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55 Days ‘Til El Camino: 10 Reasons I’m Walking El Camino


This was from my Toastmaster’s speech today.  I wish you could have heard the Evaluator’s comments on it.  He is so poetic!  His evaluation was more beautiful than my speech!

I was inspired to write this based on an article I came across about 10 Ways el Camino “Sucks.”  I didn’t want to read it . . .  but I couldn’t resist.  And I’m glad I did read it, because — as it turns out — some of the reasons are actually good reasons for me to go!

1. I love travel. 

This is my dream, to travel.  I realized this a week or two ago when I was challenged in a mastermind to answer: What would you regret if you died next year? Travel.  That immediately popped into my head.  If I am to inspire visionaries, I must be true to my vision!

2.  It’s economical.

Sure, the plane ticket is a little pricey, but once I get there, it’s pretty inexpensive for a month-long trip!  Besides transportation to and from the airport, transportation is by foot.  No fancy excursions, just free views.The cheapest hostels are $6-$10. (The Euro is pretty close to the dollar right now.) And inexpensive local food is available along the way.

3. It’s an ancient, spiritual path.

The path is open to all backgrounds and beliefs, but honors the Catholic Saint James and before that had Celtic origins, once a born-again ritual on a path following the Milky Way.  I wish to have my own rebirthing, spiritual experience on this journey, connecting more with my purpose and with God.

4. There’s plenty of nature.

I often have to look for excuses or excursions to connect with nature.  For this trip, it’s built right in!  Though I will be sleeping in hostels and passing through towns and cities, a majority of my time will be spent outdoors in beautiful scenery.

5. It’s relatively safe.

I did hear of a few incidents on el Camino, but they are few.  Stealing is a concern, so I will be putting some appropriate measures into place.

6. It’ll be great physical activity.

I’ve been encouraged to spend time in nature and participate in repetitive, aerobic activity — Bingo!

7. There will be many people.

This path has apparently become very popular in recent years, and this was considered a “drawback” in the other article.  However, this is great for me, as far as safety in numbers, and this will be a great opportunity to meet some international folks and maybe make some friends (part of my dream!)  I MAY need to be clear that I need my meditative time, though.  I’ll need to find a balance between socializing and reflecting.

8. I’ve been advised to go!

I received 2 intuitive reports recently, and in the last one, when the conductor asked: “Is this all?” the reporter responded:

We see this one is considering taking some type of journey.  We see it would be important for this one to do this, as there is much available in terms of the field of this one’s vibration. There is much moving in this one’s vibration, and this journey will assist this one to tap into that and then draw these desires into physical form, as this one’s vibration will change in this journey.

9: BONUS! I speak Spanish.

Another “problem” with el Camino is that locals don’t always speak English.  Well, I happen to speak Spanish!  Now I have a chance to practice my second language, too!

9. It’s a great first goal of many!

I have a feeling this is the beginning of many similar adventures.  I told a friend about, it and she asked why I chose this one over similar journeys in the U.S.  There are others?? I had no idea!  More for my bucket list!

We all have dreams, we all have our own path to walk. Think about where you want the road to take you this year.

To your dreams!

Much love, many blessings. ❤


What Do Your Dreams Mean to You?


Do you pay attention to your dreams? Or are they just part of the sleeping experience?  Just another fixture in your day-to-day existence?

What if your dreams actually have messages for you?  Imagine a pile of love letters left unopened.  What might you be missing?

For over 40 years teachers and students at the School of Metaphysics have been studying dreams. We connect dreams to the previous 24 to 48 hours of our life experiences before the dream and dig for the messages that our own dreams are trying to tell us.   We are like detectives peering into our own souls.  After we decipher the dream’s message, we apply the learning to help ourselves, so that we can grow. We believe that life is our schoolroom, and we are here to become the best versions of ourselves.

Your dreams are about you. Every part of the dream – every person, place, and thing in your dream is a part of you. And the messages from your dreams come from you. They come from the inner you, the inner teacher, your inner soul mate.  And that inner teacher is always trying to help you, to mentor you, to give you understandings and truth – if you will listen.

Anyone can interpret his/her own dreams. There’s actually a science to it. And you are your best teacher. You are your best interpreter because your messages come from you!

Would you like to start opening those messages?  You can start at any time.  Get a journal or a notebook and start recording what you remember each morning.  Then start to look for patterns for the symbolism behind it.  Join a dreams Meetup group.  Read books or look on-line.  Take on-line courses through or in-person through psychology classes or the nearest branch of the School of Metaphysics (  Do you have questions?  You’ve got answers!

Photo credit: Viktor Hanacek

Tribute Tuesday/Dreamy Wednesday

As a person who depends on routine, I’m going a little crazy with my change in schedule and all the things I still need to get done.  I intend to keep up with the daily blogging as much as possible, though. . .

Tribute Tuesday

Today’s tribute is to small business owners and start-ups in general.  There’s quite a lot of start-up work for a new venture! I’ve got a double-whammy right now starting both a new Metaphysics class and Early Education Enrichment classes.  Promotion, imaging, scheduling, organizing, and financial planning are key right now — and I’m quite a bit overwhelmed.

The exciting part is that I’m really experiencing being a creator right now:  I’ve created a hat, T-shirt, flyers, and a banner.  I also will get to practice communicating and interacting with others as I talk about the classes.  The best part is that I’m fulfilling my life purpose of self-empowerment by learning to take charge and make decisions and understanding and sharing my value.

And I know I have a long and exciting journey ahead!  Small business people, what has your start-up experience been like?

Dreamy Wednesday

I couldn’t remember too much about my dreams last night.  Something about not getting on the right bus with my dad and sister and another part with worrying about having the right papers/materials and contact information for an older couple who was driving away.  The night before I had another zombies dream. The weird part about it was that it was kid of a reverse of World War Z (Brian had it on in the background as I was doing something a few night ago) — if I made a loud screeching noise it held them at bay.  But I found my voice growing hoarse, and I could barely hold them off.

Analysis: Basically I’ve been overwhelmed with changes lately. The changes are all for the good, but I sometimes have trouble dealing with change.  I think the zombies are the unpleasant aspects of myself that I have to face when I lose structure, perhaps the procrastinator, the disorganized one, the panick-er, the resistor, etc. They have seemed to be “dead” because I haven’t had to deal with a complete overhaul in my life for a while.  (But now they’ve been reactivated!)   I’m not sure about the screeching part.  Perhaps I’m needing to express myself, my needs, and my goals clearly and loudly to help me work through the situation.  Instead, I feel my energy waning,, and I’m afraid I’ll be overcome by the darker parts of me.  I believe this morning’s dreams reflect my struggle to organize my new schedule and all of the details of my life.  My sister — a hardworker — and my father — a superconscious aspect  –have boarded the bus — an organization, like the School of Metaphysics.  But I missed it.  This likely symbolizes my need to get on board with my daily exercises and to turn to my spiritual nature for guidance.

A Good Time to Cry

"Tree In Bubble" courtesy of njaj/

“Tree In Bubble” courtesy of njaj/ 

Have you ever had a good cry? I’ve had several, and unless I dwell too much on the original trigger, it’s a very cleansing and refreshing experience. I thought I would get one in this evening, but I waited for Brian to leave for his meeting, and now I don’t have it in me.

I think about my guardian angel sometimes, one of my spiritual guides.  Amy, an intuitive, told me about her, and now I worry that she worries about me.  Is that silly?  I want to tell my guardian angel not to worry.  Don’t worry.  Don’t worry.  I’ll be ok.  Even when my world is spinning, and I’m losing faith in myself, I know deep down that I’ll be ok.  Don’t worry.

But. . . if you’re not busy, it’s ok if you hold me for a while.  Sometimes I get lonely and depressed, and I don’t know what’s going to happen next, and that scares me.  So, if you don’t have someone else to attend to, you can stay for a while.

I’m just going to sit here.  You can sit here next to me. Make some space around my cat.  Cuddle up beside me while I just sit and be.  If my cat can still look at me like that, I must be alright.  If you’re still here to look after me like that, I must be alright.

Just be.  Just be.  Just be.

Coincidence? I Think Not!

"Doing Meditation" courtesy of pixtawan/

“Doing Meditation” courtesy of pixtawan/

I’m very interested in “The Secret”, though I don’t quite know how it works.  I’m also very interested in my spiritual guides — though I don’t exactly know how they work.  And because of my interest and belief in these two things (among others), I don’t really believe in coincidences.  Though I can’t always explain what happens to me —  or why things stick out in my mind — I do believe there is some purpose or message.

Recent examples:

1)  666  I’m still seeing it quite often.  Sometimes it’s just “66” or “606”, but I’ve been seeing 3 of them back-to-back, too.

2) Cardinals.  Red cardinals everywhere.  I know it’s probably related to the season and how they can stand the winter, but I am seeing them and hearing them EVERYWHERE.  I think they may be my bird for the year.  (Although I’ve seen a few hawks already, too, and huge random swarms of birds flying overhead.)

3) 10 likes. I was just thinking this past week that it would be great if I could get to 10 “like”s on WordPress, and that very same day I got 10, and then more!

4) Weird connection that requires a backstory:  (Ahem!  Here goes.)  Last week I re-organized the entire house during my snow day, and this included the area under our small entertainment center.  I found a video that I knew wasn’t mine and that I thought probably belonged to one of my teacher friends: Nim’s Island.  I thought I remembered my friend calling me to ask about it a few months ago, and at the time I had no idea what she was talking about.  So, Brian and I watched it together over the weekend, so that we could see it before we returned it to her.  (I believe I posted about it briefly earlier.)  And . . . this past Saturday I tutored a student who was drawing pictures of crocodiles and was talking about the crocodile hunter (Steve).  I hadn’t heard him mentioned in quite a while (since his death, I think), so it seemed rather random to me.  Today I saw a news article on Steve Irwin’s daughter on yahoo, and I remembered my student’s interest, and I checked it out.  It turns out that his daughter is now a child actress and is appearing on the sequel to — you guessed it — Nim’s Island.

I absolutely love this sort of thing.  So, I’m keeping my eye out for more!  Hey, what “coincidences” have you experienced lately?

Cross Communication: Trying to Find and Accept the Universe’s Plan for Me

"Advice Help Signpost" courtesy of Stuart Miles /

“Advice Help Signpost” courtesy of Stuart Miles /

I’ve been asking for guidance a lot lately from my spiritual guide(s).  I haven’t figured out how to communicate with them yet, though I still sometimes see them in my number combinations and hear them in the songs lyrics on the radio.

I feel like my heart and my mind are not lined up in what I want to do with my life, and I’m not sure exactly what to listen to.  Or how to listen, either.

Lately I’ve been losing tutoring students.  I was overwhelmed with students — freaking out and wanting a break — and now that I’ve gotten the break, I’m not taking it well.  I’m taking it as rejection or a sign of failure or a need to worry about money more.  I feel my spiritual guides must be frustrated with me. (Can they get frustrated?)  Here they are, giving me what I want, and I’m rejecting it!

Why am I here in the first place?   Why am I in this place at this time?  It is because I wasn’t happy.  Am I happy now?  Happier, yes.  But I think I’ve forgotten how to be happy lately.  I’ve forgotten how to just be.  To enjoy life.  To not become my job.  I am NOT my job.

It’s time to remember.

P.S. Spiritual guides; I’m sorry.  I do trust you.  Please continue to guide me.  I’ll try to listen better.


"Colorful Dices" courtesy of posterize/

“Colorful Dices” courtesy of posterize/

I know that I’ve mentioned this before: I’m into numbers.  That doesn’t just mean that I like math — because I do — but I also like quirky things with numbers.  I like palindromes and repeated numbers and ascending and descending numbers.  I look for them on digital clocks, on marquees, and on odometers.  I think that’s why my spiritual guides sometimes choose that method of communication.

I don’t know what the numbers mean.  I think they could mean a number of things: “Hello!  Just reminding you I’m/we’re here!”, or “Things are going to be ok,” or it’s just a positive sign in general.  Maybe someday I’ll actually get to meet my spiritual guides, if not here, then on the other side.

But I bring this up now because I’ve been seeing my latest number sign a few times: 666  and 66 (but any number with back-to-back “6”s, grabs my attention).  Either my spiritual guides have a good sense of humor, or they know that I will only pay attention to number combinations that stick out.  I think maybe both.  Since this summer, this has been my number sign.  Before that it was “911”.   (If you’re interested in the story connected with that one, let me know.)

Today I saw that I have “66” followers on WordPress.  Last week I got a new student, and the page number “666” was at the top of his notes.  I think the first example is a reminder that my guides are around and to keep alert, but it could also be encouragement in my writing. I think the second example is encouragement with this new student.  I’ve been taking on a lot of new students lately, and sometimes I get nervous, not knowing what to expect with the student and worrying about not being prepared for the content.   I felt calm and reassured when I spotted those numbers at the top of his page.

This morning I told my spiritual guides that I was going to listen and pay attention more.  So, here I am doing it officially in writing.  What’s your message, my friends?  I’m ready!

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