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Thankful Thursday: Mr. Sunshine

Image courtesy of maple /

Image courtesy of maple /

Today I give thanks for another School of Metaphysics student who I have just gotten to know better. (This seems to happen on these long weekends!) 🙂  His unbelievable optimism and love has inspired me so much that I have made him my image for how to think positively.

The first night of this past weekend, we invited this gentleman to join us in our tent.  (I have a HUGE tent that could probably fit 6-8 people, if we tried, and there were only 3 of us.) His group was not camping out as planned, and he seemed to have the itch to be outdoors.  He was overjoyed when we invited him.  However, Friday night it rained, and — despite the well-placed rain cover — water somehow entered the tent.  (I believe it soaked in from below or sloshed in from one or both of the doors.  I’m really not sure.)  Unfortunately, this young man was the one who got soaked.  And fortunately, this young man was the one who got soaked!

I woke last after a restless sleep, and when I finally met up with him, he was smiling and full of joy. “Are you ok?” I asked.  “Oh yes!” he said.  “The water began to slowly creep, and I kept readjusting, and finally I knew I had to get up.  And it was great!  I got up early enough to be prepared for my meditation, and I had a wonderful experience!”

I was flabbergasted.  It didn’t bother him that he’d gotten wet, lost some sleep, and had to hang his clothes out over some trees.  He was grateful for the experience.  In fact, he continued to thank me for allowing him the chance to camp out that night.  Suddenly any complaints I had seemed rather insignificant. . .

So, thank you, beautiful friend!  In your honor I will strive to think as you do, bringing light and love to any situation!

Rainy Evening

"Thunderstorm" courtesy of worradmu /

“Thunderstorm” courtesy of worradmu /

It’s the beginning of goodbye.

And I’m a little lost now.

I reach out to fill the void.  Alone.

The rain falls.

The thunder both frightens

and lulls.

I hear the rain outside,

collecting near the basement window.

I hope for comfort from the rain.

I wait.

Silence.  Darkness.

Space between the thunder.

A little less goodbye.

A little less






April Showers vs. Baby Showers

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I have experienced both types of showers these past few days. (TWO baby showers! And one April Shower.)  April showers are heaven, and baby showers are. . . not so much.

Baby showers are materialistic.  They are all about the latest baby gadgets and comforts, listed on mile-long registries for very particular stores. April showers are about nature — and are free!

You can’t plan an April shower.  But baby showers require cute invitations, decorations, RSVPs, and gift shopping.

April showers are part of a natural, healthy cycle.  Baby showers breed waste, through single-use decorations, wrapping paper and other trappings, pretty paper plates, cups, and utensils.

And there are lots of people at baby showers, many who you don’t know and will likely never see again.  An April shower is just about you, the wind, and the rain.

In a baby shower I sneak in toward the back of the room, hoping no one is judging my gift, work shoes, lack of fashion, and limited make-up.  In an April shower I fling my arms out, my head to the sky, and feel the water running down my face and neck, soaking my clothes and drenching my hair.

Baby showers are “for women”, and you have to go, while your male partner gets off scot-free.  An April shower can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors, or can be completely ignored, consequence-free.

April showers feed the Earth.  They water your garden, quench your plants and flowers, and fill lakes and rivers.  Baby showers are great for the mother, but bear no return for you, an unmarried woman nearing middle age who is still not sure she ever wants to have children.

Baby showers are about small talk.  April showers are about soft raindrops.

Baby showers are about pink is for girls and blue is for boys.  April showers are about every color, and the rainbow belongs to everyone.

I’ve been to quite a few showers in my lifetime, but I wish more of them had been April showers.

Image: nixxphotography /

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