1’s and 3’s and “5”: A Little Numerology & Angel Numbers

I'm very interested in Numerology.  I've just always been fascinated by numbers and have been intuitively drawn to them.  Since we're in the winter season at the warehouse, I've had some downtime and have started processing texts again.  My latest numerology excitement is discovering which table number I'm going to be placed at for the... Continue Reading →

Smorgasbord: “My poor baby!” x 2; More Angel Numbers; Raw Emotions; Animal Visits; and Pupil Jealousy?

"My Poor Baby!" x 2 #1: I hurt one of my babies today.  I was clipping Link's claw with the clippers, and I must have been really careless because I cut into his paw. 😦  He cried out in pain, but he's shown no other sign of pain since; he's been walking fine and no... Continue Reading →

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