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Takes a Little Time. . . Change

"Sunset Street" courtesy of sakhorn38/

“Sunset Street” courtesy of sakhorn38/

I’m diggin’ the time change.  I knew I would.  What’s not to like?  A little darker when I’m usually asleep anyway, and lighter when I’m heading home.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I wake up to the freshness of a new morning, driving through dawn. It feels like those cool, fresh mornings at the onset of our family road trips of my childhood, when we’d drive to Ohio to see the relatives.  The car is packed, and the world is not quite awake yet (and neither is the traffic!)   And then, on the other hand, when I’m driving home each day, it doesn’t feel like my day is already over — it’s still on!

In other news, I feel I’m a sunshine leech.  I’m some reverse-vampire who shrivels in darkness and comes alive in the sunshine.  Seasonal Affective Disorder is very real to me.  And I hate it.

And this cold winter is still bitin’ me in the butt.  Maybe I should go live on the equator.

Mourning of the Seasons

Image courtesy of [image creator name] /

“Frozen Forest” courtesy of Evgeni Dinev /

Please come back, Spring and Summer — but not Fall, for though I enjoy your beauty and company, you and Winter are far too close.  I have no love for Winter.  I never have.  Was I ever swept up in the charms of Snow?  I think not.  Or if I was, I care nothing for it now.  Not to drive in; not to sled in; not for forts, or for making men with buttons and pipe.

I do not like the hidden black death that causes my car to skid and people to slip.  Neither do I care for its milky sister who lurks in all other spaces, reducing quick and joyful steps to tentative, terrified ones.

I hate your harsh breath, oh Winter.  With each inhale, I can feel your icy breath rush down my throat, grasping and rattling my lungs, while I cough in self-defense.

But that is not the worst, dear Winter, no.  Can you guess what it might be?  It is that you banished the Sun; it no longer greets me with a kiss when I wake, no longer fills me with its warm glow and assures me that all will be alright.   Nor does it linger long at night to embrace me and tell me it’s time to sleep.  The Sun is weak now, so much weaker.   Perhaps it is depressed, like me?  Sometimes I think you can’t stop us, Winter – we will go out for lunch!  But your chill is too much for me, keeping us separated, though I miss our time together.

You are an unwelcome guest, Winter!  And I hope you will not extend your stay this year.   I know you have been patient this year, arriving late with a gentler touch.  But I also know that you are prone to linger and to even push Spring aside!

So, Spring, please show your face this year.  YOU are welcome!  Even more than Summer (Sorry!)  Though Winter protests, stay strong! The world is ready for you, and so am I.

Meanwhile, I wait for you, in the darkness.

In This Moment

One of the best feelings in the world

is the spring or summer nap,

lying in bed with almost nothing on,

the sun streaming through the window and bathing your body in light,

blankets carelessly draped across you,

and a light breeze gently caressing your back.

Warmth and a bliss are all you know.

There is no cold. There is no darkness.

Image: scottchan /

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