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Think About It Thursday: Are You Making Space?


Are you making room for the life you’d love living? (Are you ready?)   If you want that new Tessla, do you have the garage space for it?  If you want a new relationship, do you have the it?  If you want to take that trip, do you have the travel account for it?  The suitcases?  The sunscreen?

If you are expecting to receive a guest you have to make the space for them, whether it’s the time in your schedule, the place at the table, or the guest room cleaned and ready.  What about for your dream?  Are you creating an inviting environment for the life you’d love living?

This is a good month for clearing out and making space so that those things you desire can slide right into place when they arrive for you.   You may need to make some mental space, too.  If you intend to be wealthy, that insecure part of yourself may block your connection.  As Wallace Wattles says in Think and Grow Rich, know that you are a “person of increase” in everything that you do!  Think about who you will be in your new life.  Who will you be when you have that new car, that new relationship, that new trip, etc?  What will it feel like?  What will you be thinking?  Do your current mental and emotional states match up? It may be time for some “spring (or summer) cleaning” !

Much love, joy, and blessings to you all! ❤

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Start Fresh


Hello, everyone!  This is Teri Karl, Life Mastery Consultant, and today I’d like to talk about “starting fresh.”  This is a great time of year for starting fresh.  We just had the Spring Equinox, we just had Easter, and it is spring.  So, it’s a time of new beginnings.  And you know the term “spring cleaning.”  So, that’s what I would like to focus on today — is spring cleaning — in all terms of the word.

So, for example, this is a good time to detox your body.  Clean out your body.  Eat lots of good food, lots of good fluids, clean out what’s not needed.  Make some room for the good stuff, the good nutrients to come into your body.  This is a good time to clean out your house — again, spring cleaning, going through your things, deciding what you’d love to keep, what can go.  Cleaning out your garage, when it’s warm enough, depending on where you live.  This is a good time to clear out old finances.  In the U.S. it’s tax season, taxes are due, so get those in, if you haven’t already.  It’s a good time to clear out 2015.  I’m going to be finishing that tonight and getting 2016 welcomed in.  It’s also a good time to clear out your schedule.  Reevaluate.  We talked a little bit about this recently.  Look at the events that are in your calendar and decide what’s adding to you and what needs to go.  Pinpoint. Focus.  That applies to activities.  What are the activities in your life that are adding to you and giving you joy?  And what are the activities that maybe can go?  And finally — and possibly most importantly — is cleaning out your mind, taking a look at what thoughts you’ve been hanging onto this past year, and which ones, again, are giving something to you and helping you grow, and which need to go out the window, out with all the stale air . . . to let in . . . because that’s what you’re doing for yourself when you’re clearing out your body, you’re clearing out your house, you’re clearing out your finances, you’re clearing out your calendar and your mind — you’re making space to receive something better.  And this is a good time.  This is going to be a great year this year.  Big things are coming, and I welcome you to open up that space for yourself.

Have a wonderful rest of your day.  Much love. Many blessings.  See you soon. ❤

A Whole Lotta Clutter

Today Brian and I went up to our friend’s house to help them move some furniture around in preparation for some new wood flooring. The house they’ve been gradually renovating came right out of the 60’s/70’s, and the old shaggy gold carpet and brown linoleum tiling had to go.

But instead of being inspired by this experience to go renovate my own home, I had the desire to run home and expel all superfluous objects from my own residence.  Much of my work today involved removing various nick-knacks and scores of delicate drink ware, and then returning them after the furniture had been relocated to another room.

As we worked, I heard comments of “We never use these”, and “He says he has to have these for sentimental reasons.”  As I helped packed wine glass after wine glass, beer stouts, and multiple sets of China, I tried to think of what we might have stuffed on our basement shelves, under our stairs, in drawers and cabinets, under the beds, on end tables, and in closets.  What was the point of having all that stuff?  Was there some innate human need to just have things?

I think these are the most dangerous words to any hoarder (or to any person trying to do some spring cleaning): But, I might use this“.  Like the cake storage container and muffin tins that I might use — if I actually baked.   And the various single-use kitchen gadgets and ceramic containers that I might use —  if I actually cooked.  What about all of those Christmas ornaments and the  Oaxacan pottery that I could display — if I were to start trusting my rambunctious cats?  Then, of course, there are the random clothing accessories that might be useful for a future Halloween costume. . .

All I know I know is I do not want my things to tie me down.  And if I ever need to move again, I do not want to be packing up and making space for objects whose only function has been collecting dust.

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