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Is Something Keeping You From Your Dream?


I’m trying something different with this blog.  I’m diving deep into my training and future projects, and I want to share insights I’ve gleaned for you to ponder and enjoy as well.

Over the summer I invested in Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy.  I am currently immersed in 4 different trainings (yikes!), but I’ve found some time to get back to Brendon.

In the lesson I watched today, Brendon talks about 10 factors that predict your success, and he encourages us to rate ourselves from 1-10 on how strong we are with each of them. These 5 really made me think:

  • Identity.  This reminds me a lot of what we referred to in the School of Metaphysics as our “ideal self.”   (Do you see yourself as the person you intend to be when you have accomplished your dream?)
  • Intrinsic Value.  Do you love your dream so much that you would go after your dream no matter what?  (Like a hobby?)
  • Utility Value.  Does this dream bring something tangible into your life? (Money?) (Skill set?)
  • Opportunity Cost.   This is particularly a big one for me, a person who likes to be involved in many different things: Does your attention to one goal affect any of your other goals?
  • Delay Time. Do you hear yourself say: “It will take too long?”  Does there seem like too much of a gap before the pay off?  (Do you have smaller goals in place throughout the journey?)

Are you following your dream?  Let’s all make it happen!

Much love, many blessings. ❤

What’s in Your Fortune Cookie?


I’ve had quite a few spot-on fortunes from my fortune cookies in the last few years, in that they’ve really told me what I needed to hear at that particular time.

I got this one a week ago:

“There is but one cause of human failure.  And that is one’s lack of faith in one’s true self.”

This was my next most recent one:

“The world will soon be ready to receive your talents.”

And before:

“You will become an accomplished writer.” (!)

These are some others that I found still on my fridge:

“Failure is the chance to do better next time.”

“Be yourself, and you will always be in fashion.”

“Your dreams will bring you into a profitable venture.”

“You will soon have the opportunity to improve your finances.”

“You will win success in whatever calling you adopt.”

“Avert misunderstanding by calm, poise, and balance.”

And the mysterious:

“Someone you have overlooked in your past will cause great changes in your life.”

What’s in your fortune cookie?



Something Tells Me I’m onto Something. . .

Yesterday. . .


“The World Will Soon Be Ready to Receive Your Talents”

I got this fortune from a fortune cookie during our “Fiesta” party. 😀  Ironic food, but cute and fun! (I left the food completely choices open except for foods with peanuts.)

This morning:


Sometimes this is attributed to the Dalai Lama, but it actually comes from David Orr.

Facebook post. . .  And those are me!  What do you require of me, world?  I’m ready for you!

Return to Me

I have been gone for a long time. A very long time. And I’m back. But I’m not sure what direction I want to take. I feel like I’m in a bit of limbo right now. Finishing out one journey. Embarking on another. And it’s terrifying. I forgot how sensitive I am. I forgot how uncertainty and tension takes my stomach and intestines and wraps them around its wrists and pulls them taught until . . . until. . . and that release is what I struggle to find. Do I drink it away? Do I sit with it and stew, examining my thoughts and feelings and working with what I have? Do I muscle it out? Or do I run away, distracting myself and pushing it aside. All of my life I have learned to run away, shove away, ignore. . . Now is the time to be strong.

It is frustrating that I’ve know I must be more confident, that I have to believe in myself and be strong. But I see myself. I see the sloped shoulders, ducked head, and lowered eyes, and I am disgusted with myself. But at least I see it now. Before I WAS it, and I didn’t know. But others did, and they stepped on me and stepped over me. If they step on me now, I will notice. I will.

I am afraid. I am very, very afraid, but now I know I’ve made the right decisions. I am on the right path. The universe has made that abundantly clear to me, nailing the coffin closed and spewing the writing on the wall. Any doubts I’ve had are squelched by the decisive slamming of the gavel. Verdict? Done. Free. But not yet. I must finish out my sentence. And after I am released, I have a moat to cross and a path to find. And right now I’m afraid of the water. The prison is squeezing my soul, but it is the devil I know, and I don’t know what lies beneath those waters. Or what awaits me on the other side.

Someday I will look back on this.  I will laugh.  Or maybe I will cry with relief.  But there will be a someday.  I am not dead. And though I don’t feel it,  I am stronger.

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So Happy

I cried on the drive home yesterday evening.  It was a happy cry.  It was the feeling that I wanted to be that happy forever.  I had a fantastic concert.  I played my best yet on all of the pieces, and I did a great job on my solo (despite being incredibly nervous!).  It was great getting all of the compliments.  I’d missed that.  Before I kept thinking: “I’m good at things!  I’m somebody!  Why don’t people realize it?”  I know it’s important what I think about myself.  I know I shouldn’t care what others think.  But, it is nice to be appreciated.

Brian and I decided to go the after party, and I’m glad we stopped by for a while.  We chatted a bit with the father of one of my good friends who got me involved in the orchestra in the first place.  He fascinated us with descriptions of the Southwest, the land, and the crystal clear sky.  (He said that from his land atop a mountain, you felt your head was in the Milky Way!)  And I especially perked up when he spoke of the Anasazi and how he’d explored their ancient dwellings.  He moaned about how his family wouldn’t go with him, and I cried: “We’ll be your family!!”

I know someday we’ll go there.  I hope to travel across the whole United States.  Brian and I have joked about getting an RV and wandering the U.S., but I think we secretly really want to.  We talk about our dreams of someday traveling all over, someday when our lives are more secure, and we’ve got more money in the bank.

And I’m beginning to believe that my dreams will come true.  I finally joined a musical, something that satisfies two pictures on my dream board: singing and acting.  (And I should have dancing up there, too!)  And with the work I’m doing in the rest of my life, I hope to fulfill my dreams of being a writer, traveling the world, and everything else!

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