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Rainy Evening

"Thunderstorm" courtesy of worradmu /

“Thunderstorm” courtesy of worradmu /

It’s the beginning of goodbye.

And I’m a little lost now.

I reach out to fill the void.  Alone.

The rain falls.

The thunder both frightens

and lulls.

I hear the rain outside,

collecting near the basement window.

I hope for comfort from the rain.

I wait.

Silence.  Darkness.

Space between the thunder.

A little less goodbye.

A little less






Good Decision/ Bad Decision

"Deer From Forest" courtesy of anankkml /

“Deer From Forest” courtesy of anankkml /

Today’s Mistake: Going on Facebook

I told myself I wasn’t going on Facebook today.  And then sometime later I sat down on my couch, laptop in my lap, and I said “Just 5 minutes.”  Then, “Just til 2:30,” and then 40 minutes later I finally got off.

And it brought me down.

Conspiracies surrounding the events of the Boston Marathon, criticism of Fox News network and some of their newscasters’ wishy-washyness on the Bill of Rights, and negative comments on one of my posts.  Plus, I felt the guilt and disappointment of my broken commitment not to go on today.  The frustration, the anger, the overall negativity. . .I became upset and depressed..

And then came —

Today’s Good Choice: Going Outside

First I went for one of my backwards walks with Bowser (to build up my hamstrings).  It was gorgeous outside, and I took in the view, hugged my favorite tree, and saw an egret!

Then Brian got home and we went for a bike ride.  We’ve saved some time by starting out from the house and making our way to any paths along the way.  The wind was tough, but we had a beautiful ride (6 deer near the path!) and made good time.  We got home at 18 miles, and then Brian had us bike our nearby walk path and a couple times around our court so that I got my full 20 miles. in 🙂

So, I got back on track with exercise since the flooding. and the endorphins restored my emotional balance.  There were a few moments today — right after yoga and at times when I was outside — when I realized — “Wow!  I’m truly happy.”  And: “No matter what happens in the future, I am happy right here, right now.”

Today’s Inspiration

 "Double Yellow Sunflowers" courtesy of nuttakit/

“Double Yellow Sunflowers” courtesy of nuttakit/ 


“I place fewer and fewer demands upon others, and especially myself.  I am free to commune with nature, work, play, read, or just do nothing.” – from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s Living the Wisdom of the Tao (75th verse)

I badly need this today!

A Little Piece of Paradise


“Arms Raised Man Watching Sunset” by Chaiwat / 

Today was heaven.  I still worked a lot today, but I got a few great hours in the outdoors.

It began with an invigorating 12.5 mile ride around our neighborhood.  Instead of our regular route, Brian took us on a detour into a previously unexplored forest preserve.  It was a lovely, rambling route that took us past quite a few leisurely walkers and nearly returned us to the beginning of our route.

I didn’t want to go back inside.  So, we continued with a short stroll with Bowser and along the walkway near the house.

I’m guessing this unexpected spring December has something to do with global warming.  Is it wrong that I appreciated it so much?  I keep thinking about moving to California, where the weather is pleasant year round.  Today I thought Chicago might be bearable if we could continue having weather like this!

Starved Rock

This post is an excuse to post some pictures. 🙂  I had a lovely time with two awesome teacher pals at Starved Rock National Park this week. We’ll begin with one of my favorite parts of nature —  water (and well-placed trees).

And another of my favorite parts of nature. . . rock.  Starved Rock is full of beautiful canyons. (And, of course, there’s another great tree!)

A gorgeous natural high rise that we discovered by accident.  (Some of the trails are a little confusing.)  Look for the blue jacket. . .

These wildflowers followed us throughout our long 7.5 mile hike.  This was the farthest we’d ever hiked.  I’m looking forward to our next visit!

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