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Did You Let Your Heart Sing Today?


Do you have trouble remembering your day?  Does it all blend together?  Or do you feel a little drained, a little exhausted?  If so, ask yourself: “Did I let my heart sing today?”  A friend told me recently that she had begun prioritizing her time by separating her life into activities that make her heart sing — and those that don’t. (And giving the former the priority!)  What a way to live!

How have you made your choices today?  Have you chosen activities/events that bring you joy?  If you do so, not only do you live your own vibration, but you lift everyone around you.

If you’re feeling a little drained, take a look at what you did to nourish your inner self, to feed those inner desires.  If you’re like I’ve been lately, you may be saying: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  But I’m beginning to see that I don’t have time NOT to.  The results of “no fun Teri” are burnout, resentment, restlessness, and an excessive desire for sleep.

So, I’m starting to listen to my inner desires, and I’m starting to nurture myself.  I’m slowly building a yoga habit.  I’m listening and singing to music more.  I let myself watch little clips (penchant for movie trailers).  I’m getting back on track with my disciplines.  I’ve done more Zumba.  I’m visiting with more people.  I’m attending events and participating in things that I’m emotionally drawn to.  And it’s wonderful.

Today I spent a little time at the IONS Conference dream booth with the School of Metaphysics; had a great lesson with one of my students; took a different route to my destination and ended up driving next to a fellow DreamCatchers buddy; stopped by a Metaphysics Fair in Tinley Park and did some yoga. listened to a chakra mini-lecture, bonded with a friend, and got a tarot reading; tasted a yummy creation by Brian and my family from the Healthy Luncheon; met some of my new neighbors who helped Brian install a new car battery; guest participated in my first improv show; and saw Lucy in and outdoor viewing with friends from the Bolingbrook School of Metaphysics.  A wonderful, wonderful day.

And now here I am, listening to the “25 Most Inspiration Songs, drinking some energy tea, and feeling fantastic.

Have you taken a few minutes for yourself today?  Don’t forget to let your soul sing!

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So Worth It

"Microphone" courtesy of Idea go/

“Microphone” courtesy of Idea go/

I’m so exhausted right now that I barely got this post in. It’s been a while since I’ve chosen to stay up super late, and it didn’t have anything to do with doing “homework” (or staying up to avoid homework). It was karaoke. New venue. New night. I’ve been on quite the emotional roller coaster lately, and I’m getting tired of the low points. The experience last night gave me a high that could carry me through at least the next three days.

Sometimes it’s worth it to lose the sleep.  It’s worth the agonizing realization in the morning that the annoying alarm in my ear is unfortunately mine and not my partner’s.  It’s worth wandering back and forth between the kitchen and the living room because I forget my purpose and destination every time I leave the room.   It’s worth the clumsy knocking into desks and students, and it’s worth the internal fight to not succumb — sitting down at my neglected teacher’s desk, throwing my head on my arms, and taking a snooze in the middle of the day.

It’s worth it because last night Teri got her groove back.  She eased in with the duet “Picture”, warmed up with “How Do I Live”, and carried it home with “Man, I Feel Like a Woman.”  There’s nothing like the rowdy support of a sweet, warm, and tipsy neighborhood-pub-crowd to put one back on top and make this lost tutor/teacher/writer feel like a pop star.  Thank you, World, for reminding me of my passion and for giving me something to lose sleep about.

And now, go away, everybody.  It’s time for bed. 🙂

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