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10 Natural Remedies That Work for You AND Your Pet! (Link Included)

Hey!  I haven’t disappeared!   Really working on the Law of Proper Perspective and time management.  I am still writing, and here is my latest creation:  (Please check it out!)

10 Natural Remedies That Work for You AND Your Pet



I Am the “Spider”

"Web of Pearls" by Tina Phillips

“Web of Pearls” by Tina Phillips

I am a spider.  Oh, that’s a terrible analogy, but it works for this topic.  Maybe I’ll come up with a better one by the time I finish this post. But anyway, this is the conversation that I had with my fiancée.  He believes in his company.  I do, too.  I use most of the products, for goodness sake, and I LOVE them.  I use the shampoo, the conditioner, the moisturizer, the vitamins, the protein, etc etc.  And they are all fantastic.  And I love that his company uses scientists and does a lot of testing to make sure the products work and recalls products that don’t meet the standards.   I love that my eye doctor looked into the window of my body (eyes) and commented on how great they look. I love that my teeth are healthy with the non-fluoride toothpaste, despite that my insurance doesn’t cover my dentist visits (fingers crossed on that one).  I love the boost my vitamins give me to get me through the day.  I love that I notice the chemicals now in products that aren’t natural — at work and at others’ houses who disinfect in front of me —  because the ones that I use are that chemically pure and awesome.  I love that the protein from this company keeps me healthy on my now stricter vegetarian diet.  And I know how the products have cured my grandmother’s health concerns, cured my nose-running (and that of my sister), and allowed my fiancée to recover faster from the winter sickness than me – the person who decided to just “tough it out.”  It is a part of my life, and if you asked me, I would tell you about all of this.

But you have not asked me, and I am the spider.  I wait.  That sounds so awful.  Maybe I am the wise woman who does not seek out?  I wait to be approached?  If you asked me for help —  if you asked me for advice — I would be easier about this.  I know what has worked for me.  But I know that life is like mathematics.  Like religion.  Like God/the Goddess.  There are many paths to the same end.  To reach the goal.  To find our way to better health.   So, if you are finding your way – fantastic.  I love you, and support you!  And if you are lost, I know a way!  It is not THE way, but it is a way, and it works for me.

May you be blessed in whatever way you choose, and if I can be of any service to you, that would give my life that much more meaning.

Let Me See Your Face. . .

"Make Up Tools" courtesy of Teeratas/

“Make Up Tools” courtesy of Teeratas/

One of my female role-models who hasn’t worn make-up for years just recently started wearing make-up again.  I was dismayed.  She was a big reason for why I felt justified in not wearing make-up myself.  Great skin with a healthy glow – what’s not to love?

Ok, so I do wear make-up.  Some.  Enough to cover up the unsightly break-outs that I still get, despite my age.  Quick cover-up and I’m done, except for the occasional fancy occasion – or Halloween.  And yes, I can totally see the appeal of make-up.  It gives you a whole new glamor face –bright with color and pock-mark free, a major boost of confidence, and an opportunity to show-off your artistic creativity to every person you encounter.

However. . .

I can also see the “unappeal” of make-up.  Unfortunately, often when I see make-up I see either:

1. Recently deceased person: the heavy foundation, the rosy cheeks — which are ridiculously misplaced on a person who is cold and dead — and then whatever else that the well-intentioned make-up artist has done to make this person look completely different from the one you are supposed to be remembering and mourning.


2. A clown.  Really, I don’t think I need to explain this one too much, but it is very difficult to make unnatural colors look natural on a face.

Beyond the general frustration with the unnatural look of make-up, make-up just seems like a lot of trouble that’s just not worth it.  It’s not just the time commitment — I know some people have it down to a science and can get it all done in 15 minutes — it’s also what it does to your skin.  It’s the toxic junk that may be in your make-up and all the crap (possibly also toxic) that you put on your face to get the make-up back off.  (And going to the gym with make-up on? . . . just going to shake my head at that one.)

So, I am frustrated.   I know make-up can give one much-needed confidence, helping a person feel movie-star-beautiful (I’ve been there!) – but it’s not real, and it’s not natural, and I’m sad that I’ve lost my role-model.  I want to see your real face!

Humble Pie

"Small Boy Blowing Nose" by David Castillo Dominici /

“Small Boy Blowing Nose” by David Castillo Dominici /

Blast.  I’m sick.  After all that bragging that I never get sick.  Well, I’m grateful for two things:

1. I got sick on a weekend during a vacation, so it didn’t interfere with anything.


2.  This has made me feel kinship and appreciation for the suffering of others who have gotten sick. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a whole family to get sick at once.  Hopefully they can all pull their blankets downstairs as I have, sipping their tea, or water, or whatever it is they consume to make themselves better, pumping their various vitamins and slurping their soups.  And I do finally feel a bit better.

I think I know how it started.  It started with the two rum & cokes last Tuesday night at karaoke.  My head hasn’t been quite the same since.  And then all those holiday goodies . . .  Yesterday I began to feel the onset, but I foolishly insisted on participating in everything, regardless: the tutoring session, the Post-Apocalypse party, Brian’s work party. . .

This morning as I woke, yesterday’s slight hack became a storm, and I buckled in surprise.  My body felt alien to me, weak, unpredictable.  So, I’ve been paying special attention to it, tiptoeing around, so as not to aggravate it.  I know that Dad used to go for a run when he was sick.  Would that work for this one?  I haven’t exercised in a week, and today is usually one of my days.  But I normally use the elliptical at my parents’ house on this day, and I have no desire to leave the house.  Neither do I have any desire to clean out the whole litterbox, as I’d planned.  Nor desire to finish that last-minute shopping for tomorrow.

Thankfully, Brian has been much sweeter to me than I’ve ever been to him when he’s sick — taking out Bowser, making me breakfast, fetching the tissues, getting dinner started — whereas I would admonish him to suck it up: “You’re not really sick; don’t believe it!”, and would crankily help him when he asked.

It’s been a peaceful day, me slowly recovering and trying to get through my 738-page book for book club, and Brian sitting with his headset on, playing Guardians of Middle Earth, the days solitude broken briefly by a satisfying Bears game (although I was napping for the first half of it, anyway).

Though my head is still a little foggy, I feel the congestion elsewhere has cleared.  I have faith now that I will survive the holiday onslaught of the next few days.  And Wednesday I plan to settle down again, alone with Pride and Prejudice, Little Women,  It’s a Wonderful Life, or whatever other holiday or regular favorite I can find lying around.  Just me and my movie and my tea.  Some time to take care of Teri.

I Don’t Get Sick

"Woman With High Temperature" by Michal Marcol /

“Woman With High Temperature” by Michal Marcol /

I don’t get sick.  I don’t.  Ok, I do.  But rarely.  And it’s only when my immune system has come under serious attack, i.e. I’m stressed because I’m behind on grading and planning,  AND report cards are due, AND my classroom management is out the window, AND I have 3 million simultaneous meetings, AND I’ve got a bazillion friend & family functions to attend, AND I’ve lost sleep, AND I’m not eating well, AND. . .

But I don’t even remember the last time I got really sick.  I think it may have been my 2nd year of teaching, 8 years ago.  It was my first year in bilingual 4th grade, I had 30 students (8 of whom were behavior challenges, and 5 of whom were newcomers), and it was March.  (March can be a rough time for teachers.  It’s not as long as May, but the weather is still bad.)  The time before that?  Junior year of high school, in the middle of my first big musical: Godspell.  Before that?  5th grade.

Sometime in middle school I decided I just wasn’t going to get sick.  I actually made that promise to a family friend, and I kept it.  I didn’t miss a single day of middle school for sickness.  (I think I had to miss one or two days for eye appointments, and that devastated me because I missed the perfect attendance award.) And as I said, that doesn’t mean I have a perfectly healthy body all the time, but I do pretty well.

I think attitude is half the battle.  Part of my attitude is not so great: I can’t afford to get sick. That could be a sign of overworking/being a workaholic.  But the other half is: I’ve got a healthy body that is too strong to get sick.

Why do a lot of us get sick?  I believe part of it’s subconscious.  Have you ever had one of these thoughts? Oh, God, everyone in my office/family is sick; I’m next! or It’s that time of year again; I’m probably going to get sick or Geez, I’m so tired, and do I feel a little funny?  Maybe I’m coming down with something!

We expect it, and it happens.

Also, sickness can be a rewarding experience.  I’m not talking about the runny nose, the sore throat, the nausea, etc.  being a great time.   I mean the extra attention, the time off of work, the break you finally give yourself.  Maybe you don’t have time or days to take off of work, but if you’re sick, you have to.  Maybe you haven’t taken time for yourself; you haven’t allowed yourself to relax and do nothing.  Now that you’re sick, you are expected to stay in bed, lie on the couch, and catch up on TV/favorite movies.  And what about the extra caring and attention?  It’s cold out, so you shouldn’t be walking the dog when you’re sick.  You’re also probably too tired to do any housecleaning or go out and run any errands.  Maybe your partner will even make meals for you/ bring you your tea/ bring you that remote 3 feet away?  You get the idea.  And even though this might all sound negative, you need these things, certainly more than you’re getting them.   The key is to take care of yourself before you get sick, not after.

And though all of this is well and good, of course taking good care of one’s body is also important.  Even though I miss sleep here and there and sometimes eat stupid things, I generally do pretty well.  Thankfully, when I miss even a little sleep, I immediately get cranky to the point that I don’t even like being around myself, so that’s pretty good motivation to stay on track.  I’ve also begun cutting back on refined grains and on meats, and I’m trying to eat more fruits, veggies, and legumes.  Pretty much the only liquid I drink is water (except for the occasional beer or similar beverage), and I’m trying to remember to take my vitamins every day: multivitamins and Nutriferon (to boost the immune system).   I also exercise at least 2-4 times a week, including yoga.  And I try to monitor my energy and stay positive as much as possible.

I don’t know which part of all of that is most important, but I like to think it all is.  Keeping your body healthy is a physical, mental, and spiritual process, and a goal worth working for.

So, remember, the next time people begin dropping like flies around you, have no fear, take care of your spirit, mind, and body and have confidence in yourself.  Try saying this to yourself: They may be sick, but I’m feeling great!

April Showers vs. Baby Showers

Image: digitalart /

I have experienced both types of showers these past few days. (TWO baby showers! And one April Shower.)  April showers are heaven, and baby showers are. . . not so much.

Baby showers are materialistic.  They are all about the latest baby gadgets and comforts, listed on mile-long registries for very particular stores. April showers are about nature — and are free!

You can’t plan an April shower.  But baby showers require cute invitations, decorations, RSVPs, and gift shopping.

April showers are part of a natural, healthy cycle.  Baby showers breed waste, through single-use decorations, wrapping paper and other trappings, pretty paper plates, cups, and utensils.

And there are lots of people at baby showers, many who you don’t know and will likely never see again.  An April shower is just about you, the wind, and the rain.

In a baby shower I sneak in toward the back of the room, hoping no one is judging my gift, work shoes, lack of fashion, and limited make-up.  In an April shower I fling my arms out, my head to the sky, and feel the water running down my face and neck, soaking my clothes and drenching my hair.

Baby showers are “for women”, and you have to go, while your male partner gets off scot-free.  An April shower can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors, or can be completely ignored, consequence-free.

April showers feed the Earth.  They water your garden, quench your plants and flowers, and fill lakes and rivers.  Baby showers are great for the mother, but bear no return for you, an unmarried woman nearing middle age who is still not sure she ever wants to have children.

Baby showers are about small talk.  April showers are about soft raindrops.

Baby showers are about pink is for girls and blue is for boys.  April showers are about every color, and the rainbow belongs to everyone.

I’ve been to quite a few showers in my lifetime, but I wish more of them had been April showers.

Image: nixxphotography /

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