson notes on the bottom; blue pages with lines and comments.  I see a note about snacks.  I write a letter but then decide against sending it.  It turns out the money actually is yuan.  I’m not sure how much it is worth, but in the dream I have now assumed that it will be useless to the boy.  It is two-sided.  One side is green, which could be a mistaken for dollars.  The other side is yellow.

Golbahar finds my original letter (one I had started but not finished, maybe crumpled).  She asks me what my purpose is, like the letter is unclear.   I go to get the actual letter to show her (in envelope?)

Dream #4: Something about a girl created a show and she realized that only one of the actors could actually sing.  She wondered why she did this.  A singing/dancing sequence follows, and the individuals mostly lip sync, and they are terrible at it.

Dream #5: Something else with a play . . .  learning part?

Dream #6: A picture is being taken.  Group shot(s).  I try to kind of hide.  Photographer is annoyed with me.  (male?)

Group shots with lots of people.  Trying to fit in with group shot.  Different gatherings.  I’m not sure when to smile.  My smile is goofy.

Dream #7: Teeny tiny “badger.” in house.  Bowser checks it out.  (I think he wants to eat it, but he stops.)  I wonder if the badger got him.  Clear long quill has gotten stuck in Bowser’s nose.  (Badger sting!)  I try to carefully and quickly pull it out and get part of it off, not all.  Now I feel I need to get the badger out.  Increasing in size?

Wow. . .  I forgot how much I had here.  Let’s see.  Dream #1: I’m headed in a particular direction, but I’m facing difficult conditions.  I’m slowed down by many habits and huge. . .  somethings!  Since the dream seems to be about challenges (the hill, the slush, etc, the snow suggests being stuck.)  So, I think it’s about trying to take a positive, decisive direction in my life but finding myself slowed down — and even stuck — amidst habits, challenges, and environmental circumstances.  Makes sense.

Dream #2.  I’ve got a subconscious aspect, a place for cleansing, and some unknown aspects that may be dealing with communication and different levels of mind (downstairs).   I would guess that it’s telling me I need to be available to receive communication between levels of mind.

Dream #3.  Yikes.  Well, what really sticks out to me is the 55.  I’m really into numbers.  Money has to do with value and “5” is “reasoning” in a dream.  Last night we focused a lot on reasoning in class, so that only makes sense.  A summary of the dream seems to be that I receive a tool for information /information — at a lower level — that includes something to do with value and reasoning.  I’m not sure what it really is, and I’m confused about the value.  I eventually recognize that it is not as much value as I thought and not as useful (since it is the wrong currency).  I am also originally intent on doing the “right thing” and returning it to a developing subconscious aspect of myself.  I’m excited about connecting with this aspect because our connection was severed.  I would describe this part as impulsive/impatient and brilliantly creative.  I have even prepared communication with it.  I later don’t go through with the communication when I decide the bill is useless.  There is something about communication and value again with the bank notes, which also ties into productivity and taking in knowledge.  But I do not see that as important. Finally, my superconscious gets involved, wanting to know about my purpose in the communication.  But she has grabbed the wrong communication, so I update her.   Most importantly, I can’t identify “reasoning”, and I’m confused about its value.  My impulsive/impatient, brilliantly creative side may be the connection.

Dream #4: I am attempting to create harmony within myself, but I have not chosen the correct aspects to do it, so it is not working out perfectly. . .   That may have to do with understanding myself part and getting aligned within.

Dream #5: I am preparing for some sort of creativity, imaginative work.

Dream #6: The use of memory.  I’m involving many aspects of myself in this, but I am not putting my whole self enough in the picture.  (Maybe related to our class conversation or our visualization exercise.)

Dream #7:  These animal-on-animal dreams are confusing to me.  I should ask about those in the next Dream Webinar.  I have two habits here.  One is one that I love and am very comfortable with.  The other is unknown.  I can’t even recognize the animal for sure, it doesn’t look like a real life badger at all, and the size keeps fluctuating.  I think there’s something significant in the stinger/quill and the nose.    The nose is part of the face.  It may be part of a human’s expression, but for a dog it is a main means of receiving information.  The quill is a protective/aggressive measure  Perhaps I was using one habit to explore a new/unknown habit, and there was some resistance.  However, after I saw the damage done, I wanted to get rid of the habit.

Dogs showed up twice in my dreams.  The main unproductive habits I’ve been facing lately are lack of confidence/insecurity; bossiness, worry, lack of purpose, and stubbornness.  These have impeded my journey . . .  but I’m not sure which one is the badger.

Happy dreaming tonight!

Dreamy Wednesday: Cruise, Cats, Old Crush, Windows Open, Teacher

I wrote these dreams down on an empty envelope that I had grabbed from the counter when I walked in late Sunday night after my weekend away.  I wish I’d taken the time to grab my journal. . .

From Monday morning, but not necessarily in this order:

#1 English class.  I’m teaching.  Adolescent students in there (some).  I remember husband of my metaphysics classmate and some unknown young male.  It’s an English lesson.  It’s based on a movie I’ve shown them, but it’s also in their English textbook.  The adolescent gets frustrated and crumples up his page.  At some point the video slows down, slow mo, as if a glitch.  There is a male dipping and spinning another male.

I look at lesson.  Frustrated adolescent boy has question.  I’m not sure of the answer.  I refer back to text.  I say we’re checking our own papers.  I say it looks like we’re not doing the work, then I’ll collect and grade them, and of course, there will be quizzes.  As I’ve walked around, looking at students’ work, I notice that even the directions need DOL (Daily Oral Language ) correction.

At some point I leave the classroom, forgetting the door was locked (from the inside), when I close it.  The students let me back in, though.

#2?  (Still #1?) Students see a man who has flown into a tree, and is chilling on a branch (sitting), wearing a robe.

#3 On a cruise ship.  Walking back and forth to look out the windows.  I watch as we pass the border of NYC.

#4 I’ve been letting Link and Zelda outside during the day. I go out to retrieve them.  Zelda tries to sneak out again. I lock her in a room.

#5 Old high school crush.  I come back from somewhere, and I kiss him and tell him I love him.  He tells me he needs to tell me something.  Seems ominous.

#6 Golbahar is telling me I left things unlocked and all the windows open in the house. We go around to check all of the rooms and make sure there are no intruders.

#7 The house where we are is huge.  At some point I think it’s too big.  There are many, many rooms.  We got it from a family.  There are still things left over in the house from them (like toys?)  and items for baby and care of a baby.

As you can see, I had quite a night!  I still need to look at these more, and I may ask about one of them in the  dream webinar tonight at 6:30.  #3 Is most likely referring to my movement from 1st cycle into the new unknown of the 2nd cycle (since I’m on a huge ship, which would symbolize an organization).

#6 seems to be about my superconscious making me aware of what I’m leaving my my open to.  Making sure I’m aware of what I’m letting in.

I really don’t know about #4 and #5.  Something about letting my habits out to play and then reigning them back in for #4 .  And #5 has to do with some outdated desired relationship and expression with a subconscious aspect.

#7 has to do with the newly acquired expansiveness of my mind.  I’m confused about the bit about getting it from another family, though.  I don’t see them, only remnants of them, memories of them.  Perhaps they prepared the way for me?

I love #2.  Such a fun image.  I remember the guy being white haired, wearing a robe similar to my graduation robe. His back was to us, and he was just chilling there.  I guess a very developed subconscious aspect is defying limitations and is at home in intuition!

For #1 I’m intrigued that I’m solidly the teacher in this one.  In dreams I’ve had recently I’ve been a guest teacher or have considered going back to teaching or am observing.  In this one I am confidently the teacher.  Perhaps this is a sign that I am taking responsibility of teaching myself and my different aspects (apparently subconscious, in this case.)  Not sure if I’ll go into the details at some point.

That’s it for Dreamy Wednesday.  Feel free to share your own dreams below!



Dreams: Insect? Plant?

Image courtesy of wiangya /

Image courtesy of wiangya /

I dreamt I was standing at a wall doing something and there was an insect hovering nearby.  It was an unpleasant distraction, so I called my dad over.  He knocked it down for me.  We took a look at it, and the insect was now this huge insect with a large, leafy branch coming out the back of it. 

Wall — limitation

Dad — Superconscious

Insect — Habit

Plant — Intuition

This is a dream from a week ago, and I was a little stumped by the insect/plant combo.  Was it a habit?  Was it intuition?  So, I asked Dr. Barbara from the School of Metaphysics during last week’s dream webinar.  She said animals/habits can be compulsive and to look at my intuition and how I’m using it.  Is it compulsive?  Am I aware of its existence?  She drew my attention to our intuition journal (a place to recognize intuitive happenings) and encouraged me to keep doing my exercises and be aware of my intuition.

I need to be keeping up with my intuitive journal and noticing more of my intuitive happenings, so that is the application I will use for this dream.

A School of Metaphysics Experience: Bible Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind

Image courtesy of lamnee /".

Image courtesy of lamnee /”.

I am so pleased that I decided to go to the Bible lecture tonight.  It was a wonderful community event in which students from the schools in Bolingbrook, Palatine, and Chicago gathered together to share a potluck dinner — every single dish was A-MAZING! — and then participated in a fascinating lecture by Dr. Laurel on the first 3 chapters of Genesis, as seen through the Universal Language of Mind.

Dr. Laurel had us start by sharing our names, lessons we are on, and our experience with the Bible.  Students ranged from Lesson 5 through lesson 39, and surprisingly, a significant number of the participants tonight came from Catholic backgrounds, like me.  One student truly touched my heart when he shared his own journey with his faith and his excitement at what he was learning through the School of Metaphysics.

Then, the lecture began.  We were mesmerized, like eager children, gobbling up delicious knowledge.  Some students’ pens flew across their pages as the interpretation reached our ears.  Others sat back and just listened, taking it all in.  The room was so crowded that some of us chose to sit on pillows, and I was reminded of one of my favorite childhood Bible stories of workaholic Martha, and her sister Mary, rapt listener.  We were sitting in a circle, ourselves a bunch of “Martha”s, absorbing the message.

Time flew, and like waking from a dream, I emerged in a peaceful daze.  I asked: “Can we do this again?”

I realized the School of Metaphysics is bringing my faith back to me.  For many years I was a devoted Christian follower, but I sometimes felt a nagging, like something just wasn’t quite right for me.  Persistent nagging and doubts gave way to many “dark nights of the soul”, and then gradually I came to completely dismiss my faith.  I stopped participating in parts of mass that I didn’t agree with, and then I stopped going to church.  I quit struggling to pray.  I cringed at the words “God” and “Jesus.” I avoided Christmas songs.  I gave away my Bible.  I felt awkward at wedding ceremonies and cringed at Christian Facebook posts.

But then I went to the Cantata this year and learned that Jesus is the part of ourselves that is the conversion from “believing” to “knowing”, and I began to sing again.

I learned about the Creator in our lessons, whose creations became the sparks of life within us, and so I made peace with “God.”  I’m still struggling with the “Father” part of it, though.

Then, I learned about the mind triangle and Christ-consciousness/Buddha-consciousness, and I began to see Jesus and Buddha as the wonderful teachers and enlightened beings that they were.  I put Buddha, Jesus, and Mary — the ultimate example of receptivity at the center of my “People to Emulate” collage.

Then, through healing service, meditation, and visualization, I have began to try to pray again.

Tonight, I have renewed my relationship with the Bible. Here is a brief summary (which does not compare with Dr. Laurel’s wonderful full interpretation):  Genesis is the story of creation — of our creation.  It is the story of life that began with the heavens (superconsciousness) and the blankness below (consciousness without form).  We are the sparks of superconscious mind who also became subconscious mind (Adam), and then conscious mind (Eve), who together create a whole.  In the Garden of Eden we began to reason, with the impetus of the ego (snake). One day we will return and walk past the fiery sword (karma) when our learning is complete.

And the most valuable lesson of tonight is: We are created in the image of God. We are all beautiful, amazing creatures because we are children of God.  The Genesis message is not of sin and judgement, but a story of creation and growth.  Growth means learning, and learning can be challenging, but the resulting expansion is world-changing.

The School of Metaphysics welcomes you!  Some schools start new classes every month, and for some, coursework by correspondence.  School centers include:

345 Manor Court • Bolingbrook, Illinois60440 • (630) 739-1329

5021 W. Irving Park Road •Chicago, Illinois 60641 • (773) 427-0155

222 West Wilson • Palatine, Illinois 60067 • (847) 991-0140

1009 E. Main Street • Urbana, llinois 68120 • (217) 344-2270

6138 North Hillside • Indianapolis, Indiana 46220 • (317) 251-5285

3715 University •Des Moines, Iowa50311 • (515) 255-5570

4323 Rainbow Boulevard • Kansas City, Kansas 66103 • (913) 236-9292

2704 Hikes Lane • Louisville, Kentucky 40218 • (502) 452-2501

103 West Broadway • Columbia, Missouri 65203 • (573) 449-8312

1033 East SunshineSpringfield, Missouri65803 • (417) 831-0955

2606 Oakview Terrace • Maplewood, Missouri 63143 • (314) 645-0036

14 Sheehan Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45216 • (513) 821-7353

908 NW 12th St • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106 • (405) 228-0506

429 S. Memorial •Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112 • (918) 582-8836

5832 Live Oak Street • Dallas, Texas75214 • (214) 821-5406

SOM World Headquarters College of Metaphysics
Windyville, Missouri 65783 • (417) 345-8411

The Beginning

Image courtesy of manostphoto/".

Image courtesy of manostphoto/”.

I intend, intend, intend to post on here every day . . .  I do!  This post is to make me accountable.  And get me back in the swing of things.  In the metaphysics classes I’m taking, we’re focusing on how there is no “good” or “bad” in life.  There are only situations that life brings us,  colored only by our own perceptions.  Emotions are connected to desires from our soul; they may indicate unresolved experiences from our past, lessons that we have yet to learn.

I feel like I’m being hit over the head with some lessons, and I also that I’m stuck, stuck, stuck in them, not moving forward in my growth.  The first step is awareness, so I’m thankful that I have at least gotten that far.  In my dreams this morning, my subconscious reminded me that I have some work to do:

It was the apocalypse, and the world was being consumed by fire (perhaps from a burning meteorite?).  The weird part was that it was a Groundhog Day version of the apocalypse.  Each time we started over on that same doomsday day, and I knew the world was going to end in flames.  I vaguely remembered hearing a message from some man — a subconscious or superconscious aspect of myself, depending on who the male was — who was telling me something about how to prevent the event or maybe how to protect myself from it.  All I could remember was the word “flame retardant.”  (Cloth?)  Each time I started over, I tried to figure out how to prevent impending doom.  Each time  I could see or sense the flames closing in.  On one day I remember a female (conscious aspect of self) and me preparing for the end together.  I believe we prayed or said/sang some of the songs from the Cantata together.  We were indoors in a living-room-type area with large windows on either side.  So, we saw the flames coming, and I was trying to comfort her.  One one of the days I remember actually being consumed by the flames.  (It was not as painful as I had imagined it would be.)  And finally, in one of the last repetitions, some people were sending some people up in a rocket (probably to save them from the apocalypse).  They were strapped in the rocket.  I wanted to know why I wasn’t strapped in.  They told me that I could just hang onto the rocket.  This seemed ridiculous to me, and was NOT having that.  (I’d take the apocalypse, thank you very much!)

I shared this dream with one of my classmates after our health class tonight, and we reached a similar conclusion: I am being faced with the opportunity for change (the fire), but I am not accepting the learning and embracing the change, the event is happening again and again because the universe is repeatedly sending me chances to learn, and I am repeatedly not learning!

So, yes, I have some lessons that fit right into that dream. (I know that I’m aware of the impending change — I could see it through those large living room windows!)  So, more on that tomorrow.  (Yes — I AM writing tomorrow!) 🙂

God bless.  Be well.

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