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Metaphysics Monday (Belated): Why Metaphysics

"Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius  /"

“Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius /”

This is a post to those who are currently studying metaphysics (through the School of Metaphysics).

Why do you study metaphysics?  Why do you keep coming to every week?

Do you remember where you were before you started classes, who you thought you were?  Were you looking for something, as I was?

I know who I thought I was.  I secretly didn’t like or value myself much.  I believed I was an insecure,  selfish, wish-washy, shy woman who was slow-to-warm up and had broken with her spiritual foundation.  I had an interest in the world beyond the physical, but I wasn’t sure how to explore it.  I liked talking about my dreams but didn’t know what they meant.  I wanted to meditate, but I couldn’t sit still.  I believed I had a terrible memory and maybe some form of ADD.

Now, a year later, I am still learning who I am — that is my life’s journey to discover it!  But I already know that I am something special and that I love people!  I have reconnected with my spirituality, and I have begun to explore the world beyond our consciousness.  I still struggle to be still, but I’ve meditated for a full half-hour now, and I don’t lose things as much — or else I find them pretty quickly.  I love intuitive reports, and I love studying dreams. I’m a better listener, I am more present, and I am more giving.

What if I’d never had this experience?  I lived in Bolingbrook most of my life and never knew of the school.  As it was, I didn’t find out about the school through a student.  My life coach — very intuitive herself — googled “metaphysics” and suggested the school to me.

There are others like me, like you, who’ve wanted to know.  There are others who are looking, too.  And they would rather hear about it from you, from someone who has experienced the course yourself.  Is this a pie-in-the-sky easy learning experience?  We know it’s not!  I’ve wanted to quit multiple times — as maybe you have, too.  But I wanted to grow; I wanted to learn; and I’ve grown stronger as I’ve surpassed each limitation.

I’m starting the next class in on Tuesday, July 22nd, and I’m looking for those who are searching as I was.  I’m looking for those who seek unconditional love and who want to be self-empowered — not dependent on any person, place, or thing for peace, contentment, and security.

Please hold the image of the lighthouse in your mind, remember what you were once searching for, and reflect on what you’ve found.  Stay open and radiate the love that is within you.  Let others know that we love them just as they are and that the doors are open to receive.

I love you all. ❤

Tribute Tuesday: Faith

Image courtesy of thepathtraveler /

Image courtesy of thepathtraveler /

My word of the day today for Tuesday was “Faith”, and I looked for faith in my dreams this morning.  I think I found him. 🙂

I’ve been thinking back on my job transitions and the job transition to come and how important faith is.  As I reflect, I am continually amazed by the faith that my tutoring families have had in me.  My very first tutoring family took me on as an unknown, right into their household, and without them I would not have had my current tutoring foundation.   Something about me clicked with them, and I am forever grateful.

As I look ahead, I know that I will again depend on faith.  I will again be mostly an unknown, depending on the faith of strangers to help me build my business.  All i need is my start.  All I need is that first person — that first group of students–  to bridge the gap, to take that leap, to have faith.  And I know I will find them.  Because I have faith, in my enterprise — and in myself.

So, this post is a tribute to those out there who have that faith.  This is a tribute to the optimists, the non-cynicists, the ones who trust their intuition, and who take that first step.

Thank you, thank you. You are the stuff that dreams are made of. 🙂

Metaphysical Monday: Frustrations = Misunderstandings


Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/”

I’ve noticed a change in myself.  I’m becoming more aware of my judgements and more aware of my frustrations with situations and people’s reactions that don’t go as I imagine they will (or should).

At first I thought these reactions meant I was coming more into my own, that I was becoming more self-empowered.  But today I reflected on it further.  I believe it does have to do with self-empowerment; However, it means  I am on the road to self-empowerment.  I am not becoming more self-empowered by being more stubborn and opinionated.  Yes, I am beginning to take more notice of myself and what I believe.  I am developing more confidence, strength.  But the frustration itself stems from misunderstanding — we learn in metaphysics class that anger comes from misunderstanding.  So, then, what do I need to understand?

I need to understand self-empowerment!    True self-empowerment.  I cannot change my environment.  I cannot change other people.  I cannot change situations.  But I can change myself.   I can change how I view a situation; I can change how I react to a situation.   And I can become centered within myself; as the world around me spins like crazy, I can maintain my core.  I can know I AM, know my Creator, and know light and love.

And when I know these, truly, truly know all of this — all frustrations will melt away, opinions will be irrelevant, and I will live in eternal joy.

Metaphysics Monday: Graduation!

photo 2

This weekend down at the School of Metaphysics National Headquarters in Windyville, Missouri was an amazing experience.  Every weekend at the college is a great opportunity for growth, and this All-Student weekend was jam-packed.  It was also particularly special because my beautiful classmates and I got to celebrate our graduation, along with other graduates from the 1st cycle and 3rd cycle.  I’d really like to spend some time processing the experience and may blog more about it next Monday, but today I will simply summarize.

In everything we do, students are encouraged to find an “ideal”, “purpose”, and  “goal.”  For some time I’ve had the ideal of unconditional love — what I understand to be the highest vibration– and the purpose of self-empowerment, a learning I received from my past life profile.  As my goal, I chose concentration/present-mindedness, a particular challenge for my scattered and busy mind.

I experienced opportunities for all of these this weekend.  I experienced unconditional love with the beautiful souls I encountered and  also with the frustrations that I overcame by opening my heart.  I experienced self-empowerment through opportunities for leadership and also through the  expression of my true feelings. And, of course, every moment was an opportunity to practice still mindedness.

Those are the basics of my soul learning for the weekend.  Back to regular life and on to the 2nd cycle of lessons!

Letter to Ego

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Dear Ego,

I know you are a part of me, and you look out for me.  And I appreciate that.  Thank you for getting me to this point in my life.  Now I’m ready to do some serious growing and evolving; I’m ready to break out of my shell a bit, feel the awkwardness, and move through it.

Today I realized that my involvement with you is a bit dysfunctional on two levels.  First, when I am criticized by another —  or anticipate criticism by another — the first thing you do for me is put up a defensive wall.  You do not want me to be harmed, so you make sure nothing can get in.  Then, you rally all the troops and go on the attack.  You carefully plan how to paint me in my best light, while drawing up all the possible smut you can think of for the other person.  You draw from all of your resources, replaying events from as far back as you’ve known the other and take particular pains with memories that may make the other appear the hypocrite.  You make it all about them .  There is that.  On the other side of things, Ego, you take note of my self-criticism and exact punishment, chastising me so that I may experience the proper amount of guilt.  You whip me repeatedly with your harsh word,s until I curl into a ball and cower in shame.  Truly, you must see how that one is unhealthy, Ego.

Let’s take an honest look at things, Ego.  There is actually no hostile take over happening..  Neither is there a need for punishment.  There’s no good or bad; everything is a part of learning.  If we build walls, nothing can get in, and attacks diminish my self empowerment.

I do value your feedback, Ego, and I value your desire to help me.  However, I wish to take a positive approach.  So, I have a proposal.   When I am faced with outside or inside criticism, we’ll treat it as a gift.  When I receive criticsim, we’ll stop for a minute and take a step back to get an objective perspective.  Let’s examine the thought carefully and see how it sits with us.  If it is true, we can take it in and work with it.  If it isn’t, we can let it pass on its merry way.  Let’s embrace.  Let’s love.  Let’s learn!

Thank you for your attention.  Here’s to our new life!


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