Wellness Wednesday: Healthprint!

I'm trying something new: "Wellness Wednesday"! Today I'm sharing Shaklee's Health Print, a powerful tool that creates nutrition plans customized for you.  (I just took mine on Sunday!)   Who loves answering questions about themselves?  I do, I do!  Answer some quick questions and receive some helpful tips and insights, as well as product suggestions.... Continue Reading →

Fruit and Health Gratefulness

Let's see. . .  what am I grateful for today? I'm thankful for my fruit servings in the morning.  Most mornings I've been having a smoothie for breakfast.  The usual is organic soy milk, organic whole-milk yogurt, bananas (organic-ness is irrelevant for this fruit), organic strawberries, and Shaklee Cinch powder (protein).  Since we couldn't find... Continue Reading →

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