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32 Days ’til el Camino: 1 month left!


Well, it’s pretty much one month left now!  It’s been another wild week, including some funky dreams and great content from Andy Shaw.

I walked a few times in the past week, between 45 minutes and 2 hours with the backpack on. Today I added some new items when I walked, the new orders that I mentioned in the last post.  Something that is noticeably missing from my backpack is a guidebook I ordered a month ago that never arrived.  I looked up tracking and discovered it had been delivered to Cincinnati, Ohio.  No help to me there!  Amazon is checking into it, and thankfully, my mom gifted me another guide book that I may just be able to use in its place.

I’m starting to redevelop some good daily habits.  I’ve been exercising more, taking my vitamins more regularly, eating fairly healthily, got back into the yoga challenge, am journaling, and have started writing my vision out daily.  I’m also indulging and reading more, which is such a pleasure!

I’m looking forward to my dreams tomorrow morning!  This morning I had a few dreams  in auditoriums.  This could have to do with imagination or literally me and auditoriums.  Either way, it’s fantastic!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Much love, many blessings. ❤

New Morning Routine

I’ve been thinking about saying “yes” with purpose and thinking about expansion, and I want to give another go at a planned morning routine.  I want a power-packed morning full of metaphysical exercises and the like to get each day off to a great start. I think I can do it if I move some things to the evening and go back to my 8 hours of sleep.  (I was trying to do 7, but I rebelled.)

First of all, these activities will be moved to the evening: the litterbox, showering, hair prep, food prep, and clothes prep.  Aside from the litterbox, prepping myself is a huge time-sapper.  Picking food and clothes out in the evening will make decision-making easier, especially when I’m more energetic and less half-asleep. Also, I’ve been guilty of longer showers now that it’s cold — and I linger in the heat of the hair dryer — so, now, if I wish to extend my time, I will do it at night.

Next on the agenda is monitoring my downtime.  Today I have already checked my mail three times (and this is pretty amazing for me, especially since I’ve kept the time short).  I want to limit that to twice a day, for 5-10 minutes (15 minutes max).  And Facebook is included in that time block,  a quick check to see if I have any messages or comments, and then I’m off.  This will unfortunately disconnect me a bit from some of my friends, but it may encourage me to see them out in the real world, and I can always pick 1 person a day to read up on.

In general, I just want to be purposeful in my actions, conscious of what I’m doing and the purpose behind it. Like this blog post, for example: It serves 3-fold purpose: clarifying my morning routine, sharing with others, and working toward my goal of 500 written words a day.

Finally, here’s my actual planned schedule:

6:00AM — Write down dreams in dream journal.

6:15AM — Take Bowser out.

6:30AM — Artist’s Way 3 page/Jeff Goins 500 Words and finish up lunch, breakfast, snack, and water bottle prep

7:05AM — 7:30 personal meditation

7:30 — 8:00 Mirror exercise and visualization exercise  (or phone-call with Cindy on Fridays)

8:00-8:10 Candle Exercise

8:10-8:45 Pranic DNA Tranfiguration

8:45AM grab lunch, folder, phone, check googlemaps, and go!

Ok, so time for bed now.  Let’s do this!

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