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Thankful Thursday: Found!, Sunny Coworker, Emotional Challenges, and Art


I am organized but not perfectly neat.  I like to say: “Ask me for something, and I can find it for you — but give me 5 minutes.”  The car, the kitchen table, and the office are areas that tend to build up a bit until I freak out and go on a cleaning rampage, and losing something can speed up that process.  Unfortunately, I may also lose my mind; it’s like I have a fragile but functional Jenga organizational system, and if you pull a block out, my sense of sanity comes crashing down.  I was missing 4 items, and suddenly I needed them.  They were my Dreamer’s Dictionary, and my 3 CDs of intuitive reports – Past Life, Health Analysis, and Past Life Crossing.  I needed the dictionary for a creative art project I was to complete tonight at the school.  I needed the Past Life Crossing CD to lend to a classmate for her creative project.  I found the book in my office, and the 3 CDs were actually in the car, stuck between the seats.  Order is restored.  The world is right again.

Sunny Coworker

My coworkers are awesome.  It is truly the best, best part of my job.  And I am so grateful to the School of Metaphysics for reaching me to find friends everywhere because now I am privileged to know some beautiful people.  Today I highlight a coworker who calls himself a pessimist and cynical — and maybe he is — but who somehow always brightens my day.  Today I was struggling through another bout of emotional turmoil, and he picked up on it immediately and commented on it, saying I was either sad or angry, based on the reddish hue of my face. (I insisted it could have been sunburn but was impressed nonetheless.) I confided I was working through some things, and he offered sympathy.  And that made all the difference in the world: my light venting and his matching empathy.  So often I’m amazed how simple interactions with others can flipflop my mood from depression to joy in a matter of seconds.

Emotional Challenges

I still feel like the world is ending when I go though my emotional roller coasters.   In the past I would want to have some wine.  I would want to have a candy bar.  I would want someone to comfort me and take care of me.  Since I have given up alcohol and am trying to cut back on the vending machine — and the machine wouldn’t accept my taped dollar anyway — and I’m trying to be more self-sufficient — I’ve felt my emotions more keenly and haven’t known what to do with them.  Sometimes I just want them to go away!  But beneath all the turmoil today I recognized a sense of gratitude.  Because of my studies, I now know that strong emotions are signals of potential lessons.  The pangs are growing pangs, and I do want to grow and learn.  Today I recognized that my emotional reaction toward another was actually frustration with myself, which I worked on rectifying.  And in the second case, I needed to express myself and make sure I didn’t “give” with resentment, and I was successful in expressing myself to a receptive classmate. (Yay for metaphysical peeps!)


I’ve been wanting, wanting, wanting to create something artistic, to draw something.  But I could not get myself to do it.  When my teacher told us to create with a group, I saw my chance to play.  One of my classmates had the idea of making an illustrated dream dictionary, and I put it into action.  4 of us students picked symbols we’d been seeing in our dreams recently, wrote down the symbolism, and created a picture to go with it.  It felt amazing to finally create images with colors, and I was just as amazed at the wealth of knowledge of the students with me.  I find it kind of amusing — and very humbling — how much I learn from the students who are in earlier lessons than I am.  I guess it goes to show how unique we are as individuals.  Things that I’m struggling with as an individual may already be strengths in another.  We all have our talents, and we are all moving on our own paths at different rates.

Metaphysics Monday: Graduation!

photo 2

This weekend down at the School of Metaphysics National Headquarters in Windyville, Missouri was an amazing experience.  Every weekend at the college is a great opportunity for growth, and this All-Student weekend was jam-packed.  It was also particularly special because my beautiful classmates and I got to celebrate our graduation, along with other graduates from the 1st cycle and 3rd cycle.  I’d really like to spend some time processing the experience and may blog more about it next Monday, but today I will simply summarize.

In everything we do, students are encouraged to find an “ideal”, “purpose”, and  “goal.”  For some time I’ve had the ideal of unconditional love — what I understand to be the highest vibration– and the purpose of self-empowerment, a learning I received from my past life profile.  As my goal, I chose concentration/present-mindedness, a particular challenge for my scattered and busy mind.

I experienced opportunities for all of these this weekend.  I experienced unconditional love with the beautiful souls I encountered and  also with the frustrations that I overcame by opening my heart.  I experienced self-empowerment through opportunities for leadership and also through the  expression of my true feelings. And, of course, every moment was an opportunity to practice still mindedness.

Those are the basics of my soul learning for the weekend.  Back to regular life and on to the 2nd cycle of lessons!

A School of Metaphysics Experience: Bible Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind

Image courtesy of lamnee /".

Image courtesy of lamnee /”.

I am so pleased that I decided to go to the Bible lecture tonight.  It was a wonderful community event in which students from the schools in Bolingbrook, Palatine, and Chicago gathered together to share a potluck dinner — every single dish was A-MAZING! — and then participated in a fascinating lecture by Dr. Laurel on the first 3 chapters of Genesis, as seen through the Universal Language of Mind.

Dr. Laurel had us start by sharing our names, lessons we are on, and our experience with the Bible.  Students ranged from Lesson 5 through lesson 39, and surprisingly, a significant number of the participants tonight came from Catholic backgrounds, like me.  One student truly touched my heart when he shared his own journey with his faith and his excitement at what he was learning through the School of Metaphysics.

Then, the lecture began.  We were mesmerized, like eager children, gobbling up delicious knowledge.  Some students’ pens flew across their pages as the interpretation reached our ears.  Others sat back and just listened, taking it all in.  The room was so crowded that some of us chose to sit on pillows, and I was reminded of one of my favorite childhood Bible stories of workaholic Martha, and her sister Mary, rapt listener.  We were sitting in a circle, ourselves a bunch of “Martha”s, absorbing the message.

Time flew, and like waking from a dream, I emerged in a peaceful daze.  I asked: “Can we do this again?”

I realized the School of Metaphysics is bringing my faith back to me.  For many years I was a devoted Christian follower, but I sometimes felt a nagging, like something just wasn’t quite right for me.  Persistent nagging and doubts gave way to many “dark nights of the soul”, and then gradually I came to completely dismiss my faith.  I stopped participating in parts of mass that I didn’t agree with, and then I stopped going to church.  I quit struggling to pray.  I cringed at the words “God” and “Jesus.” I avoided Christmas songs.  I gave away my Bible.  I felt awkward at wedding ceremonies and cringed at Christian Facebook posts.

But then I went to the Cantata this year and learned that Jesus is the part of ourselves that is the conversion from “believing” to “knowing”, and I began to sing again.

I learned about the Creator in our lessons, whose creations became the sparks of life within us, and so I made peace with “God.”  I’m still struggling with the “Father” part of it, though.

Then, I learned about the mind triangle and Christ-consciousness/Buddha-consciousness, and I began to see Jesus and Buddha as the wonderful teachers and enlightened beings that they were.  I put Buddha, Jesus, and Mary — the ultimate example of receptivity at the center of my “People to Emulate” collage.

Then, through healing service, meditation, and visualization, I have began to try to pray again.

Tonight, I have renewed my relationship with the Bible. Here is a brief summary (which does not compare with Dr. Laurel’s wonderful full interpretation):  Genesis is the story of creation — of our creation.  It is the story of life that began with the heavens (superconsciousness) and the blankness below (consciousness without form).  We are the sparks of superconscious mind who also became subconscious mind (Adam), and then conscious mind (Eve), who together create a whole.  In the Garden of Eden we began to reason, with the impetus of the ego (snake). One day we will return and walk past the fiery sword (karma) when our learning is complete.

And the most valuable lesson of tonight is: We are created in the image of God. We are all beautiful, amazing creatures because we are children of God.  The Genesis message is not of sin and judgement, but a story of creation and growth.  Growth means learning, and learning can be challenging, but the resulting expansion is world-changing.

The School of Metaphysics welcomes you!  Some schools start new classes every month, and for some, coursework by correspondence.  School centers include:

345 Manor Court • Bolingbrook, Illinois60440 • (630) 739-1329

5021 W. Irving Park Road •Chicago, Illinois 60641 • (773) 427-0155

222 West Wilson • Palatine, Illinois 60067 • (847) 991-0140

1009 E. Main Street • Urbana, llinois 68120 • (217) 344-2270

6138 North Hillside • Indianapolis, Indiana 46220 • (317) 251-5285

3715 University •Des Moines, Iowa50311 • (515) 255-5570

4323 Rainbow Boulevard • Kansas City, Kansas 66103 • (913) 236-9292

2704 Hikes Lane • Louisville, Kentucky 40218 • (502) 452-2501

103 West Broadway • Columbia, Missouri 65203 • (573) 449-8312

1033 East SunshineSpringfield, Missouri65803 • (417) 831-0955

2606 Oakview Terrace • Maplewood, Missouri 63143 • (314) 645-0036

14 Sheehan Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45216 • (513) 821-7353

908 NW 12th St • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106 • (405) 228-0506

429 S. Memorial •Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112 • (918) 582-8836

5832 Live Oak Street • Dallas, Texas75214 • (214) 821-5406

SOM World Headquarters College of Metaphysics
Windyville, Missouri 65783 • (417) 345-8411

Dream A Little Dream With Me: My First Class Fundraiser Experience

This was inspired by a request to put something in our Metaphysics School newsletter Vibrations.  I don’t know how much of this is going to go in yet, but you get to see it first! 🙂

Image courtesy of samarttiw /

Image courtesy of samarttiw /

Who knew a fundraiser could be so much fun?  Our class put the “FUN!” in fundraiser when we had our “Fun Night of Dreaming” Saturday, October 12th.

When Golbahar, my Metaphysics instructor, told us that each class has fundraiser projects, my ego snapped to attention, and the internal whining commenced.  Giving and receiving is something that I’ve struggled with my whole life; thus, fundraisers are not my favorite events.  However, one of the many things I’ve learned through Metaphysics class  is that retreating to one’s place of comfort means missing opportunities for growth.

SO, when Golbahar mentioned that she was going to go around asking for food donations, something inside me told me to go with her.  Unfortunately, my schedule was packed, and Golbahar and others were getting ready for the 40th Anniversary Celebration, so finding a time to meet up got complicated.  Suddenly, me watching how donations were done turned into ME getting donations done!  At first, I panicked, but after some comforting suggestions from our guest teacher, Rudy – and not wanting to let my classmates, or myself, down – I determined that I would give it a shot.  Even just doing it would help me build self-confidence and experience, no matter what the result.

And no, it did not turn out to be a happily-ever-after experience. I quickly learned — useful for you future fundraiser-ers out there – that most places now want 21-30 days notice to process your donation request.  (Now, I know!)  However, I gained confidence  each time I got the guts to speak to a manager — a total of 5 times! — and I got a wonderful “Yes!” from Olive Garden who generously supplied us with some tasty breadsticks and bruschetta.

The event was perfect.  I panicked again when we only had a handful of people at the beginning, but our guests gradually began to trickle in, and we ended up with enough people to all comfortably squeeze into our downstairs meeting space.  We had a great time discussing what dreams are, we shared and interpreted dreams (Kids got in on it, too!), we had our “50-50” and “Dream Coach Session” raffles, and we even played a little Dream Bingo.  (I won the first round and won some beautiful tealight candles that are perfect for my candle exercise!)

What did I learn this event (besides that fundraisers don’t have to be scary)?  I learned that I am stronger than I think I am and that I can achieve what I desire, if I focus my attention on it.  What did we gain as a group?  We came together as a team and gained an appreciation for each other’s special talents.  All of us had some part to play in the preparation of this event; all of us did an amazing job speaking to the group, sharing our dream experiences with a charm and honesty that made the presentations really fun to watch.

So, a month ago, if you’d dropped the word: “Fundraiser!” I’d have said “What?!  No!”  But now I’m looking forward to our next event!

Collage Project: Me


Weeks ago I started an art class.  I got into it a week late, so I combined the first two projects into one.  The first was supposed to be about me.  The second was supposed to be surrealist in nature. So, this is both.

This is me, mostly my sleeping me, but some images are from my consciousness.  The mask in the middle is meant to be my face. The mystery behind my face was inspired by the mirror exercises I was completing for the School of Metaphysics.  Through my experiences and learning I came to realize that I didn’t know who I really was.   The eyes are blank because I do not know the true self that lies behind them.

Much of the rest is my dreams.  My school dreams, especially the nightmares that I’m late for class, lost, can’t find my locker, etc.  The cat dreams: the lions of my childhood and the cats of my adult life.  There are 3 because I’d seen three cats lined up in a row together in one of my recent dreams.  I’d recently had many dreams about parking lots and had sometimes been driving, often struggling for control of my car.  And I’ve had many, many house dreams, especially of moving or of being in my childhood home.  I’d also had a few moon dreams spread out over my lifetime.  Most recently I’d dreamt that I was in a museum, studying a moon exhibit.

Behind the eyes of the mask are symbols from waking life and the dream world. Blood drips from behind my mask onto the scene of a beach from one of my dreams. A shadowy figure lies across the beach — a murdered female — who symbolizes a changed aspect of my conscious self.  The shadowy people spread throughout the collage symbolize strangers in my dream.  (I’ve had many lately!)  They represent unknown aspects of myself; males — subconscious elements, females — conscious elements.   Then, through the other eye we see  an egret, a beautiful animal symbol of my waking life that I believe is a spirit guide, reminding me to have hope in the future, faith in myself, and to watch for opportunity. (One just flew alongside my car today as I was just minutes from my house!).  Another of my frequent messengers and a relative of the egret — the blue heron — can be seen in the top right corner near the menacing funnel cloud, another symbol of change.  Finally, the girl in the upper left-hand corner is me, symbolized by the mask across her face.  She is topless — as I am in my dreams —  symbolizing taking risks and feeling vulnerable.  The journal behind her is my actual dream journal where I have recorded narratives for the many images from this picture.

The rest are symbols and messages from my waking life.  The “66” and “11” are numbers from messages I’ve received in the real world from my angels/spirit guides.  The 11 also is my birthdate numerology number, a master number that means “Illuminator,” which is also symbolized by the lantern just above it.  Light has been a constant in my life, an interest as a child “See?  Ight!”, part of a prayer I learned from my mother, and the first thing that popped into my head when prompted to state my life purpose during a life purpose workshop: “light. . .  bringer of light? I bring the light?”

There is one image that I did not explain.  Did anyone catch it?

I hope I didn’t spoil the fun of analyzing this piece yourselves. 🙂  I thoroughly enjoyed making this collage — it is one of the few moments in my life lately when I’ve effortlessly given my direct attention (without even having that intention!).  Now that I’ve finally posted this, I intent to continue my creations.

New Dreams

#1 I had another house dream two mornings ago.  I know what that means: I’m going through a change/debating going through a change.   Because I was debating whether to move into the new house.  I came by to check the new place out, and I saw a huge grassy backyard that looked like it had been tilled.  “This is incredible!” I thought.  It will be perfect for the garden we want to have.”  Then, I got confused.  “Wait.  I saw another yard close by.”  Had I gotten confused?  Which yard was really mine?  I found a neighbor and asked, and he said, “Yes, this yard is mine.  I recently worked it.”  I asked to see his house, too, and it was spacious inside.  Bigger than I’d imagined from the outside view.  Looking at my house,  I realized it was almost an exact replica of my parents’ house (surprise, surprise).   I couldn’t believe how similar the two houses were. And my yard was about the size of my parents’ yard, as well.  Fairly small. Overall feeling from this dream?. . . wishing I had the other house.

#2 This morning I had another unpleasant school dream. It started fine.  It was snowing outside, and I had picked the students up from outdoors to bring them in for the day.  “Hey,” I thought to myself, “Why don’t I let the students get some exercise and play time in now, since we’re outside already”  So, they played for a few minutes, and suddenly I remembered that we have specials first thing in the morning.  Quickly, I packed them up and herded them in doors.  On the way in, we encountered the principal, who wanted to take pictures of us.  I waited a minute or so, and then finally asked her if she could photograph us at a later time, since we were running late for specials.  She suddenly turned very serious; she asked me how late we were and started lecturing me on the importance of sticking to a schedule.

Intepretation: My best guess for these  is that 1) I am not giving myself what I want in my life because I’m not paying attention to my true desires or because I don’t think I can get it or deserve it.  As far as the school dream, I’m sure it’s related to current insecurities in my life and workplace.  It could also be related to change.

I was intrigued about the aspect of snow in my second dream.  Winter is over.  I have no particular attachment or attraction to snow anymore, at my age.  This is what had to say:

“To see snow in your dream signifies your inhibitions, unexpressed emotions and feelings of frigidity.  You need to release and express these emotions and inhibitions. Alternatively, snow means that you are feeling indifferent, alone and neglected. . . To dream that you are playing in the snow indicates that you need to set some time for fun and relaxation.  Alternatively, the dream means that you need to take advantage of opportunities that arise; otherwise such opportunities will disappear.”

It all makes sense.  There are some major things going on in my life, and I’m really trying to figure out who I am.  No more school dreams or dreams with death, though, please, subconscious!  Maybe you can find another way of communicating your message to me!


How Do You Succeed In Business? Part I

It’s interesting that I’ve been approached about three business opportunities in the last month. It’s interesting because I’ve always hated business. When I was younger, I had an honest-to-goodness fear of offices. I would enter offices, see the rows of cubicles, and feel a queasy feeling in my gut and be generally creeped out. And I never trusted businesses and businesspeople. They were push, aggressive, and were willing to step on you to get a leg up or use you to get a sale. Now that I’m older, I no longer fear offices but I’m wary of salespeople, and I mostly hate corporations, feeling frustrated with their exploitation of people and systems.

Earlier this month I as approached by a friend about an energy company.  I was encouraged to switch energy companies and also to promote the product.  I had heard about what can happen when you switch energy companies.  Things are great for the first year, and then they go downhill from there.  Or, you lock in your price, and if you don’t update your contract by the deadline, you lose your deal.  I have no interest in keeping daily track of my energy bills and watching suspiciously for the chance of change.  Neither do I wish to make money for a business I don’t believe in.  Also, I just don’t like to push products. So, the deal was a no-go.

My second proposition comes from my own boyfriend.  He is very involved in his health and wellness business, Shaklee.  This is a fantastic business.  I use the products and love them, and I like that they are ec0-friendly and recyclable.  This is definitely a company I believe in and could (and do) support.  However, to succeed in this business,  it requires getting the word out.  It requires attending meetings and seminars and investing time in getting to know the product and how to talk to people about it.  I don’t like doing that.  I would be willing to help present.  If someone approaches me, I’m willing to share whatever I know — but I’m not aggressive, and I don’t want to be.  People have to make their own decisions about their own health.  I’m not going to try to convince them that they can make better decisions.  Maybe someday I’ll find a way that I fit into this business.  But not yet.

So, this week I got proposition number three.  It came from one of my very good friends, a fellow teacher.  Immediately I was a little nervous.  Was this another energy scheme?  I didn’t believe she’d do that to me.  Was this one of her previous ideas that she had dreamed up in the past?  When I met her and another colleague, I found that some of my suspicions were correct: she wanted to open a restaurant.  I was suddenly uneasy.  I knew what this meant.  Loans.  Risk.  Things I could have nightmares about.  Sure it could be great, but what if it all went wrong?  I was trying to get out of debt, pay off my mortgage so that I could take it a little easier in life.  And I knew nothing about business.  This did not sound like me.   The other woman with us told us about all that we would have to consider, such as: Location?  Were we renting or buying?  Corporation or partnership?  Workman’s comp.  Insurance.  Small business grants.  What was our competition?  Lawyer.  Accountant.  Where would we get our supplies?  What changes would we have to make to our building?  We’d need bank loans.  But first we’d need a plan.  And what about our credit???   I receded further into my seat as the list went on.   “So, what are you thinking?” she asked me.  “I think this is stepping beyond my comfort zone,” I told her honestly, “I would be willing to work there and help you out here and there, but I don’t think I can go in on this as a partner.  It’s too much risk for me, and I’m terrified of business.”  Risk was a part of life, she assured me, but she understood what I meant.

But then she threw open the doors.  “What would you be interested in?  It could be anything, a business, an invention. . .  What do you think?”  Anything?  Any idea?  Immediately Brian’s idea came to my head: opening my own school, and I told her so.  That was an idea I’d immediately dismissed as a completely overwhelming task, but also something I knew I could be passionate about.  But did I really want to go into the business of education?  Didn’t I want out?  “A daycare or preschool might be a good way to go.  There’s definitely demand for that here,” the other woman chimed in.   This was something to think about.

We chatted more about the preschool/daycare and dabbled back on the restaurant idea and other miscellaneous strands.  But I had so much to think about.  My first mental reaction to a business idea is to shoot it down.  I’m a conservative money monk who is cautious and slow to change.  On the other hand, I felt like I had little nudges from the universe that may be pushing me in that direction. 1) My New Year’s Resolution this year is to be myself, and I’ve felt that part of that involves being in a job I can believe in and not looking back and regretting my life, wishing I hadn’t been afraid to change.  2) I’ve felt increasingly frustrated in my job that higher ups have not listened to my ideas.  I’ve had two great ideas over the last 5 or so years, and they were both completely dismissed.  Here was a chance to implement them both at the same time!  3) At dinner last Thursday with some friends, one of them made the off-hand comment that it is not possible to be completely happy in any job unless you run your own business.  I heard this the day after I’d gotten the text from my other friend that she wanted to talk to me this weekend about a business proposition.  Was this serendipity?

I had a lot to think about.  As we left the restaurant, we decided to peek in a neighboring property that was up for rent to check out the possibility for the restaurant idea.  I didn’t know if this idea would work for the three of us.  We were already beginning to disagree on how to make the food and what ingredients to use!  But my mind was racing, already imagining the possibilities for our own utopian school.

Image: David Castillo Dominici /

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