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Last week my tutoring students inspired me to write.  The perfectionist in me kept me from doing anything about it for a while.  The part that says “I am enough” is now getting this down “on paper.”

It all started with one of my students accidentally reading “snailboat” for “sailboat.”  Genius!

I quickly came up with this:

“Why ride in a sailboat

When you could ride a snailboat!”

Fun with inventive compound words! Such potential!

Another student began some work with fiction writing.  He’s creating a fantasy/sci-fi/historical fiction work.  It already sounds great.  I found an article on super young authors, which we both found inspiring, though he was only impressed with the bestselling ones!

Finally, a new student told me the entire synopsis of a fantasy piece that she has already started writing.   She plans on finishing it in high school.  (She’s in elementary school now.)  I told her about the young authors article.  But she still insists it will be best that way. . .

I had a couple of other thoughts, but I have a cat on my foot, and I’m about to turn into a sweet potato, anyway, and so I remind myself “I am enough.  It is enough.”  And I bid you all good night. 🙂

Fun Friday: Homeostasis

Image courtesy ofzirconicusso at

Image courtesy ofzirconicusso at

On top of the world

Understanding what it all means

In the moment



At Peace


At war within



Lost in my head

Confused and scattered

At the bottom of the pit


In just one day!

The Devil I Know

Each day I think I know myself.

And every day I’m surprised.

Thoughts that are a seamless a part of me

I don’t even notice.

Another layer is peeled.

Another part of me is recognized.

I want change.

But I fear change.

I want to run away,

but I come scurrying back,

I know what affirmations I have to change now.:

“I don’t know what I want.”

“I can’t visualize.”

“I can’t get clear.”


“I know what I want.”

“I am a visualizer.”

“I have clear purpose.”

The devil I don’t know isn’t better than the devil I do.  The devil is still the devil.

Rainy Evening

"Thunderstorm" courtesy of worradmu /

“Thunderstorm” courtesy of worradmu /

It’s the beginning of goodbye.

And I’m a little lost now.

I reach out to fill the void.  Alone.

The rain falls.

The thunder both frightens

and lulls.

I hear the rain outside,

collecting near the basement window.

I hope for comfort from the rain.

I wait.

Silence.  Darkness.

Space between the thunder.

A little less goodbye.

A little less






Starting Over

I forgot

how hard it is

to start again.


To be new



out of control.


I’m not perfect

and I won’t be.

Oh yeah . . .

that’s ok.


I hope

I can learn

to relax


open myself up

to mistakes,

to criticism,

to new life lessons.


Take it and roll with it.


If I can do that

this experience

will be worth

all the







Mourning of the Seasons

Image courtesy of [image creator name] /

“Frozen Forest” courtesy of Evgeni Dinev /

Please come back, Spring and Summer — but not Fall, for though I enjoy your beauty and company, you and Winter are far too close.  I have no love for Winter.  I never have.  Was I ever swept up in the charms of Snow?  I think not.  Or if I was, I care nothing for it now.  Not to drive in; not to sled in; not for forts, or for making men with buttons and pipe.

I do not like the hidden black death that causes my car to skid and people to slip.  Neither do I care for its milky sister who lurks in all other spaces, reducing quick and joyful steps to tentative, terrified ones.

I hate your harsh breath, oh Winter.  With each inhale, I can feel your icy breath rush down my throat, grasping and rattling my lungs, while I cough in self-defense.

But that is not the worst, dear Winter, no.  Can you guess what it might be?  It is that you banished the Sun; it no longer greets me with a kiss when I wake, no longer fills me with its warm glow and assures me that all will be alright.   Nor does it linger long at night to embrace me and tell me it’s time to sleep.  The Sun is weak now, so much weaker.   Perhaps it is depressed, like me?  Sometimes I think you can’t stop us, Winter – we will go out for lunch!  But your chill is too much for me, keeping us separated, though I miss our time together.

You are an unwelcome guest, Winter!  And I hope you will not extend your stay this year.   I know you have been patient this year, arriving late with a gentler touch.  But I also know that you are prone to linger and to even push Spring aside!

So, Spring, please show your face this year.  YOU are welcome!  Even more than Summer (Sorry!)  Though Winter protests, stay strong! The world is ready for you, and so am I.

Meanwhile, I wait for you, in the darkness.

Color/Feeling Poem

"Blue Swirl Background" courtesy of Stuart Miles /

“Blue Swirl Background” courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Sometimes when I tutor writing or teach writing workshop, I wish I could be in the kids’ shoes so that I could join in the fun!

Today I created an example of a “Color Poem” and a “Feeling Poem”, so that my student would have a model for his work.  I decided to include it in my blog.  I love the color blue, so I started with “Blue” as my Color Poem, but then I realized that “blue” can be a feeling word, too, so they actually morphed into each other.

Here they are:


ocean waves, sea

lake, dreams,

baby’s eyes


snow at night






losing something

losing someone







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