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Funny Friday: Looking for Inspirational Comedy

The above video is my absolute favorite monologue.  Not only is it hilarious and arguably Ellen’s best performance, it’s light, fun, and positive.

I’m looking to study inspirational comedians as I begin my own journey as a “joyedian” (comedian/motivational speaker).  Please comment and share links of similar positive, inspirational, funny fun!

Here’s another delightful genius piece by Anita Renfroe:

Have a positively wonderful, fun weekend!  Much love and many blessings. ❤

Various Thoughts


It’s been a while since I’ve written, and I really need to write.  So, here I go a ramblin’ a bit.  Gotta get the juices flowing again. . .

First of all, I’m tired.  It’s 11:35, and I should be in bed.  However, I have a lot that I wanted to accomplish, and I got pretty much all of it done.  There are a lot of exciting things happening this month, and I am really trying to put myself out there, get my face out there, take some activity toward my goals and toward being with people.

I actually enjoy my meditations now . . .  to the point that I don’t feel like it’s an “exercise.”  It’s actually a treat.  Well, I don’t feel this way ALL of the time, but more lately.  I’ve become more aware of my scattered brain, and I feel so at peace and centered when I do meditation and concentration exercises.

I’ve felt more at peace in general.  Before I kept thinking I was supposed to be doing something else.  Something BIG.  Lately I’ve come to respect the importance of the internal world.  I know that I am doing the work that I am supposed to be doing.  The environment doesn’t matter.  The circumstances don’t matter.  The activity is important but irrelevant.  I can complete the work anywhere.  And I am grateful to be involved in jobs and volunteer work that helps me reach my ideal: empowering others so that they may become self-empowered.

My latest life lesson is on the necessity of positivity.   I am receiving the message from all places.  The angel numbers all point me in that direction.  (A lot of 1’s with every combo — 2’s through 9’s!)  I listened to Abraham Hicks this week — same message.  Last night in Metaphysics class — same message.  There is a part of me that doesn’t want to give that up;  I have gotten very far by nitpicking.  I have been able to push myself pretty far and to help others by finding ways to improve.  But I realize I have taken it too far and that I sometimes suffer insecurity and from low self-worth.  So, to make this shift I am adopting the following thoughts/affirmations:

  • “I give myself permission to be positive.”
  • “There’s some great things going on here! (or There are some great things going on here!)”
  • “Everything is awesome!”
  • “What am I grateful for today?”

I want to change, and I want to manifest.  I believe it can happen.

Love and blessings to all of you beings of light. ❤

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at

Tribute Tuesday: Who/What Would You Nominate?

I’m looking for some ideas for Tribute Tuesday.  What are some events or who are some people that have brought happiness to the world?  Is there a song that lifts your spirit every single time you hear it? (I still need to do “Happy”!)  Is there a piece of artwork that reminds you of heaven?

Or. . . is there a song that sounds good, but you’d like to hear different lyrics?

I’m playing around with some ideas.

What inspires you?

Friday Fun: Story Time — “The Wanna-Be Strawberry Plants”

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography /

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography /

There was a young man who had a new garden and wished to grow strawberries.  He had transplanted some strawberry plants in the garden last year, and he anticipated them coming back again.

However, there were many rabbits in the area.  Last year the rabbits and chipmunks had not been a problem.  However, this year there were the rabbits had proliferated, and the plants were very young and vulnerable.

The man erected a wire fence around the garden, hammering down stakes and attaching the fencing with zip ties.  However the hold was flimsy, and the man was disappointed to find the plants eaten away.

Then, he staple-gunned the fence to the wooden frame that lined the garden.  However, the rabbits still ravaged the young plants, and the plants couldn’t produce fruit.

The man wished to next put a wire hatch cover over the garden to completely protect the strawberries from the rabbits.  However, he believed he had invested significant time in this undertaking, it was late in the season, and he was losing motivation and also any hope that the strawberry plants would still produce.

How would your story end?  Do you have faith in the ideas you have planted?  Can you visualize the fruit they will produce and how you will benefit — are you giving them enough attention?  What is the habit that is eating your creation?  Is it your negative thinking, your doubts and fears?  Is your will strong enough to protect your offspring from this habit so that it can grow and flourish?  And how else can you support,  love, and encourage growth?


Dreams (and Angels) Say: Be POSITIVE!

"Image courtesy of Idea go /".

Image courtesy of Idea go /

I’m very into numbers, and I’ve consistently been seeing the numbers “666” for a few years now.  It’s only recently that I interpreted that combo using Doreen Virtue’s angel numbers book: “Your thoughts are too focused on material illusions.  Raise your thoughts spiritually to get your thoughts back on track.”  This is the message that I keep getting from my angels.  Think positively.  Think positively.  THINK POSITIVELY!  I still haven’t gotten the lesson.  And yesterday my thoughts were particularly tumultuous.  So my subconscious responded in kind:

I dreamt a lot about work. . . At one point we were pouring oil over our heads.  I put some on gingerly, and then someone poured it over my head as if I’d needed it.

I knew head was related to thoughts.  The oil seemed to be related to purification.  “Ointment” happens to be right above “oil” in The Dreamer’s Dictionary.  Both terms had explanations that make sense to my life right now.  (Coincidentally, “office” is all on the same page, so I will use that, as well.)

An excerpt from “Oil“:  “Oil represents energy.  Become more sensitive to the energy expended in thought and action. . . It requires less energy to think positively, directing the mind toward something that is desirable, than to think negatively, trying to avoid or escape something feared or unwanted.”

Ointment: “Ointment represents potential healing. . . .  When thoughts are productive for self and others, healing can take place.”  (What’s the part that is healed in my dream?  My head!  My thoughts.)

Workplace: “Office indicates a place in mind where learning and growth can occur.  . .  .  Do I view life for the learning it brings or as a series of burdensome crises to be solved?”

I have become more and more aware of my negative thoughts lately (especially since it’s being brought to my attention!)  I’ve even noticed how I’m drawing more of what I don’t want to myself as I’m having these unproductive ideas.

Application: I want to be more positive.  I feel the negative thinking patterns are ingrained within me, and I’m not being attentive to myself and building my self image.

These are my goals for this:

1. Give myself time for me to do whatever.  (Goal: 1 hour a day)

2. Find employment that fits more in-line with my desires and allows more time for me to pursue my interests.

2. Monitor my thoughts.  Reframe negative, unproductive thoughts by finding purpose.  Forgive myself and others.

This is important for me and may be an ongoing project.


""Woman Covering Her Mouth With Both Hands" courtesy of photostock/

“”Woman Covering Her Mouth With Both Hands” courtesy of photostock/

Who knew that not complaining could be so hard?  Seriously?

I consider myself a fairly nice person.  I get along with most people; I’m not out to get anyone — not anyone I could actually get at, anyway —  and I seriously do want to make the world a better place.  On the other hand, I’m a Virgo, and I live up to the unpleasant Virgo stereotype of being highly critical of everything and everyone, including myself.  However, when I read that thoughts don’t count — just those words that come out– for  Will Bowden’s 21-Day Complaint-Free Challenge , I figured I’d have no problem, for I was a Virgo who knew how to keep her mouth shut.

Or so I thought.

It turns out I’m just as much a verbal complainer as the next person.  Maybe more so.  Driving in traffic with drivers that are slower than I’d like . . .  ? Can’t complain.  Or who don’t use their turn signals?  Or pull out in front of you? Nope. Can’t.   Or . .  there’s a train?!? Nope.  Nope.  Nope. 

But it wasn’t just the road rage.  I had plenty other chances for frustration.  How about: I banged my elbow!  Nope.  Banged it again!  Can’t.  Walked upstairs and forgot what I went up there for. . . Still nope.  Got downstairs and remembered what I went up there for. . .  Can’t.  Need to vent about an interpersonal interaction?  Don’t do it.  Even about workYou guessed it. . . Nope.  I realized that I had to watch myself even when looking over education materials or watching or listening to any media or performance.

Is it the end of the world if I complain?  Certainly not.  But it’s not making the world any better either.  I haven’t gone official and put on a mobile purple bracelet for each time I catch myself complaining, but even just bringing my attention to it has been mind-boggling.

The most interesting aspects of my complaining-free study are discovering:

1) where complaining pops up in my interactions with others.

2) how tongue-tied I can get when someone asks my input about something.

3) how great I feel when I don’t complain, especially around others.

Regarding #3, no gossiping is included in being complaint-free., and we all know that if I’m talking about someone right now with you, you could be next.  When I am complaint-free, I have more integrity, more authenticity, and more positivity.  In other words, how I am with you is how I will always be with you, whether you are in the room with me or not.

No, I am not yet complaint-free, but I’m like the blue heron, intently watching every fishy thought.  I know I’ll eventually make it, and then positive thinking won’t be too far behind.

Energy Check, Please!

"Pink Abstract Backgrounds" courtesy of photoraidz /

“Pink Abstract Backgrounds” courtesy of photoraidz /

I’ve been paying attention to my energy lately and noticing when it’s pretty negative.  It’s been even more apparent now that I’m eating better and exercising more — if I’m negative and cranky, I usually chalk it up to what I’ve eaten or not getting enough exercise or sleep, etc — but now I feel like I have no excuse and need to monitor more of what’s coming out.

Areas I need to look at are gossip and home life.  I’m pretty good at working the positive energy with people I encounter, but Brian and Bowser get the brunt of my venting.  And in the last couple of days I’ve been gossiping a bit about work-related things and about people from my past, and I could just feel the negative energy oozing out like a toxic sludge.  If it felt that unpleasant coming out, it must have been just as awful for those taking it in.

So, starting now I resolve to continue monitoring my energy output and to sift what goes through my mouth.

Health Summary: Improved diet?  Check.  Improved sleep?  Check.  Improved exercise?  Check.  Improved energy?  In process. . .

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