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Mind-Blowing Perspectives


It’s a year of the tweaks — tweaking strategies, media, patterns, and thoughts.

I’m going to keep “A Moment In Life.”  My goal is still to post every day, and I will build that up.  My favorite posts will be copied to my new website:  Every day of my life I look at what I have learned, what the universe has been teaching me.  And this is what I want to share with all of you.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about perspectives.  I recently received an intuitive report on Prosperity and Abundance, and I’ve been listening to it again the last few days.  In that report, it talks about a past lifetime that I am currently resonating with, and what has struck me most is that I chose the challenging conditions of that lifetime.   And because of those challenging conditions, I made a major breakthrough shift that allowed me to step into a new level of authority and healing.

So, all of these struggles I’m feeling right now with perfectionism, with feeling a need for stability, with feeling stuck and wanting to move faster, to manifest more quickly. . . Maybe I chose this.  Because I need it.

It brings a whole new level to gratitude and appreciating what we have, doesn’t it?  I’m certainly looking at my past in a whole new way!  What if all of these things we complain about . . .  are actually for our greater good.  And are maybe even something we chose for ourselves before we were even born?

Mind blown.

Have a joyful, mind-blowing day, everyone!

Much love, and many blessings. ❤




Truth Tuesday: How Do You Receive Truth?


There are a lot of truth tellers out there.  I am one of them!  The question is, how do you receive truth — and how do you know it to be true for you?  There are many sources of truth.  It may come from people, from angels, from God (or “source”, the Infinite, etc).  It may come from your inner knowing, from your soul or spirit.  How do you know where it’s coming from and that it’s really true for you?

Observation, experience, and practice.  Everyone is different.  Maybe you’ve noticed your body reacting in a certain way, as I do.  You may get certain feelings in your “gut” or in your “chest.”  I’ve sometimes noticed a tingle in my left hand, in my left hand, or in my 3rd eye when I hear something that rings true for me.  Sometimes I also cry or feel a wave of emotion well up within me when I hear something that I know I’ve needed to hear.

Notice the voices that talk to you throughout the day.  Who are they?  Some are voices from your past.  Some are voices from your conscious mind or ego.  Some may be messages from your inner self.  If you’re particularly still and receptive, you may notice thoughts that don’t seem like you at all!  They could be thoughts or images from other people, or maybe God, angels, or other inner dimensional beings.

Have you received messages from speaking with others?  Very synchronistic ones?  Sometimes the universe brings the right people at the right time, and sometimes it could even be angels!  When I was out walking in the mall a few months ago with my classmates from the School of Metaphysics, a businessman struck up a conversation with us.  At one point in our conversation I was struck by his words and the power I could feel coming from them.  He was looking right at me, too and I could feel his gaze! Not only that, but his words seemed to be exactly what I needed to hear at the time.  I thought the event was strange, but then last night I was reading Signs from Above by Doreen Virtue.  A singer tells a story of being approached by a small group of people with a very specific message for her.  At another event a few weeks later she received the exact same message from a different person.  She felt the power the first time and couldn’t deny it the second time!  I think the angels spoke to me through this stranger as well.

How do you receive truth?  What do you notice this week?  Throughout the day, keep your intention on receiving the highest truth for the good of all concerned.  If you put your attention on it, you may open up a whole new, beautiful world for yourself!

Much love and many blessings to you all. ❤

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What is the ego? What is my ego? I’m not entirely sure. I know that I am not the ego. I’ve been thinking about my past lives a lot. I’ve gotten two past life readings and one crossing, and my personality seems to be different in each lifetime. At least – my life paths are different. I wonder – how can all of those people from all those lives be the same person, be the same soul? So, I’d imagine that my ego changes. If I do not take my ego with me, my ego must be that difference. My ego changes from lifetime to lifetime. So, again, I am not the ego.

Then, everything that is not the I Am, everything that is not the soul is the ego. Anything that is left is the conscious mind and the ego. The conscious mind and the ego work together. So, anything that is related to my conscious level existence is related to the ego. My identity in this lifetime is connected to the ego, all of my forms of outer expression. All of the layers that I have added to myself. All of my conscious mind motivations are the ego. Much of the physical life is connected to the ego.

The ego is motivation. The ego requires direction. The stronger the will, the more one can work in harmony with the ego. As my teacher has explained, the ego can be like a well-trained pit bull — intimidating in its strength and size but always obedient to the master (the mind). A wayward ego is untrained, prone to drama and chaos. It runs with an undirected imagination and can either play it safe or run amuck, like a crazy puppy, leaving destruction and chaos in its wake.

How can I work with the ego? I train the ego to surrender.   I train the ego to release attachments. The ego must accept its mortality and internalize the concept of sacrifice. If I am to live for the good of all concerned, the ego must come with me (and stay just behind me).


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Did You Let Your Heart Sing Today?


Do you have trouble remembering your day?  Does it all blend together?  Or do you feel a little drained, a little exhausted?  If so, ask yourself: “Did I let my heart sing today?”  A friend told me recently that she had begun prioritizing her time by separating her life into activities that make her heart sing — and those that don’t. (And giving the former the priority!)  What a way to live!

How have you made your choices today?  Have you chosen activities/events that bring you joy?  If you do so, not only do you live your own vibration, but you lift everyone around you.

If you’re feeling a little drained, take a look at what you did to nourish your inner self, to feed those inner desires.  If you’re like I’ve been lately, you may be saying: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  But I’m beginning to see that I don’t have time NOT to.  The results of “no fun Teri” are burnout, resentment, restlessness, and an excessive desire for sleep.

So, I’m starting to listen to my inner desires, and I’m starting to nurture myself.  I’m slowly building a yoga habit.  I’m listening and singing to music more.  I let myself watch little clips (penchant for movie trailers).  I’m getting back on track with my disciplines.  I’ve done more Zumba.  I’m visiting with more people.  I’m attending events and participating in things that I’m emotionally drawn to.  And it’s wonderful.

Today I spent a little time at the IONS Conference dream booth with the School of Metaphysics; had a great lesson with one of my students; took a different route to my destination and ended up driving next to a fellow DreamCatchers buddy; stopped by a Metaphysics Fair in Tinley Park and did some yoga. listened to a chakra mini-lecture, bonded with a friend, and got a tarot reading; tasted a yummy creation by Brian and my family from the Healthy Luncheon; met some of my new neighbors who helped Brian install a new car battery; guest participated in my first improv show; and saw Lucy in and outdoor viewing with friends from the Bolingbrook School of Metaphysics.  A wonderful, wonderful day.

And now here I am, listening to the “25 Most Inspiration Songs, drinking some energy tea, and feeling fantastic.

Have you taken a few minutes for yourself today?  Don’t forget to let your soul sing!

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I Am the Creator of My Own Destiny

ID-100281596I experienced some interesting reactions and emotions in Metaphysics class this past week: withdrawal and sadness.  My conscious mind was withdrawing from some of the instruction I was receiving, and my soul was sad.  I knew I needed to understand it better.  Why was I withdrawing?   My teacher knew something was up.  I was ecstatic when she told me afterward that she had some insight for me.  Maybe she had the key.

I was disappointed.  Because I knew what I wanted to hear.  And I will continue to be disappointed as long as I mistrust myself and look to others for the answers to my life.  My teacher is insightful and loving.  My angels are helpful and caring.  God/Goddess is benevolent, all-knowing, and all-loving.  But the individual answers must come from the individual.   The answer must come from me.  From my soul.  As long as we think someone or something else has the key to our existence, to our happiness, our soul will continue to cry out.  Our soul has the answers.  Our soul wants to be heard.  We are here to learn to become creators.  We are here to create our own destinies, to take responsibility for our own lives.

I knew what my soul wanted.  I just wanted someone else to give me permission.  I wanted someone else to tell me what I really wanted!  It sounds so silly when I write it!

It’s time to trust myself.  It’s time to listen. And it’s time for change.

Your soul is calling to you, too!  What is it saying?


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What Do Your Dreams Mean to You?


Do you pay attention to your dreams? Or are they just part of the sleeping experience?  Just another fixture in your day-to-day existence?

What if your dreams actually have messages for you?  Imagine a pile of love letters left unopened.  What might you be missing?

For over 40 years teachers and students at the School of Metaphysics have been studying dreams. We connect dreams to the previous 24 to 48 hours of our life experiences before the dream and dig for the messages that our own dreams are trying to tell us.   We are like detectives peering into our own souls.  After we decipher the dream’s message, we apply the learning to help ourselves, so that we can grow. We believe that life is our schoolroom, and we are here to become the best versions of ourselves.

Your dreams are about you. Every part of the dream – every person, place, and thing in your dream is a part of you. And the messages from your dreams come from you. They come from the inner you, the inner teacher, your inner soul mate.  And that inner teacher is always trying to help you, to mentor you, to give you understandings and truth – if you will listen.

Anyone can interpret his/her own dreams. There’s actually a science to it. And you are your best teacher. You are your best interpreter because your messages come from you!

Would you like to start opening those messages?  You can start at any time.  Get a journal or a notebook and start recording what you remember each morning.  Then start to look for patterns for the symbolism behind it.  Join a dreams Meetup group.  Read books or look on-line.  Take on-line courses through or in-person through psychology classes or the nearest branch of the School of Metaphysics (  Do you have questions?  You’ve got answers!

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Soul Song?

Listen to this song. . .


. . . and then listen to the refrain of this one. . .



Do you hear the similarity?  What do you feel?  Does it touch your soul the way it touches mine?

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