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Wonderful Weekend

"Dancing Youngwoman" courtesy of Ambro /

“Dancing Youngwoman” courtesy of Ambro /

I promised myself that I wouldn’t work this weekend (beyond my tutoring hours).  That meant no grading, no planning, etc.   Anything I needed to get done I would do Friday and Monday.   I panicked a bit when my mind/body put up extreme resistance to doing any work on Friday; I almost decided to grade a bit on Saturday or a bit on Sunday to feel better.  It would be my decision to do it, then, not a “should”, right?  But I ended up staying clear, and as I write this, working on my grading on Monday, I’m glad.

Because I had a fantastic weekend.  I got to experience what my life is like without schoolwork.  And it was a little odd, let me tell you.  For a while, I was quite lost.  I caught up on my e-mail and Facebook, I did some reading and writing, some meditation, and then I wasn’t quite sure what I was supposed to be doing.  Sometimes I just sat.  I went for a walk with Bowser.  I did some simple exercises and some Zumba.  Went food shopping.  Helped Brian with meals. (He’s really the master chef.)  We saw three great movies from the “nearly new” $1 shelf: Sherlock Holmes, Contagion, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.  All fantastic movies.  (What are the odds of that working out?!)  It was great.  I’ve been trying to “just BE”, and I think taking schoolwork out of the picture was a great help to that.  Not doing any housework felt great, too, although I know I’ve got to catch up on that at some point so that I don’t feel like a complete slob. . . 🙂

I’m thankful for a non-busy weekend that refreshed me for the week.  And now, back to grading. 🙂



Bah.  I was so excited today because I had some extra time — and I never have extra time on Tuesdays — and then I was lost as to what to do with it.  And so I squandered it.

I didn’t get my snow day today, but I did get a snow afternoon.  Usually I have 3 tutoring students in the afternoon after my day of teaching Spanish.  But I canceled one and was able to keep and push  forward the other session, since I was now home early, and the student meets near my house.

But I couldn’t figure out what to do with myself when I got home.  Normally I come home and immediately tear off my work clothes and throw on some jammies, but I couldn’t do that, since I still had a lesson in an hour.  I felt helpless.  Do I snack?  (Yes.)  Do I write?  (No.)  Do I get some work done? (No.)  Do I do various inane things that I will not even remember hours later when I write the post? (Yes.)

And what also stunk is that I missed karaoke tonight because of the snow.  I LOVE karaoke, but it seemed ridiculous to cancel a tutoring session, only to go trouncing out in the snow later the same evening, throwing caution to the wind.  So, what did I do in place of karaoke tonight?  Sadly, I ended up typed up tutoring lesson summaries and responded to a bunch of work e-mail to parents about corrections and final grades for Spanish.

What the heck? Where was my snow day?  Where was my trade-off?  Why am I a masochist sometimes?

On the upside, I am now pretty caught up with parent e-mails, I am still fairly caught up with grading and planning, and I have a light schedule the rest of the week, since it’s the end of the trimester.  I know that this effort that I put in today will help toward making the rest of the week easier and will help me reach my goal of having more relaxing weekends.

The Thing About My Job Is. . .

My career/life purpose coach gave me the assignment this week to look at my job — teaching in particular — and look at what I like and dislike about it.  It’s that time of year again when the school year is more than half way over, and summer vacation/summer jobs are peeking over the horizon.  So, what am I drawn to?  What do I enjoy about what I do, and where can that take me?

I’ll start with do not likes, so that I end on a positive note:

  • Excessive grading (unless I’m paid for it!) — especially of projects and other complicated assignments
  • Excessive Planning
  • Balancing interesting activities with less intense planning and less intense grading
  • Working at home (and not getting paid for it, and not doing things I want to do at home)
  • Managing disruptive students
  • Managing off-task students
  • Dealing with a loud noise level
  • Keeping a classroom organized
  • Less pay
  • No insurance (which can also be a benefit)
  • Negative parental contact


And then there are likes:

  • The stability of the job.
  • The hours.
  • The variety of the job.
  • Going into a job and leaving the house.
  • Less pressure than last year with a specials subject (Spanish).
  • Interacting with people.
  • Students and teachers greeting me in the hallways.
  • Students saying they are enjoying an activity.
  • Managing students who are mostly on-task and interested in the work.
  • Helping teachers or students who need help.
  • Connecting with students/teachers.
  • Snow days (if there are any!)
  • nice lunch (on full days)
  • on my feet and moving around
  • having a good laugh
  • fun activities
  • positive parental contact, including open house and conferences

That’s it for now.  I may add more later.


"Winter Bird" courtesy of maple /

“Winter Bird” courtesy of maple /

How do you know when something is a good-for-you should and when it’s a not-for -you should?  I’m a very emotional person who tries to follow her intuition but hasn’t figured out the difference between intuition and irrational fear or resistance.

I just went two trips around the walking path with my dog Bowser, taking advantage of the 50-degree weather.  (Yes, it’s true – Chicagoans have a warped sense of what’s warm; but tomorrow it’s going to be 30 degrees colder!)

I didn’t feel like going out, but I felt I knew I “should.”  Felt I knew I should.  So, is that a good should?  I knew I’d come back feeling refreshed and full of fresh air in my lungs, and I did.  I knew my legs would feel stretched and my head would be clearer.  And those both happened.  So, even though I was reluctant to go out at first, it wasn’t really a “should”, was it?

Today I’m spending the day getting my “should”s done — grading and planning for the week, but I want to get my “want”s in, too.  There’s this blog.  The walk.  I’d like to get some more writing in somewhere else, too.  There are the shows I’m watching to help me get through the workload (right now I’m watching the first few episodes ever of SNL, inspired by something I read in a bathroom reader).

I intend to make this a great week, even if I have to spend half the time convincing myself of it!

Don’t Wanna Go Home

Does anyone else dread coming home? Not because you’re in an abusive or annoying relationship, or you have kids to take care of. Nothing like that. But because you feel like you don’t know what to start? And by start, I mean, what work to get done first? Do I have a problem? Or is this normal?

My house isn’t clean. I have dishes that are sitting in the sink, laundry that needs to be done, a couch that needs to be de-furred, a bathroom that could be cleaned, and a floor that needs to be vacuumed. But only the laundry is on today’s to do list. (I’m down to my last few pairs of underwear, and they are that kind that I would only wear with form-fitting pants.)

I’m wondering if I should start working on my ELL report cards, my reading tests, or my lesson plans for the week. Or should I jump into the laundry for a bit? Do some job searching? Practice my band and orchestra music? Get in some exercise and fresh air?  Call my uncle for our monthly check-in?  Write? (Clearly you can see which choice I made. . .)

Home is not a sanctuary for me. It’s a place where I get work done. Or where I procrastinate before I get work done. I am sitting here, on the couch, typing this, and feeling positively awful. Sigh.

Well, at least I have had a nice day and a half so far. We had a movie and game night evening and morning with our friends up north. I was away from my house, and I almost didn’t think about my job at all, except when asked a bit about it. My sister asked me to look at some certification documents, but I successfully postponed the activity until next weekend. I needed a break.

How do I break this pattern? How do I organize my time and balance my life so that I don’t feel burdened all of the time? I decided this weekend that I want to be happy from now on. I want to look on the bright side. I want to feel that lightness and euphoria that I only feel at select special moments, or if I’ve had a drink or two. I AM A HAPPY PERSON!  I am a joyful, excited, full-of-energy, pleasant-to-be-around person, I swear!  It’s in there somewhere!

Then, how do I spend the last hours of my weekend before I must buck up and prepare myself to go back to work?

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