Awaken Your Inner Writer with On-Line Fun!

Does your child (or inner child) need some inspiration to write?  Below are a couple of sites I plan to use with one of my writing tutoring students. Create your own story with! For a simpler format, try! Have fun with poetry with! If you use one, please share! Much love and many blessings. ❤

Story Saturday/Sunday: What Lies Within by Teri Karl, Illustrated by Christopher Walker

Announcing a new collaboration between me and Christopher Walker!  The start of many works!  Enjoy. . . Evelyn had never looked in the mirror. She never even noticed that she omitted this. But perhaps she was afraid of who she might see? Most considered her lovely, with her long, dark reddish-brown hair, dark brown eyes,... Continue Reading →

Friday Fun: Adelaide’s Story

It is dusk.  Adelaide grabs and kicks at cracks in the concrete, climbing the thick cement wall beyond the workyard.  She begins the slow walk of the balancing gymnast, one leg swinging out, returning, teetering, and then the other, repeat.  Standing straight, she pauses and looks down to her left, into the workyard.  The buildings... Continue Reading →

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