Camino Thoughts: Living vs. Processing

I've realized over the last few days that the Camino was meant to be lived.  Now is the time for processing.  There were times while walking on the Camino when I thought: "Ah yes, I'm alone now.  So, it must be time to think."  But I found myself resistant to that notion. I pictured myself... Continue Reading →


Think About It Thursday: How Present Are You? (3 Ways to Stay Present)

Do you know where you are right now?  Mentally?  How often are you fully grounded?  How often are you in your head?  You may want to check in with yourself every so often. I've discovered that unless I'm in a direct conversation with someone or working intensely on a project -- I may not really... Continue Reading →

Dreamy Wednesday: Learn About Yourself Through Your Dreams!

Please check out my latest article on 10 Things Your Dreams Can Tell You About Yourself.  It goes into detail about common dreams and dream symbols: what they mean, and how you can apply them to your life.I had two different dream themes this morning -- one realistic, one more imaginative.  One half of... Continue Reading →

Thankful & Metaphysical Thursday: The Present Moment

Gratitude is key.  It is the magic switch that can bring joy from despair.  It turns frustration and fear into peace and understanding. I am grateful for spiritual focus sessions.  I received my Atlantean report this past weekend.  It was not what I expected -- my reports never are! -- and it was a wonderful... Continue Reading →

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