Tribute Tuesday: Who/What Would You Nominate?

I'm looking for some ideas for Tribute Tuesday.  What are some events or who are some people that have brought happiness to the world?  Is there a song that lifts your spirit every single time you hear it? (I still need to do "Happy"!)  Is there a piece of artwork that reminds you of heaven?... Continue Reading →


True Colors (and “bad girls”, Asian beetles, and annoying station changes and repeating songs)

My work is gray, gray, gray.  I'm surrounded by daunting, mountainous gray walls.  I understand why the bigwigs wouldn't want to put drywall up the sides of the gargantuan warehouse and across that expansive bleak ceiling, but it's depressing to look at.  The fluorescent lights don't help.  Have you seen Joe vs. the Volcano? I'm... Continue Reading →

Is Your Life “For Rent”? (Today’s Inspiration by Dido.)

An interesting progression today led me to Dido's "For Rent" and the tears that are now streaming down my cheeks.  I was thinking about jobs again,  jotting some things about work that I enjoy and that are meaningful to me.  Somewhere along my Facebook perusals, checking my mail, reading a bit about the law of... Continue Reading →

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