“You Already Have Everything You Need.”

Today was a wonderful day.  I'm hoping for some fantastic dreams tonight!  I am learning about connecting with the "knower" within. I've now heard this message many times from many different sources: I already have what I need.  (There is nothing I need to seek outside myself.)  I need only to look within and "... Continue Reading →

Angel Numbers/Numerology: 1’s and 2’s

I feel I'm following a path of 1's and 2's this month. (And the day of this post is 11-2!)  I'm experiencing an unprecedented level of synchronicity/connectedness, and it is amazing.  At this moment I am listening to the introduction of Deepak Chopra's 21-day meditation (21!), and the total time of the audio 21:22.  I... Continue Reading →

1’s and 3’s and “5”: A Little Numerology & Angel Numbers

I'm very interested in Numerology.  I've just always been fascinated by numbers and have been intuitively drawn to them.  Since we're in the winter season at the warehouse, I've had some downtime and have started processing texts again.  My latest numerology excitement is discovering which table number I'm going to be placed at for the... Continue Reading →

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