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Think About It Thursday: How Present Are You? (3 Ways to Stay Present)


Do you know where you are right now?  Mentally?  How often are you fully grounded?  How often are you in your head?  You may want to check in with yourself every so often.

I’ve discovered that unless I’m in a direct conversation with someone or working intensely on a project — I may not really be there. I may be thinking of what just happened, or what I need to do, or mulling over an idea.   I think that’s the reason I sometimes have trouble remembering things, like what I’ve done, memories from the past, etc.  I just wasn’t present.  I wasn’t really there.

The present is a present.  So, if you are like me, and you’d like to take more advantage of this gift, check in with yourself every so often.  Where am I right now?  Am I here?  Or am I in my head?

The next step is to put your attention on something that will keep you in the moment.

  1. Sometimes I take a look at one of my hands.  (This is also a great practice for increasing lucid dreaming if you then ask yourself: Am I dreaming?)
  2. I may also put my attention on one of my senses by touching something in my environment or feeling my feet in my shoes or looking at items in the room.
  3. Perhaps the easiest thing to hold your attention on is your breath.  Don’t try to change it, but notice the inflow and outflow and gently follow it.

Opportunity comes in the present moment!  Are you taking advantage?  What will you try today?

Much love and many blessings! ❤

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Memory Monday: Quickening of Soul Progression

“How has the study and application of metaphysics quickened my soul’s progression?”

The first step towards change is awareness. My experiences through the School of Metaphysics have first given me a foundation of understanding. I now know of the Akashic records and the power of thought. I know that we are not the physical body, and that we have a Creator. In know how to meditate, what if feels like to be fully present, and what it feels like not to be fully present. I understand the purpose of dreams. I know the importance of emotions.

I am more aware of myself. I am more aware of my food addictions. I recognize my discomfort with my emotions. I experience my insecurity and my desire for positive feedback and reinforcement from others. I know that I am hard on myself. I perceive how critical I am of others. I notice my tendency toward negative thinking. I know that I seek self-empowerment and to be unconditionally loving.

And I have begun to develop myself. I took on the concept of divine friendship and am overcoming my fear of talking with others. I am less attached to the physical world. I am learning not to run away, to no longer use alcohol to drown out my emotions and I’m beginning to notice when I begin to take on the victim role, seeking to complain less and take more responsibility.  I am more aware of my thoughts in general, deciding which I want to focus on and which are unproductive.  I am a more attentive listener. I find things more easily, and I am remembering more – people’s names, things people have said, etc. I am developing my leadership skills through being the Dream Awareness Coordinator, through teaching a class, and through working with other students on student weekends and in creative projects.

I am beginning to see where I am going. I have more direction and purpose in my activities. I have identified my desires and check to see how I’m making progress toward them.

I can see where I will grow. I wish to deepen my relationship with God and strengthen my, faith, hope, and positivity. I wish to always serve for the sake of the greater good. I intend to increase my openness and communication with others, sharing knowledge and anticipating miracles. I want to express more of my emotions; I wish to continue to observe the interactions of others and to learn how to always communicate with love. I intend to trust myself and strengthen my intuition. — I want to be best friends with my subconscious. I wish to forgive and love myself and others just because we are, and I wish to be secure enough in myself that I can be more present with others. I want to become a master of time, to be a manifester, a creator, and to be love incarnate.

Everyday Extroardinary-ness

ID-10052095“When your life is filled with the desire to see the holiness in everyday life, something magical happens: ordinary life becomes extraordinary, and the very process of life begins to nourish your soul!” — Rabbi Harold Kushner

I’ve been on a break for the last 2 weeks (unpaid, but still wonderful!), and at some point I finally hit the point when I felt a little bored.  I realized I had finally slowed down enough to just be.  I thought of the above quote and how I’m now focusing on “being”, more than “doing”, and I realized that “boring” can really be where it’s at.  This will take a revamping of my identity.  I’ve always associated myself with being busy.  I think it made me feel important.  Now I want to feel important because I AM.   It’s not about the destination, right?  It’s the journey.  Make every moment count!

The Best Part of the Past is That It Is Over

"Milky Way Constellation" courtesy of koratmember /

“Milky Way Constellation” courtesy of koratmember /

I’ve had a few rough patches this week.  But I’ve had a bit of a break through.  When the stress-inducers had passed, I felt myself thinking: “It’s over.”  It dwells in the past only, only alive as long as my mind makes it so.  Step 1: Continue along this path.  Step 2: Find a way to make the present more pleasant.

Days 6 & 7 on the Road to Happiness


“Rock Style Woman with Headphone” courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / 

1. Health – I’ve been back and forth on this one.  Losing some sleep because of karaoke; karaoke’s liquid diet is not so great for me either.  Besides karaoke and Easter candy, I’ve been faring fairly well.  I had a bit of ice cream for the first time at my friend’s house today, so I feel like I’ve officially fallen off the limited sugar horse for this week.  Exercise has been on and off.  I missed it today but got some Zumba in yesterday.

2. Creative Time/ Me Time — I think Game of Thrones would count for this.  Though today I was grading as I watched, the creativity of the show is still inspiring, even as I work.  Yesterday I was sucked into the living room couch void and didn’t feel like I got much work done nor explored my creativity.  I CANNOT do anything beyond TV watching in that room.  Nothing happens there.

3. People — I love the new karaoke crowd.  They are probably not people I would normally hang out with on a regular basis, but they seem down-to-earth, friendly, and fun.  I got to sing “It’s Your Love” — a Faith and Tim duet — with someone I barely knew from karaoke, and it was awesome.  (I also sang “Somewhere Out There” again with one of my regular karaoke buddies and some other songs solo.)

I visited one of my teacher friends again who just had twins.  Her daughters are seriously ridiculously adorable.  And they are still at the age where they like to be held, so that’s wonderful.  My friend and I are at pretty similar places in our lives (minus the twins), so I feel like we can relate to each other.  Spending part of the day with her today reminded me of how important it is to get out of the house.

4. Being in the Moment – I’ve felt a little less in the moment and in touch with myself the last two days.  But I have been in the moment enough to enjoy the simplicity of a baby’s life, to take note of my ranging emotions, and to observe my “stuckness” yesterday (when I couldn’t get myself to work nor play and sat paralyzed on the couch).  Maybe I can’t meditate for long periods of time, but I can feel the benefits of even centering myself for a moment.  Immediately I sigh, taking in a deep breath, which in itself is a blessing.

5. Life Purpose —I talked with Cindy, my coach, yesterday.  I had it set in my head that I was going to do retail.  I was going to start retail and find my way.  She asked me how I felt about it, and I was noticing a blob of depression sinking down my chest.  I told her I felt a bit depressed, and she asked me to go into it more, and I got choked up and could barely speak.  I told her that it felt like I was lost and I knew it would be a pay cut, and that things could be a struggle for us for a while.

I think my fear and Cindy’s concern is that I’ll get in a rut again, as I have with previous positions.  Retail is fine – and I remember that I’ve enjoyed working the cash register and interacting with customers in the past – and I may work it for a while, but it’s not my final destination.  And I need to keep working toward that final destination or I know my soul will cry out again.

So, Cindy brought up music therapy.  I’d considered it before.  I’d first become aware of the profession when I’d read the book Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult.  I wasn’t sure I could do what the protagonist was doing, but I was definitely intrigued.  I looked into the profession on-and-off, but wasn’t interested in learning music theory.  I’d never wanted to major or minor in music because of music theory, so I didn’t think I’d be interested now.

But I think I’m going to give it a shot.  I love music.  I love performing it; I love listening to it.  It moves me in a way that nothing else does.  I’m also very interested in healing, in helping people.  Music therapy seems a natural marriage of the two.  And since therapy has been an interest of mine for some time, this may be just the entrance I need into it.  I have a musical background, so I won’t feel like I’m diving into completely new territory.


“Time And Now” by sheelamohan 

I get frustrated because I remember having moments of great peacefulness and great happiness, and I don’t feel like I have them in this present moment.  Something is off.

But I know things have changed for the better.  I’m aware of whether I’m present or not more often; this is a great thing.

And, anyway, why worry about the past?  The past is over!

All I can seem to think about is how much I want tomorrow to be done.  I want to concentrate on getting ready for this holiday weekend.  And tomorrow is going to be a LONG day.  And when I mean, long, I mean LOOOOOONG.  14 hours (or 13 hours, if I don’t include driving, but I do).

I will persevere!  I will focus on each moment.  I will appreciate the moments of silence and stillness throughout the day, because otherwise I know what will happen when I get to that day after tomorrow: I will already be looking ahead, focused on the next great thing.

A Reminder


as my world was swirling round,

and I struggled with leaving my comfort zone,

fitfully worried about the future,

and the changes that are to come . . .

I found peace

in the oddest of places.


It is in death

that we can celebrate life,

in a reminder that our time is short

and each moment is precious.


Though we mourn the loss of one so young,

we learn to treat our own lives as gifts.


May every one of us find peace and keep it close.


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