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I want to eat, eat, eat – EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!

"Hippopotamus" courtesy of RTP411 /

“Hippopotamus” courtesy of RTP411 / is me when I’m hungry!  Nam nam nam!)


I have a burning fire within me and it’s called a rumbling tummy.

Almost 3 months without meat and the refrigerator is nearly empty.


My body is not happy. —

And I’m dreaming about it, too!


Trying to be healthy, watching what I eat.

Meat is not an option, avoiding most treats.


Dark, dark chocolate was my fall-back,

But my body is rejecting it . . .


How can I feed my sweet tooth. . .

Can I learn to love fruit?


Hardly time to eat between things.

Need pre-planned and pre-packed meals.


But the fridge is just as empty

as the kitchen sink is full.


Can’t pack lunch and dinner —

(No containers and no food!)


Need a free genie chef

To make scrumptious vegetarian dishes.


Anyone want to volunteer?
Or can I borrow yours?

Made it!

The work week is over!  This week’s stats:

1/2 hour plan: Unsuccessful.

I managed this one day over the weekend.  Sunday I caught up on leftover schoolwork, and Monday I stayed late at work so I could go right to what turned out to be a 3.5 hour board meeting.   That threw off the rest of my week.

Health: Struggling.  Vitamins — Yes!  Exercise — No.  Healthy eating — No.  Good night’s sleep — No.

Well, tomorrow is a new day!

New positive outlook: Success!

I took my friend’s advice to heart and started positive affirmations in the morning.  And it’s made this week great!  I haven’t had perfect days, but overall I had a great week, and I think it’s going to be a great rest of the year.

Today: Today was nuts!  Did breakfast for the staff, found out I lost my plan period because I had to in-house sub for a teacher, then was told MY sub hadn’t shown up and would keep me from going to a writing training in the afternoon, and then later had a super awesome staff member give up her time to sub for my class, so I could go after all.

Really enjoyed the training and decided that I want to be a children’s book author.  The thought has crossed my mind in the past — I can’t write anything really long, and submitting to magazines doesn’t appeal to me at all right now.  Plus, I’m really just a big kid!   So, that’s my new plan.  Well, to be specific, writing one children’s story a week is my new plan.  And also once a month perusing best-selling children’s book and the publishing companies that go with them.

I’ve got a career counseling session at the career center tomorrow. And now I’m off to bed so that I can get my sleep schedule back on track. . .

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What goes in. . .

You know you’re getting old when. . .  you can’t eat whatever you want anymore without paying for it dearly.  Sadly, I have acquired my father’s digestive tract, and I get the gurgly-wurglies — and all related unpleasant side effects — fairly often these days.

My latest transgressions?

Last weekend: uncontrolled consuming of M&Ms (of both the regular and peanut varieties)

Wednesday: Shots of Kahlua (so NOT a good idea on the same night as orchestra rehearsal)

Thursday: cheesecake (only ONE piece — what the heck?)

So, here I am, wondering what I’m going to do to get back on track.  Because seriously, with the stomach pains I had the last time, I think my body is trying to tell me something.


1. No more cheesecake.  I’ve never been a huge fan, so why am I participating now?

2. Also, no more ice cream.   <– That could be a tough one.   But, it’s about lactose intolerance (which probably also explains the cheesecake).  I don’t drink milk for this reason.  Ice cream gives me just as much trouble.  But I don’t think I can give up cheese. . .

3.  Eat slowly.  I still tend to eat fast, finding stopping to eat really inconvenient.  This is an awful habit.  The last time I tried this, it helped tremendously.  Also, the slower I eat, the sooner I can get my body’s “Don’t eat anymore of this” message before I start to feel really sick.  In fact, slowing down in life in general would probably be of great benefit to my health.

4.  More fruits, veggies, and nuts, and less of the other stuff.  I think I will put some out on the table today for while I’m working.  I also need to pick up some of my favorite ranch dressing to encourage me to eat the raw veggies. (Yes, I know ranch has some dairy in it.  I have to cut myself some slack somewhere.)

5. More exercise.  I lost my beautiful daily exercise streak.  But it’s never to late to start it again!  (Went for a walk with the pup today already.)

Challenge: Easter Lunch/Dinner.

I think I should be able to handle #1 and #2 without difficulty.  I’m sure I’ll have time for #5.   And #3 shouldn’t be a problem, either, since there will be no rush, and eating is one of the main reasons we get together.  It’s #4 that will be rough.  I think the key to keep from succumbing to the delicious, not-nutritious food is to make sure I have a good meal before I go.  Actually, that will help me with #3 AND #4.

Plan complete.  Challenge accepted.

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Failing to Succeed

I think the problem I’m feeling in my current job is that I feel like I suck all of the time. When I was in school, I was getting the grades, I was getting the awards, I was getting the accolades. And now here, in this job, I always feel like I’m failing. The students are failing, so I am failing. I don’t have SIOP up-to-par, so I am failing. I’m not doing guided reading, writing workshop, Daily 4 – or whatever – perfectly. . . so I’m failing. I’m not contacting parents as much as I could and not grading papers and planning as much as I should, so I’m failing. And what do we hear from our society and legislators? Education is failing. Everywhere I look I am told that I’m a failure. That wears on a person.

And believe or not, I care about my students. So, when they don’t do well, I feel it. It hurts. I want them to succeed. I want to implement ideas and programs that work. Crazy, hmm? I don’t need someone to show me test scores. I don’t need to be told that there’s something wrong, that things need to change. Every day I wish things were better. And I actually used to believe things could change. . .

I know what we need. We need to overhaul the public education system. We need to create environments where students love learning and don’t lose their creativity and curiosity after kindergarten. Students should be involved in their own educational decisions and should be involved in their own inquiries and projects. And the government and corporations should stay OUT. I’m tired of people telling us what and how to think. We all need to think for ourselves.

Brian tells me that I really am a teacher, that I could really love my job in the right circumstances. Maybe. Maybe I’ll never know.

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